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					                                 Story Of my Town
A small town several miles away - at home sitting in front of an old man and old
woman Agate were cut winter night. Between old coconut drink - was among Kostas.
Old woman in the head casts Grunion was staring into the fire. The flask was
burning on a kerosene burner. There was no bed in the house, no tears. A little
further along - little straw was lying. The closet was a stove. Goody day - had long
rallies made the cakes and dry. Old rope butt was not sold in the market. That was
their livelihood. Nobody saw him cry, or laugh. He was engaged in all the time to
survive. Death was imminent, crying or laughing leisure Cho! Asked the old woman -
the sun is right, not what Kronge work?
"Go and bring Judo Sah borrow ten pound sun? '
"If money were not the first, and will lend to? '
'Will not be correct. The grass was nowhere. Do not bite the afternoon to come? '
So in a man's voice at the door - Bhagat, Bhagat, you went to sleep? Just open the
Bhagat got up and opened the door. A man came in - heard, Dr. Chadha Babu Sop
boy bitten.
Bhagat said shocked - Chadha Babu's boy! Babu same Chadha dont live in a
penthouse in the camp?
'Hot - Hob same. The city is screaming. So go, go, Joanne man. "
The old man shook his head and said strict sense - I will not! Should my goodness!
That is Chadha. I know plenty. Brother went to the same. Were going to play. Have
a look that fell on the feet, but not straight to the point. God had sat listening.
Now that my son will know what sorrow is. Many boys.
"No, man, that was a boy. 've Heard that, they answered. "
'God is great Karasaj. Bkt the tears from my eyes went out, there was no mercy on
them at all. I had him at the door, so do not ask anything. "
"So do not go? We had heard that, I said. "
"Well - well done. Cold heart, eyes were cold. Guy must have been too cold! You go.
Today will sleep peacefully. (Old woman) to take all tobacco! A pipe and drink. Lalaji
now would know! Shall remove all officialdom, what harm us. Boy went to die if some
secret? John six children were, and went Vow; you have heard the secret be
aggressively. All for the sake of the choke - added by pressing it. Kroger Now
what? 'll See once, but a few days later ask mood swings lately. "
The man went. Bhagat To close the door, put the tobacco on the pipe was drinking.
Old woman said - so late winter - Who be aggressively court?
"Oh, then I go to lunch. Come take a ride on the door, it is not. Do not forget. Is
again in case of emerald eyes. The cruel not seen him a look. What I did not know
that he will not escape? Knew well. Chadha were not God, that they take a
Nigahdek showers nectar. No empty mind was racing. Now go someday and say -
Why, sir, tell me, what color? The bad politely said, no one cared. In younger men
all the breaking Ave. Go is not a defect, are God. "
For the faithful in this life, he was the first time that such news can be left
sitting. Never had that happen in the lives of eighty Sop news of the race has not
been found. Math - The Dark Night Pools, Chaitra - Baisakh sun and heat, Aswan -
Bacon River and valley's drunk, do not care about any of it. Immediately he had to
leave the house - selfless, selfless! Transaction in the heart of the idea never
came. It did not work. Cone can give the value of life? It is a virtue - act. Hundreds
Morison chants his life - was donated, but you could not remove it from the house
move. It is going to sleep hearing the news.



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Description: Oneof the many stories i cooked up from my Diary when i was a kid.Just posting it the sme way to know how we are when we are kids.