revised wording for flooring board certificates by zN26V1Q


									Revised Wording for Flooring Board Certificates

The BBA has a number of Certificates for flooring grade particleboard faced with a weather
protective coating/film which allows a degree of protection when they are left exposed for a limited
period during the construction process.

Following an internal review, it has been identified that these Certificates, which describe methods
of fixing boards to joists, require further clarification regarding fixing to timber I-joists. As a
consequence, the BBA is embarking upon a project to re-issue all the relevant Certificates advising
the reader to refer to the instructions provided by the I-joist manufacturer.

The reissues will include the following two paragraphs:

1. Timber based I-joists are proprietary products which have specific requirements concerning their
installation, for example relating to lateral restraint. The number of fixings required will vary
depending on a number of factors such as the geometry of the particular installation, the dimensions
of the I-joist and whether the deck is required to act as a diaphragm. When installing the boards on
I-joists the recommendations of the joist manufacturer should be followed.

2. The method described in this Certificate uses the minimum number of fixings acceptable to the
BBA (equivalent to fixing every 1200 mm along each I-joist). However, for each installation, guidance
from the I-joist manufacturer, or other suitably qualified persons, should be obtained and followed,
including increasing the number of fixings where appropriate.

Until the BBA’s reissue project concludes, it should not be inferred by the absence of these
paragraphs that the products covered by old style certificates perform less well.

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