Amazing Words � Unit 1 by F6NFUxzs


									                          Amazing Words – Unit 1

needs - things people must have to live

responsibility - when you have responsibility, there are things you are
                 expected to do

shelter - the place in which you live is a shelter

cuddle - when you hold something close

tickle - when you touch someone lightly and make them laugh

faithful - someone who is faithful will always be there for you

fetch - when you fetch something, you go get it

heel – to follow closely at your heels

career - an occupation or profession

service - work done to help others

tool - something that helps people do work

scrub - when you scrub something, you clean it by rubbing it hard

sloppy - if something is sloppy, it is wet or messy

exercise - when you exercise, you move your body to keep it in shape

comfort - a comfort is someone or somebody that makes you feel better.
          When you comfort someone you help them forget their fear or

search - when you look for something carefully
past - if something happened in the past, it already happened

present - something that is happening now, is happening in the present

produce - when you produce something, you make or create it

transportation - a way of moving people or things from one place to another

danger - something that can hurt you

serve - to serve means to do work for or help someone, usually for free

snuggle - when you snuggle, you lie close to them and get comfortable

enormous - huge; very, very big

observe - when you observe something, you watch it

wild - if something is wild, people do not care for it or control it

parent - a father or mother

solo - alone

dangle - means to swing. When something is dangling, it is swinging
         loosely from side to side

nape - the nape is the back part of your neck

medicine - a drug that makes you feel better or makes you well

poisonous - if something is poisonous, it can cause sickness or death
habitat - a place where an animal or plant lives or grows

hatch - to hatch means to come out of an egg

survive - to stay alive or live through

gentle - mild or soft

nudge - when you nudge someone you push them without much force, often
        with your elbow

perch - when you perch on something, you rest or sit on it

private - if something is private, it is done alone or hidden from others

moist - if something is moist, it is slightly wet or damp

desert - a very dry area, usually covered with sand

forest - a place with many trees

world - all of earth

surf - means to ride. When you are surfing you are riding or moving from
       place to place

beneath - under

snug - cozy and safe

native - native means from a certain place

reserve – a reserve is a place set aside for special use

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