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Course specifications

Program on which the course is given: Bachelors’ degree of Dental Medicine and Surgery
Major element of program: Bachelors’ degree of Dental Medicine and Surgery
Department offering the course: Prosthodontic Department
Academic year/ level: Third year
Date of specification approval: 4 / 7 / 2007

                                       A- Basic information:
   Title: Prosthodontics (Clinical Removable)
   Credit hours: --           Lectures: two hours weekly
   Tutorial: none             Practical: three hours weekly
   Total: 5 hours weekly

                                      B- Professional information:
   1- Overall aims of course:
   The course of Prosthodontic Treatment For Completely Edentulous Patients introduces the
   student to the principles of clinical removable prosthodontic treatment for completely edentulous
   patients. The course stresses on how mechanical and biological factors are equally important for
   success of complete dentures. The course of Removable Partial Denture Treatment handles the
   basic clinical principles of managing patients with partial edentulism and stresses on the clinical as
   well as the laboratory steps required to fabricate and maintain removable partial dentures.

   2- Intended learning outcomes of course (ILOs):
   a- Knowledge and understanding:
   By the end of that course, the student should be able to:
   a1- discuss steps for diagnosis and treatment planning for completely and partially edentulous
   a2- discuss impression procedures for maxillary and mandibular denture bearing areas as well as
   for removable partial denture
   a3- discuss biological and clinical considerations in making jaw relation records
   a4- identify factors affecting complete and partial denture esthetics and speech
   a5- discuss concepts for complete and partial denture occlusion
   a6- enumerate the different steps managed in complete denture and removable partial denture
   a7- identify procedures and conditions for serviceability of complete denture
   a8- discuss the steps of mouth preparation prior to removable partial denture fabrication
   a9- discuss the principles of removable partial denture design
   a10- discuss methods of registering the maxillomandibular relations
   a11- discuss the types and indications for refitting of removable partial denture
   a12- discuss the types and indications of removable partial dentures

   b- Intellectual skills:
   By the end of the course, student should be able to:
   b1- correlate clinical findings with the treatment planning suggested to fabricate successful
   complete and partial dentures

   c- Professional and practical skills:
   By the end of this course, the student should be able to:
   c1- perform the procedures required for fabrication of a complete and a removable partial denture

   d- General and transferable skills:
   By the end of this course, the student should be able to:
   d1- propose a treatment plan based on clinical findings and on the patient’s condition

   3- Content:
Topic                                                      Number of    Lectures     Tutorial/
                                                           hours                     practical
Complete denture
Introduction                                                                 1

                                                                                     Clinical steps for manufacture of
                                                                                     complete and removable partial
Diagnosis and treatment planing                                              3
Biological and clinical considerations for Impressions                       4
Mandibular movements                                                         2
Articulators                                                                 1

Jaw relatonship                                                              3
Esthetics                                                                    2
Try in                                                                       1
Insertion                                                                    3
Serviceability of complete denture                                           2
Speech                                                                       1
Occlusion                                                                    4
Relining & rebasing of complete denture                                      1
Removable Partial denture
Introduction to clinical removable partial denture                           1

                                                                                     Clinical steps for manufacture
Diagnosis and treatment planning                                             4

                                                                                     of complete and removable
Mouth preparation                                                            3
Impression procedures for removable partial denture                          3
Principles of removable partial denture design                               4
Fitting the metal framework                                                  2
                                                                                     partial dentures
Recording maxillo mandibular relation                                        3
Esthetics in removable partial denture                                       2
Try in and completion of waxed up removable partial                          2
Denture delivery and patient instructions                                    2
Total                                                      144              54       90

   4- Teaching and learning methods:
   4.1- lectures
   4.2- clinical sessions

   5- Student assessment methods:
   5.1. Course work (written quizzes and practical exams) to assess knowledge, intellectual and
   practical skills
   5.2. Final written, practical and oral exam
Assessment schedule:
Assessment 5.1: quizzes and practical exams, week 9, week15, week 21 and week 25
Assessment 5.2: postponed till end of fourth year

Weighting of assessments:
Course work: 45 marks            (15%)
Final Written : --------         (0%)
Oral examination: -----         (0%)
Final assessment is postponed to the end of the fourth year

6- List of references:
6.1- Course note: Handouts
6.2- Essential books (text books):
Winkler S. Essentials of complete prosthodontics, Third Edition. WB Saunders Company. 2003.
Zarb GA, Bolender CL, Carlsson GE. Boucher’s Prosthodontic treatment for edentulous patients,
Eleventh Edition. St Louis; CV Mosby CO, 1997.
Rahn AO, Heartwell CM. Textbook of complete dentures. Fifth Edition. Philadelphia ; Lea and
Fibiger, 1993,.
6.3- Recommended books:
El Helw NR. Clinical complete denture. Third Edition 2005
Hassaballa MA, Talic YA. Principles of complete denture prosthetics. King Saud University, 2004
Stewart KL, Rudd KD, Kuebker WA. Clinical removable partial prosthodontics, Third edition.
Chicago; Quinressence publishing Co, 2003.
6.4- Periodicals, Web site: ----

7- Facilities required for teaching and learning:
Data show projector, computer and overhead projector dental materials and equipments..

Course coordinator: Prof Dr. Ahlam Alsharkawy
                    Dr. ALY Mahmoud
Head of department: Prof Dr. Mohamad A GAD
Date:    29 / 11 / 2007


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