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M. Hare
Mr. Hare
 My 5th year at MSMS
 Studied in Paris for 2 years (taught English
 What motivates me as a teacher
     Motivating students
     Being a good role model
     Helping them see longer term visions
What you can expect from me
 Timely feedback on your student’s work
 Immediate answers to any emails about
  any queries
     (put student’s name in title of email to grab my
   The willingness and eagerness to always
    consider adapting my approach or method
    to a different student when academically
Brief Overview
 My educational philosophy
 The units for Grade 8 Social Studies
 Methods for learning French
 PDR in Grade 8
 My expectations and that of Grade 8
  immersion in general
 Questions and comments
   It’s not what I think, it’s how I think
Social Studies Gr.8

   1. Expression of Canadian Identity

   2. The influence of Geography on our
     Physical geography of Canada
     The people of Canada
     Migration within Canada
     What effects Canadian geography has on us
   3. Decades of Change
     Prosperity and depression
     Canada at war
     Canada in the world
     Technology after the war
     The times they are a-changing
     Globalization
   4. Citizenship and Identity
     What is citizenship
     Evolution of citizenship
     Canadian government
   5. Evolving identity
    A  fluctuating economy
     Changing political landscape
     A society in movement
Methods for Learning French
   Creating a French        Different French for
    atmosphere every          different contexts (media,
                              on the street, formal, less
   Reading responses,       Music, theatre and short
    essay writing, free       stories
    writes                   One book a month
   Understanding             (starting October)
    French grammar           Some language games
An Enthusiasm for French
 How to develop enthusiasm for the French
 How to become a better self-learner of the
  French language
 How French will help them become better
  communicators in general
PDR (personal development and
   Healthy Self
     Our   values and our practices
   Healthy Relationships
     Healthy   and unhealthy relationships
   Healthy Community
     Many   factors contributing to our health,
      individually and as a community
My website – how to get there
   Link to my powerpoint on expectations
 Des questions ou des commentaires?

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