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									              American Studies Association of Turkey
              American Studies Association of Turkey

    Fallll 2003,, IIssue 10   •ASAT        The    American      Studies
    Fa 2003 ssue 10           Association of Turkey has been founded
                                                                                  EGE UNIVERSITY
                              to encourage the study and research in          9th Annual Cultural Studies
                              all areas of American culture and society,              Symposium
                              and to promote co-operation and
                              communication among scholars from
                                                                                     May 5-7, 2004
         In This Issue        various universities in Turkey and
                              abroad. To this end, the Association
                                                                           [CITY IN (CULTURE] IN CITY)
                              organizes      seminars,     conferences,
                              workshops      and   lectures;   provides
                              research material for its members,            Venue: Ege University, Faculty of
                              publishes     books    and     conference         Letters, Izmir, Turkey
                              proceedings; promotes arrangements for

1 Information about
                              the travel of Turkish scholars to the        This year’s topic aims to explore the
                              United States; and contacts other            interaction(s) between the city and
      ASAT                    institutions and organizations concerned     culture.
                              with the study of the United States.         We offer the following notes with the
                                                                           hope that they will inspire but not limit
  Ege University                 The Association is composed of
                              Founding Members, Honorary Members

  9th Annual                  and Active Members. The governing             urbanism / urbanization / new
                              body of the Association is the Board
2 Cultural Studies            consisting of seven active members
                                                                            alternative definitions of time and
                              elected by the General Assembly to
  Symposium                   serve for two years. The Board elects a
                                                                             space in the city
                                                                            urban space and memory / cultural
                              president, a vice president, a secretary,      memory in the city
                              a treasurer and three members among
      ASAT Travel Grant       its members. Membership is acquired
                                                                            city reconstituted / reconstructed
                                                                             through memory (ies)
      Announcement            through direct application to the
                              Association and with the approval of
                                                                            urban utopias / urban dystopias
3                             the     Board    upon     payment      of
                                                                            spatialization of politics / politicization
                                                                             of space: ghettoization / residential
      JAST 2004               membership dues. All members enjoy
                              the benefits derived from activities of
                                                                            city—the great equalizer (?)
      Fall Issue              the Association and have a right to
                              attend the annual conference and to
                                                                            segregation / integration as it relates
                                                                             to public space
                              participate in its general meetings.
4 Aegean Journal of           Membership fee also covers two issues
                                                                            urban metaphors
                                                                            landmarks as markers of identity
                              of the Journal of American Studies
  English and                 of Turkey "JAST" and two issues of
                                                                            urban identity / urbanity
                                                                            public space and public life: streets,
5 American Studies            EAAS Newsletter per year.
                                                                             markets, parks
                                                                            gendered city / divided city / gender, race, ethnicity an
      Upcoming                                                               class in urban landscape
                                                                            the male city / the female city
      Conferences                                                           city: reflections/ images/ landmarks/
                                                                             legends / urban legends
      Call For Papers           Board Members 2002-2004
                                                                            downtown(s) and uptown(s)
                                                                            urban semiotics / city as legible text /
6                                                                            city as narrative and metanarrative
                                Officers                                    improvised city
      Call For Publications     President: Gülriz Büken                     city behind walls / city behind bars /
                                Vice-President: Meldan Tanrısal              city within a city / invisible cities,
                                                                             invisible borders
      Fellowships and           Secretary: Sema Keşkekçi,
                                Treasurer: Tuba Geyikler
                                                                            city as Eden / city as Purgatory
                                                                            city: from Babylon to Boswash
      Grants                                                                city as the spiritual site / faiths /
8                               Members
                                Ahmet Beşe
                                                                             organized religions / etc.
                                                                            urban quests
                                Özlem Görey
      Job Opportunities         Yeşim Kuzanlı İncitmez
                                                                            city as masquerade
                                                                            the polarized city: city as ash heap /
11                                                                           city as promised land
                                                                            city ethics
                                                                            cities of the mind / cognitive mapping
Deadline for 500-word paper, panel, performance
or exhibition proposals: January 9, 2004                        JAST 2004 Fall Issue
Proposals and short bios can be submitted via             Special Issue “Challenging America
mail, email or fax to:
         Ayşe Lahur Kırtunç
         Edebiyat Fakültesi                            JAST, Journal of American Studies of Turkey, the
         Ege Üniversitesi 35100 Bornova İzmir          biannual interdisciplinary journal with international                    authorship, invites submissions as articles, essays,                      book and film reviews for the Fall 2004 Issue.
         + 90 232 388 1102                             This issue will be published as a special issue under
Information on the history of the Ege University       the name of the EAAS Journal focusing on the
Cultural Studies Symposium can be found online at      theme of “Challenging America”.
the Symposium website:
Registration and accommodation information will        For more information about subscriptions          or
be posted later at the Symposium website.              submissions, contact the editor:
                                                       Ayse Lahur Kirtunc,
Co-organized by:                                       Dept. of American Culture and Literature,
Ege University Department of American Culture and      Ege University, 35100
Literature and Department of English Language and      Izmir, Turkey
                     Literature                        fax: +90 (232) 388 11 02;
The American Studies Association of Turkey (ASAT)      e-mail:
       The Cultural Office of the US Embassy           The Web Site of JAST is
                The British Council          

