The Benefits of Supplementing ZMA

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					                               The benefits of ZMA

Firstly, what is ZMA? It is a combination of Zinc, Magnesium and vitamin B6.
Although Zinc and Magnesium are found in popular foods such as red meat,
shellfish and nuts, they are not supplied in sufficient quantities to feel the full
benefits. The best way to over come this is to use a high quality ZMA
More and more athlete’s and sports professionals are adding ZMA to their
diets to help with performance and recover. This is why.

Zinc works by creating a chemical reaction that increases cellular energy and
more importantly, increases protein synthesis. With this increases in protein
synthesis comes the ability to build lean muscle as your body can utilise more
protein. This is extreme importance in sports such as rugby, athletics and
bodybuilding where lean muscle production is vital. The training demands of
any professional athlete can take their toll on the immune system and
therefore can become more susceptible to illness. It's a well-proven fact that
Zinc can strengthen the immune system and that a deficiency can lengthen
the time of colds, cause muscle wasting and lower appetite. Experts believe
the same holds true for ZMA.

Magnesium helps with heart function, transporting neurochemicals essential
to muscle function. With heart related diseases increases year on year the
benefits of Magnesium could be invaluable. Magnesium deficiency increases
the risk of abnormal heart rhythms leading to complications. Over 90 percent
of us do not get our recommended daily allowance of magnesium.

Vitamin B6 has many fantastic qualities from healthy brain function and
helping to form red blood cells. However the most important benefit from an
athletic or sports point of view is it helps in breaking down and digesting
proteins. This is particular importance is sports such as rugby, bodybuilding,
athletics where the building and maintenance of lean muscle tissue is vital.
The higher the protein intake is, the greater the requirement of vitamin B6.

Many believe that ZMA’s best quality is being to enhance recovery by
improving sleep efficiency. ZMA is a very effective sleep aid and is
recommended before bedtime. Many sports professionals fail to realize how
important it is to get a deep and restful sleep. Healing, tissue repair, anabolic
hormone production and muscle growth are maximised during sleep, so a
goodnights sleep is extremely important.

In conclusion, as more athletes begin to truly understand the process of
maximising recovery, tissue repair, and muscle growth, they'll begin to see the
true power of ZMA. However ZMA is not just for athletes, there are benefits to
be had by everyone. Whether you’re a gym enthusiast or sports professional,
ZMA is a must for everyone.

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