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									                                 2012 GOP PLATFORM

The Republican Party has a grand tradition that dates back to the days of Abraham Lincoln. In 1860, when the
United States was mired in the crisis of slavery, Abraham Lincoln became this nation’s first and greatest Republican
President. Today, the Republican Party stands for the ideals of the great Ronald Reagan, who showed American
strength when it was needed the most in defeating Communism and ending the Cold War with the Soviet Union.
For the last one hundred and fifty years, the Republican Party has strived to fulfill the vision of Abraham Lincoln
and Ronald Reagan, a country united and free in which all people are guaranteed equal rights and the opportunity to
pursue their dreams without interference by the government. Today, we, as the successors of Lincoln, are united by
the common purpose of defending freedom at home and around the world.

However, America stands at a crossroads in 2012. In this time of crisis, the Republican Party stands ready to defend
this nation from attacks and risks, both domestic and across the globe. This great country must stand ready to
confront its major issues including an overblown government that interferes in American freedoms, an out of control
economy which is out of touch with reality, a national debt which threatens to strangle the future of America, and a
world which everyday threatens the security of the American people. We are also prepared to continue to protect
and defend the rights and freedoms of all Americans. In 2012, Americans must elect a candidate for President who
will promote and protect American interests both in the international arena and at home. This Platform makes clear
that the American people will have a decision to make on November 6th:

         A choice between strength and indecision
         A choice between success and failure
         A choice between optimism and pessimism
         A choice between opportunity and reliance on others
         A choice between freedom and submission
         A choice between the future and the past

The 2012 Republican Party makes it clear that we choose strength, success, optimism, opportunity and
freedom. We need to nominate and elect a candidate who will uphold these ideals now and in the future.


         Leadership in the international arena requires leadership at home. Americans would never have become a
 world power without safety and liberty within their borders. The Republican Party has always taken the lead in
 progressive law making while maintaining the traditional values of individual freedom in all areas of domestic

         The Economy

          We believe in the power and opportunity of America’s free-market economy. We believe in the
importance of sensible business regulations that promote confidence in our economy among consumers,
entrepreneurs and businesses alike. We oppose interventionist policies that put the federal government in control of
industry and allow it to pick winners and losers in the marketplace. The economic policy of the United States of
America in this new century must stress the bold and visionary innovation that has driven our nation to the place of
international prominence that we enjoy today. The Republican Party pledges to:

            Pass and enforce a Balanced Budget Amendment which will require the federal government to live
             within its means and which will reduce our national debt;
            Reduce taxes to create jobs and make the Bush tax cuts permanent;
            The death tax and alternative minimum tax, which unfairly index and exploit middle-income families,
             should be federally abolished;
            A reformed and simplified tax code will result in a more favorable national environment for economic
             growth and increased production;
            Reduce government regulations to encourage business growth;
            Reduce the national debt by cutting spending across the board in all areas;
            Reduce the size of the national government by eliminating agencies, departments and commissions that
             no longer serve a useful government purposes, such as the EPA and the Department of Education,
             among others;
            Aid in the expansion of the small business sector of our economy by decrease annual taxation on small
             business, allowing more revenue to be used in reinvestment and expansion and by providing more
             federal contracts allotted to small businesses;
            Facilitate greater trade between the United States and emerging markets. New trade agreements and
             treaties must be established to open new markets to the American economy while limiting extraneous
             costs to both the American businessman and consumer alike.

         Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare

          For decades, Medicare has been a successful program providing the nation’s seniors with a means for
medical services and prescription drugs. As the baby boom generation retires, more funding is required to keep this
program functioning. A crisis is upon us and it is predicted that in twenty to thirty years Medicare will cost the
government trillions of dollars. It is vital to keep Medicare running to its fullest potential. In 2003, the Bush
Administration passed The Medicare Prescription Drug and Modernization Act. We applaud the President and the
Republicans in Congress for their efforts. Without them, a new drug prescription benefit would not be available.
Since then, millions of seniors have received a substantial amount of savings. To stabilize Medicare, a few
restrictions must be implemented into the program.

            Under Medicare Part D, the enrollment period should not be expanded.
            Bulk purchases for Medicare prescription drugs should be required.
            Prices for prescription drugs should be negotiated.
            Means-testing will force wealthier seniors to pay more than lower-income citizens.

         Since a sustainable way of life is essentially the responsibility of the individual, Medicare, Medicaid, and
other government funded social programs should be reserved for only those who are physically or mentally
incapable of employment. A self-imposed unwillingness to participate in employment and personal betterment does
not warrant government subsidization. Small government taxation when combined with small government spending
on endorsed domestic programs yields the personal discipline that stands at the heart of the American character.

