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									            Agricultural Careers

        Poultry Processor

    By: Dr. Frank Flanders and Anna Burgess
Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum Office   START

       Georgia Department of Education
                   June 2005
         Job Duties & Responsibilities

•Maintain a clean, hygienic environment

•Slaughter, dress, cut, prepare and track poultry

•Clean equipment and work area

•Unload live birds and load processed poultry for shipment

•Write delivery orders

•Pack processed poultry in bags or cartons

•Keep records of the products
               Qualities and Skills
Poultry processors should have a good eye in selecting quality
poultry products.
They should have a good understanding of the anatomy of the
They need to be able to work quickly and efficiently because
generally they work on a production line which goes at a fast
Poultry processors should be able to work well with others and
be problem solvers.
Record keeping skills are important, especially in large
processing plants where thousands of birds are processed daily.

On average a poultry cutter and trimmer makes $23,000
to $34,000 annually. However, geographic region,
education, and experience have an effect on salary.
             Work Environment

              •Indoors in a cool factory

               •Must work foul odors

             •Standing for long periods

          •Outdoors loading and unloading

         •Must work well with other people

 •Unable to take many breaks with in the 8 hour shift

•Would be required to work with dangerous machinery
          Becoming a Poultry Processor

Education beyond high school is not necessary, but a degree in
Agriculture, Food Science or Poultry Science would be very helpful if
advancement is desired. In general, a college degree would increase the
chances of higher pay.

A poultry processor may begin in unloading and loading or on the
production line, but advance to a supervisor position or administrative
position through experience and education.
            Career Resources

                     Meat & Poultry
         Internet: http://www.meatpoultry.com/

                      Meat Process
        Internet: http://www.meatprocess.com/

         Poultry Processing Industry e-Tool
  Internet: http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/etools/poultry/

           U.S. Poultry and Egg Association
          Internet: http://www.poultryegg.org/

    International Association for Food Protection
Internet: http://www.foodprotection.org/main/default.asp

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