2012 2013 6th supply list by XYrV9gO


									                            Lost Mountain Middle School
                                6th Grade Supply List

General Sixth Grade Supplies                Math Supply List
Pencils                                     2 spiral 1 subject notebooks
Glue Sticks                                 Graph paper
Markers                                     Basic calculator
Colored Pencils                             Yellow highlighter
Expo Markers                                12 inch ruler
Loose leaf notebook paper                   Expo Markers
Handheld pencil sharpener
Pencil pouch to stay in binder
2 boxes of tissues                          Donations for Sixth Grade Classes
3 ring binder                               Tissues
Composition books                           Paper towels
Ear Buds/headphones                         Glue sticks
                                            Hard Candy to use for rewards
Social Studies Supply List
1 5 subject college ruled spiral notebook
 **Mead 5 star work best***
Wet wipes

Science Supply List
1 5 subject college rule spiral notebook
**Mead 5 star work best****
Glue sticks

AC Science
1-2 inch 3 ring binder
70-100 page spiral notebook

Language Arts Supply List
1 composition notebook
2 pocket folder
Flash drive
3 dividers
Red pen

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