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					                                                                          TOF Note #XXXX

           TOF Note Number             TOF WBS Number                       Pages
            XXXX                          1.1                                3
        Author                                                     Date
R. L. Brown                                                      5/13/05

                                   TOF Detector Project

                                    TOF Project Office

                                Document Control System

Rev. 1           5/13/05

Required Signatures:

Project Director, G. Eppley

Project Engineer, R. L. Brown
                             TOF Detector Project
                               TOF Project Office
                            Document Control System

This document outlines the system for dissemination and control of certain types of
documents used by the TOF Detector Project. These documents are called TOF Notes
and are of interest to the TOF collaboration, project and others in the scientific
community. This document does not address issues involving drawings. Please refer to
the appropriate TOF Note for information pertaining to the Drawing Control System.

TOF Notes:
In general TOF Notes are documents about a topic of interest to the TOF Detector
Project. These documents should be of an archival nature, which is they should not need
frequent revision. TOF Notes document requirements, specifications, procedures or
policies, and are controlled and approved, under change control procedure, by the TOF
Project Office. The reason for issuing a TOF Note is to insure that members of the
collaboration and project are aware of its content and are made aware of changes when
they occur. Practically this is accomplished by the project office announcing to the
collaboration/project that a new TOF Note has been issued or a TOF Note has been

If an individual wishes to submit a TOF Note, they must first request a TOF Note
Number be assigned and then submit the document to the TOF Project Office. The
document will then be appropriately reviewed and signed by the TOF Project Director. A
signed copy of the TOF Note will be filed in the TOF Project Office and then it will be
listed as a controlled document on the TOF web page under TOF Project Documents.
TOF Note numbers will be designated as such by a four digit number, e.g. XXXX.

Once approved, controlled documents can only be revised by following the appropriate
TOF Change Control Procedure. TOF documentation released to the project prior to this
document will need to be resubmitted to the TOF Project Office for a TOF Note number.

Cover Sheet:
All TOF Notes will have a cover sheet as shown on the first page of this document. It will
list the following information: TOF Note Number, TOF WBS Number, Pages count,
Author, Date, Project name, Subsystem name, Title of document, Revision list, and
Required Signatures.

TOF Note numbers and archiving:
The TOF Project Office is responsible for issuing all TOF Note numbers and maintaining
the electronic archive of all TOF Notes.

Submitting TOF Notes:
TOF Note submission must be made to the TOF Project Office, and the procedure can be
found on the TOF Web site.

Accessing TOF Notes:
TOF Notes can be found on the TOF Web site. This area is User/Password protected and
so you must contact the TOF Project Office to gain entry.


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