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					UNIT TITLE               Using circuits to control a fairground ride                YEAR GROUP(S) 6

Session         4 of 6          Investigation - Changing wires in a circuit         Timing 2 hours

Objectives                                                                          Resources/Preparation
Children should learn
                                                                                    6V motors/leads/batteries
       That the speed of a motor can be changed by changing wires in a circuit     switches
       To decide how to test a question to investigate and to choose the           crocodile clips
        equipment that is needed to do this                                         range of fuse wires
       To make fair comparisons and draw conclusions                               construction kit models of
       To explain observations in terms of knowledge of electrical circuits        fairground rides

Introduction                                                                        Vocabulary

Remind children about electrical circuits and the key components. Explain that
fairground rides will use wires, motors and switches in their circuits. Tell the
children that one fairground decided that using thinner wires for the circuits
would be a good idea because it would be cheaper. Ask the children if they think
this might be a good idea – will thinner wires make a difference to the circuit?


       Children design and build a simple motor circuit that incorporates a wire
        that can be tested. Ideas to be tested could be ‘same lengths different
        thicknesses’, ‘same thickness different lengths’. Their circuits could be
        tested on construction kit models of fairground rides.
        Children will need to decide on the criteria for judging the effect of
        changing the wires.
       Investigation should be carried out fairly and comparisons made of the
        effect of changing the wires.
       Relate findings to the effect of changing the wires in a bulb circuit.



Discuss whether using thinner wires in a fairground ride would be a good idea and why.



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