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									                                Muttans Pillas
There were two o'clock. Guests have disappeared. Cry of those who remained
were the stars of the sky. And the cry - cry was tired. People living with great
curiosity - stay tuned to the sky and somehow Sushi corpse should be given in the
lap of Ganga.
When you reach the door suddenly voiced Bhagat. Got doctor, a patient must
have. Another day he is the man turned away, but came out today. Saw an old
man standing - waist bent, edentate mouth to Buhe was white. Wooden support
was Cop. Very politely said - What's Well, today has become such a problem that
some of us say, does not ever come back. Here for a month so maybe I am not able
to attend any patient.
Bhagat said - Babul Give heard, that's why I've come. Cho brother is? Just show
me please. Karajan God is great, and can even raise the dead. Who knows, still
should pity him.
Cede distressed voice said to him - let's take a look, but three - four hours away.
Whatever had to happen has happened. Buster blowing - see who fake - see left.
What if the doctor would hope? Hot old felt pity. Took inside. Bhagat zombies saw
a minute. Then smilingly said - yet nothing is impaired, Babul G! It would
Narayan, then half an hour Badge brother up. You're heart is undeserved. Just tell
Kharon, water fill.
Kharon the water - to start bathing Kina Kailas fill pipe was closed. Did not
exceed the number of Kharon, so guests flooded the courtyard outside Kuhn -
have filled Khan on, Mrinalini Klaus was bringing the water. Bhagat hill stands a
smile - a smile was reciting the mantra, as if victory is standing in front of him.
Once the spell expires, Vibe and inserted at the head of a studded Kailas - how
many times the mantra Fake Bhagat. After the Usha its red - red eyes opened so
Kelas also red - red eyes opened. In a moment he stretched Mega drinking water.
Narayani Cede embraced by the race doctor. Narayani ran and fell at the feet of
the faithful Mhnalini Kailas tears in front of the eyes - who began to ask - How
are you feeling now!
The news spread around the Kahn. ; Friends came to congratulate. Great
reverence doctor - Quote of Ash Bhagat Shame sing every one had wandered.
Views of all the faithful went forward, but did not go in, did not know much of
the faithful. The servants said - was just sitting here drinking pipe. We began to
Indian tobacco, it has not filled out his pass Indian tobacco.
Here seemed to be looking around for the faithful, and the faithful were caught
up before the old woman was going to run home to come back!
When guests gone now, so the doctor said to Narayani - Buddha not - went
nowhere. A pipe Indian tobacco also did not crystallize.
Narayani - I thought, it will give a huge amount.
Cede - at night so I did not recognize it at all when clearly identified. Once a
patient had brought. Oh, now I remember that I was going to play and refused to
see the patient. You remember that day as I am and is guilty, he can not reveal. I'll
find out now Peron fell on his forgiving your will. She will not know it, his rise to
fame is about to rain. It is ideal showed me his generosity, which now remain
before me forever.

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