            Reduce the amount of time that a person can collect welfare to 50% of the current standard
            Some candidates want to end welfare as an entitlement program completely

         Homeland Security 2008

         Just as every generation of Americans before us, we now face new and unprecedented challenges. To
respond to these new threats of terrorism, the Republican Congress created the Department of Homeland Security
and passed vital anti-terror legislation such as the PATRIOT Act. Nearly two hundred individuals have since been
convicted of plotting terrorist attacks. Increased funding, a more streamlined bureaucracy, and effective
communication have been the keys to preventing more national tragedies. The Republican Party vows to:

            protect the security of all Americans by expanding the powers of our law enforcement officers under
             the Patriot Act
            Continue to work with and support our men and women in uniform, the FBI, the CIA, first-responders,
             and all others involved in making sure that the United States of America continues to be the land of the
         Protecting Citizens from Crime – The Death Penalty

          The Republican Party has a long tradition of protecting the citizens from evildoers in our communities. We
will continue to support the rights of victims and also to expand the powers of our law enforcement personnel
consistent with the limits of our Constitution. However, we do not agree that the use of the death penalty would be a
violation of the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The Republican Party sees the benefits of the death penalty
in deterring crime and in protecting the families of victims. As a result, the Republican Party will ensure that state
and federal law enforcement personnel have the option of asking for the death penalty in cases that warrant such a

         The Courts
         Republicans believe that a Judge’s role is to interpret the law, not to make law from the bench. Judges in
our federal courts, from the US Supreme Court to the District Courts, should demonstrate fidelity to the U. S.
Constitution. We trust the US Judicial system to base their rulings on the law and nothing else. The Republican
Party pledges to:

            Pass an Amendment to the US Constitution which ends lifetime tenure for federal judges as this gives
             too much power to an unelected official. US Presidents are seeking to appoint younger judges with
             similar political ideologies who will serve for many years. Federal judges will now serve long but not
             permanent tenures of no more than 20 years on the bench.

         Health Care
         We support common sense health care reforms that would lower costs, preserve the quality of medical care,
end lawsuit abuse, and maintain the health care that Americans deserve. We steadfastly oppose government-run
health care, which will not protect the physician-patient relationship, will not promote competition, and will not
promote health care quality and choice. The Republican Party vows to:

            Repeal the Obama Health Care plan as it is unconstitutional and a violation of the U.S. system of
            Bar the U.S. Government from mandating that Americans purchase a product such as health care
             which has never happened before in the history of this great country.
            Pass Tort Reform at the federal level to set reasonable limits on jury awards in injury and malpractice
             cases which will lower insurance rates and save money for all Americans

         The Republican Party supports reforms in the immigration system. Illegal immigration is a serious threat to
national security. The Republican Party strongly supports legal immigration into the country and believes that
immigrants are a vital part of the country but also realizes that the system needs to be altered. Reforms include:

            Restricting the number of people that come into the United States overall and from specific countries
             that are viewed as threats to US national security;
            Opposing any grant of amnesty to all immigrants currently living illegally in the United States;
            Opposing the practice of clemency for law-breaking which only encourages more illegal immigration;
            Building a fence along the border while deploying 20,000 border patrol agents in order to prevent more
             illegal crossings of the border;
            Developing and implementing new technology, including cameras, sensors, and unmanned aerial
             vehicles along the border;
            Working with Border Control to increase the number of detention spaces for those trying to come into
             the country illegally, so perpetrators can be tried for their crimes rather than be released due to
             shortage of cells; and
            Issuing tamper-proof ID cards to those who immigrate legally into the United States;
            Establishing a check-out system so authorities know who has left the country and can concentrate on
             those overstaying their visas; and
            Requiring immigrants to be able to read, write, and speak English.
         Energy Independence

          We believe in energy independence. We support an “all of the above” approach that encourages the
production of nuclear power, clean coal, natural gas, solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, as well as offshore
drilling in an environmentally responsible way. We oppose the so-called “Cap and Trade” legislation that would
impose a natural energy tax on families and small businesses that would kill jobs and raise utility prices. In
addition, we pledge to increase oil drilling in places such as ANWAR in order to increase US oil reserves and make
us less dependent on oil from other countries.


          We believe that maintaining a world class system of primary and secondary education, with high standards,
in which all students can reach their potential, is critically important to America’s future. We believe in the power
of school choice, that giving parents the ability to send their children to better schools – not keeping them trapped in
failing schools – is an important way to enable children to get the quality education they deserve. Therefore, we
support the growth of charter schools and vouchers to allow families to move their children out of failing schools.
We will hold states, school districts, and teachers accountable for the education of all our young people.

