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Oneof the many stories i cooked up from my Diary when i was a kid.Just posting it the sme way to know how we are when we are kids.

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									                               Peace My Story
Many years have passed. Dr. Cede the well-earned fame and money, but
also to protect their health, which was a simple matter. It was blessed
by his regular life at the age of fifty young men ashamed used their
agility and quickness. Their working hours were followed by everyone
else, that this rule barley - were filled not eased. Often health rules
at that time, when the patient becomes watch. Dr. Chadha treatment and
well understood the secret of restraint. Their children - were subject
to the same rules eve. Their two children, a boy and a girl. The third had
no children, so Mrs. Chadha were still wears. If the girl was married. Boy
was studying in college. The parents were the basis of life. Vinay Sheel
and mannequin, very playful, extremely generous, school pride, young
man - the pride of society. Bright colors of the faces - C came out. Today
its twentieth anniversary.
Evening time. Green - green grass was littered with chairs. The city's rich
and Hakka aside, college student sitting on the other side was having
lunch. Electric light was shining upon the whole field. Fun stuff was
deposited. Small - was preparing to play a farce. Kailashnath skit was
written by himself. That was the main actor. This time she wore a silk
shirt, bare-headed, bare Pave, had been engaged in Tran’s hospiTaliTy of
friends. No call - Kailas, come this way, a call to it - Kailash, you'll be
there soon! All were to leave, Cullen used, do not leave the poor thing
was just a spur of the killing. Suddenly came to him and asked a ramani -
Why Kailash, you are Cho Sop? Just let me show
Kailash said her hands - Mrinalini, at the moment sorry Dug show
Mrinalini urged - no, you have to show, I believe today's. You daily
'Niagara' do.
Mrinalini and both were classmates towards Kailash - Intoxicated in
love with each other. Sopron the cradle of Kailash, supervising and was
fond of dance. - Like Paul kept the Sop. Lived examines their nature and
character. Of late, he school 'Sopron "a telling of the lecture was over.
Sopron shown that the dance was too! Zoological large - great
scholars were shocked to hear this lecture! The knowledge he had
learned from a large snake charmer. Studded snake - Bhatia Mr. it had
to submit. So that a person should get a good root around, then he did
not rest. He was about to leave. That was a disaster. It was blowing a
thousand rupees. Mrinalini had come several times, but it was not
always so keen to see Sopron. Cannot say, today, his curiosity was
really awake, or he wanted to perform on Kailash rights of their own
hearts, but their request was inopportune. Shall be so crowded in the
closet, so Chaukengen Sop crowd to see and be touched them feel so bad
at night, these things did not mind it one bit.
Kailash said - no, of course I'll show tomorrow. Well not even be able to
show at this time, you will not find any place in the room to keep the
Launched one of the lads said - why do not show, just - for things such
elusion doing? Miss Govind, must not Herger. How not to see the show!
And other course offered sir - Miss Govind are so simple and naive, if you
do so temperament; another baby, then that's wrong arises.
The third boss scoffed - Hey, leave to speak. Well, no matter! Claims for
Mrinalini know your view on this spot.

                                                                 Big Words

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