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					University of Utah                                                             ME 4000
Department of Mechanical Engineering                                Engineering Design I

To:            Professor Provancher
From:          Mini Baja 2
Date:          November 7, 2005
Subject:       Project Update Memo – Critical Function Prototype (CFP)

This memo is to serve as an update on the progress of the Mini Baja 2 team, as well as
discuss the key points surrounding our chosen CFP. This document will touch on some of
the major items and goals regarding the schedule that the team has set out to accomplish
throughout the semester. Additionally, the discussion on our chosen CFP will answer the
questions; What is the CFP the team has chosen? Why has the team chosen this CFP?
And what has the team learned from building this CFP?

Scheduling and Progress
The goals that the team has set out to accomplish for this semester are as follows:
     Have the entire car designed and ready to build
     Have the entire car modeled in SolidWorks
     Begin manufacture of the frame
All of the items listed above are on time and will be completed by the end of the
semester. The team has been working hard to ensue that these tasks will be completed on
their due dates. 75% of the car has been modeled and is being reviewed for fine tuning.

Critical Function Prototype
The Mini Baja 2 team has chosen to build a full scale wooden prototype of the proposed
frame design. Due to the lack of comfort in the driver’s seat of last year’s mini baja car
design, there was a motivation to ensure that this year’s design improves on the
ergonomic condition of the driver. It is for this reason that this team has chosen to build
this as the CFP for the project. After building this CFP the team has observed the
following results:
     The size of the cockpit needs to be extended in length for the average sized driver
         to fit comfortably
     There is a need for a diagonal support located directly between the engine and the
         driver’s seat
     A horizontal member of the frame blocks the driver’s view and should be either
         be removed or relocated on the frame

All of the goals that are scheduled for this semester are in line to be completed on their
deadlines. The CFP has helped this team recognize some of the pitfalls that the team may
encounter as the design and manufacturing processes continue.

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