         Social Security

           The social security system in this country is in a state of crisis. The need for Social Security reform in the
United States has arrived. Social Security must be strengthened for today’s citizens and for our future generations.
Citizens entering the age of Social Security eligibility must feel at ease that there will be funds available for them
after retirement. Like heath care, social security must be strengthened with privatized ownership. We pledge to give
individuals control over their own social security investments. Self-reliance when it comes to retirement offers
individuals with a legitimate interest in their own personal savings to move beyond the restrictions dictated by the
federal government. In trusting people with their own continued well being, the need for government interference in
personal matters is reduced and the fiscal necessities of defense may be more easily realized.


          The Republican Party recognizes the rising amount of carbon emissions. To combat this environmental
threat, we support the development of nuclear power sources, which are clean, safe, and cost-effective. The United
States must reduce its energy dependence on other nations and work to become more self-sufficient with respect to
fuel consumption. High energy costs are putting a strain on our middle class, the men and women who drive our
economy. We pledge to give tax incentives to companies researching alternative fuel sources and newer methods of
transportation. As such, research into renewable and alternative energy sources is currently underway. To lower gas
prices, the Republican Party fervently supports drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. These efforts
will result in a stronger, more independent America.

         Protecting the Family - Marriage and Morality

America is not simply an abstract concept, a land that stretches sea to sea; America is her people. The Republican
Party holds the rights of the individuals and the moral values of the common man above all else in government. By
protecting the family and children, we reaffirm our commitment to you and provide a future for our nation in the
seeds sown today.

         Protecting the Family

          The Republican Party recognizes the nuclear family as the building block and foundation for society. In
order to promote a strong America in the future, we advocate two-parent homes with one mother and one father. The
role of the father, underestimated and degraded by the media, needs to be reinforced and supported, to provide our
children with all the advantages possible. We pledge to continue the Faith Based Initiatives started under the
administration of President George W. Bush.
         Protecting Children

          Children are not only America's but all mankind's most precious gift. They need, first, the loving and safe
home environment of their immediate family. The Republican Party will work to create safer home environments for
all children through awareness campaigns concerning threats the health and safety of our children and concerning
the value of the two-parent structure. Furthermore, children must be protected outside the home. We believe in
restricting children's access to the Internet, television, and video games to shield them from violent, subversive or
pornographic materials. We also believe in strengthening the punishments against criminals who abuse children.

         Protecting Children's Health

         The Republican Party supports healthcare for all children, but the causes of injury and illness must be
avoided as best as possible. For this reason, the Republican Party supports abstinence-only sexual education but is
not averse to adolescents also learning of birth control methods; abstinence is the only way to one hundred percent
prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. We do not, however, support school-based clinics
which provide counseling or services for abortions.

         Protecting Marriage

          The Republican Party does espouse personal liberty and minimal government involvement in your daily
life; however, gay marriage violates the pre-Constitutional institution of marriage and good, moral American
tradition. The matters of gay marriages and civil unions should be left to the states to decide. However, the
Republican Party does not support the recognition of homosexual marriages in states that do not allow that
institution. The Republican Party will continue to support the Defense of Marriage Act, which protects the right of
each state to make its own decision on the institution of marriage. Additionally, we call for a ban on gay adoptions;
children should only be placed in two-parent, heterosexual marriage households. Finally, in keeping with long
standing American tradition, businesses may provide benefits for gay partners if they so choose.

         Abortion -Protecting the Sanctity of Life 2008

         We will not allow any potential citizens and children to be murdered without reason. The Republican Party
cannot, in any conscience, support Roe v. Wade and demands it overturned. Abortion should only be legalized in the
rare case of danger to the mother's life – "morning after" pills should be illegal, and we demand a ban on all
medically unnecessary abortion. Human life is not debatable.


         National Defense

          President Ronald Reagan’s approach to America’s national defense, which successfully confronted the
Soviet Union and ended the Cold War, is as essential today as it was then. Peace through strength - - an enduring
peace, based on freedom and the will to defend it. Today, it requires defending America’s homeland, including
remaining vigilant in confronting global terrorism, maintaining a robust defense against threats arising from nuclear
proliferation, including a strong ballistic missile defense for America and our allies, and promoting an effective,
capable intelligence community. It requires a full commitment to America’s Armed Forces to ensure they are
modern, agile, and adaptable to the unpredictable range of challenges in the years ahead. Also, it requires a
sustained international effort, which complements our military activities, to develop and to maintain alliances and
relationships that will lead to greater peace and stability. While the United States participates in various
international organizations which can serve the cause of peace and prosperity, they must never substitute for
principled American leadership nor prevent America from acting promptly, alone or with other democracies, to
protect our vital national interests.

