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									Posting Date:     03/23/11                                                            Closing Date:      OPEN .

                                    LIFEGUARD/POOL OPERATOR
                                                    Part Time Evenings

Work Function Code: 536                                                         Compensation:        $8.75 per hr. .
Summary: With supervision, assists the Recreation Manager with the management of the aquatic facility.
Essential Functions:
1. Assists recreation manager with the use and conditions of the aquatic facility.                      45%
2. Functions as a lifeguard for the pool.                                                               40%
3. Prepares and maintains required reports.                                                              5%
4. Communicates effectively with staff, students, parents and volunteers.                                5%

Work Schedule: 12 afternoon/evening hours, 6-9 pm, Monday through Thursday. Additional work hours are infrequently
required. This position follows the standard ten month school schedule.
1. General knowledge of pool management practices and procedures.
2. General knowledge of water safety principles.
3. Requires Pool Operator's, Lifeguarding, CPR and First Aid certification.

After six months in position, employee is expected to:
1. General knowledge of disability conditions and the impact on aquatic activities.

NOTE: The information outlined above is not all inclusive and is intended only to provide a general overview of the position
currently available. Applicants who want more detailed information about work environment, mental & physical requirements, etc.
should contact the Human Resources office for a complete copy of the Position Description.

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