         Support for Our Military
          America’s men and women in uniform have been unrelenting and vigilant in the performance of their duty.
We proudly acknowledge the service and sacrifice of the American military forces and believe that a timetable for
their return from Afghanistan and Iraq undermines their efforts. We are committed to completing the mission in
Afghanistan and in Iraq.

         Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – Iran, North Korea and Pakistan

As the United States of America continues to move forward in an increasingly interconnected world, new demands
are placed on our government, military, and intelligence agencies. The most pressing of these issues may be halting
the expansion of nuclear programs worldwide, specifically in unstable regimes like Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan.
It is the job of the United States to prevent the proliferation of WMDs in the hands of hostile groups and nations.

          Iran - In connection with the issue of nuclear proliferation, Iran is a danger to the United States and to the
world at large. President George W. Bush courageously identified The Islamic Republic of Iran as a key partner in
the “Axis of Evil”. It is clear that Iran has a history of funding terrorist groups around the world. Today, our
intelligence agencies have proven that Iran is supporting and aiding insurgent groups in Iraq and Afghanistan. This
is a country whose President has repeatedly called for the annihilation of the State of Israel.

         North Korea is an unstable regime, more so in light of the passing of Dictator Kim Jung IL. It is a threat
to the United States and to the world, especially Asia. History has shown that North Korea is willing to transfer its
nuclear technology to any regime, stable or otherwise, around the world.

         Pakistan - The United States has long considered Pakistan as an ally. However, with the rise of
Fundamentalist Islamic groups, Pakistan has become an unstable ally. The record clearly shows that Osama Bin
Laden was using Pakistan as a base and a place to hide from justice with support from groups within Pakistan.
Pakistan is a threat both to its neighbors in Asia and to the world at large that must be confronted with strength.

The comprehensive Republican strategy includes:

             Ensuring that all international agreements, such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, against the
              proliferation of WMD’s are observed and enforced;
             Detecting, disrupting, and blocking the spread of dangerous weapons and technology;
             Confronting emerging threats from any person, group, or state before those threats have fully
             Continuing to pressure the leaders of Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan to discontinue efforts to obtain or
              to advance the technology needed for weapons of mass destruction;
             Enlisting the help of our allies to pressure Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan to discontinue these
             Continuing to pressure the UN to monitor, observe, and inspect all Iranian, North Korean, and
              Pakistani nuclear facilities to determine if they are pursuing or advancing nuclear weapons technology;
             Increasing economic sanctions to force Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan into compliance with UN
             Guaranteeing that the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz will continue to be open to shipping for all
              countries around the world;
             Preparing for the use of force in order to stop Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan from obtaining,
              advancing or transferring its weapons of mass destruction should all other peaceful means fail to
              achieve this goal;
             Defending our ally, South Korea, from any further aggression by North Korea;
             Strengthening our diplomatic ties to Pakistan’s ruling government and to support their attempts to stop
              the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism;
             Coordinating more of our efforts with the Pakistani government at stopping terrorism;
             Maintaining early warning posts such as the one under development in Poland;
             Deploying missile defense systems to defend and to protect the United States and its friends and allies;
            Developing new technology and tools, like Project BioShield, to improve medical countermeasures
             against a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear attack;
            Continuing to monitor nuclear power programs around the world; and
            Increasing funding for WMD detection and elimination.

Because nations seeking to develop weapons of mass destruction may invoke their right to nuclear power under the
Nuclear Nonproliferation Act, funding will also be allotted to develop viable, alternative power sources. In the event
of a nation's refusal to yield to diplomatic pressure and sanctions, pre-emptive military action will be a viable option.


         The Republican Party recognizes the status of China as a key economic partner in this interconnected
global world. However, it is time to get tough economically on China. China’s economic hold on the United States
represents the greatest threat to our national security. The GOP plan on China includes:

        Continuing to strengthen US trade agreements with China so as to ensure that China does not run all over
         the United States;
        Placing tariffs on Chinese goods in order to give incentives for businesses to produce more at home;
        Declaring China to be a currency manipulator and forcing China to cooperate in currency valuation with
         the rest of the world;
        Defending our ally, Taiwan, from aggression by the Chinese military and making a stronger military stance
         in the South China Sea.

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