                                                             Deadline for submission of papers:
                                                                       Dec. 15, 2003

           ASAT Travell Grantt
           ASAT Trave Gran
 2004 Announcement                                              Aegean JJourrnall off Englliish and
                                                                Aegean ou na o Eng sh and
We are pleased to announce that by the 3 item of                      Ameriican Sttudiiess
                                                                      Amer can S ud e
the decision number 26 of the Board of ASAT
convened on January 16, 2004, a travel grant will
be awarded every year to ONE graduate student
whose paper proposal has been accepted for an              Aegean Journal of English and American
international conference outside Turkey in the field   Studies INTERACTIONS is an international
of American Studies. The deadline for submission is    refereed journal published biannually by the
February 27, 2004 and the result will be announced     Departments of English Language and Literature
by March 8, 2004.                                      and American Culture and Literature of Ege
                                                       University. Our recent volume (12) has been
Requirements for application                           published by June 2003. For the Winter Issue we
                                                       welcome essays on British and American cultures
   1-   To be a member of American Studies             and literatures, book and film reviews. Please
   Association of Turkey for at least 3 years (2001-   submit one printed copy of your manuscript
   2003)                                               together with an IBM formatted 3.1/2 floppy
   2-   To pay membership fees regularly.              diskette to the address below. Manuscripts should
   3-   To file the application form which can be      be between 5000 and 7000 words, double-spaced
   down loaded from the ASAT website below             throughout, including text, extracts, quotations, and submit it before       endnotes, and a complete list of works cited.
   the deadline.                                       Submissions are accepted on the understanding that
   4-   To submit the formal letter of acceptance      they have not previously been published and that
   from the relevant Institutions organizing the       they are not under consideration for publication
   conference or Conference Organizing committee       elsewhere.    For     detailed  guidelines on  the
   Secreteriat or the Workshop Chair or the Panel      preparation of manuscripts, authors should consult
   Moderator                                           the MLA Style Manual (Parenthetical Citation)
   5-   To submit a reference letter                   (2000-2003).
                                                         Dr. Şebnem Toplu (English Dept.)
                                                         Dr. Seçil Saraçlı (American Dept.)
 Please see page 13 for the application form for the     Ege University Faculty of Letters,
                ASAT Travel Grant.                       English Language and Literature Department
                                                         & American Culture and LiteratureDepartment,
                                                         35100, Bornova, IZMIR - TURKEY.

 UPCOMING CONFERENCES                                                       CRISES
                                                                    The 2004 meeting of the
           AND                                                    American Ethnological Society
     CALL FOR PAPER                                        welcomes abstracts for individual papers, panels,
                                                           and media presentations focused on the theme of
                                                           crisis. The American Ethnological Society, founded
        "Globalization is/in America"                      in 1842, is the oldest professional organization for
                                                           anthropologists in the United States. With a
          Northwestern University
                                                           membership of nearly 4,000, it remains the leading
                Evanston, IL                               forum in the Western Hemisphere for advancing the
          Thursday, April 29, 2004                         knowledge base of anthropology and promoting
                                                           innovation through critical discussions of theories,
This interdisciplinary graduate student conference         methods, and research practices.
examines the terms "globalization" and "America"           In the U.S. and elsewhere, people are currently
as they have been problematized in recent cultural         expressing a heightened sense of crisis. The anxiety
and literary criticism. We are interested in papers        is sometimes reflected in the view that irrational
that     pay     particular     attention   to    the      external forces have turned against ordered
internationalization of what heretofore has been           political, economic, cultural and moral landscapes.
known as "American Studies." Broadly speaking,             What are the multiple readings of crisis and its
papers for "Globalization is/in America" should            outcomes in the many settings, societies, and
consider how the idea of the nation and the nation-        historical periods studied by anthropologists and
state structures cultural imaginaries, individual and      other scholars? How is crisis represented in the
group identities, and disciplinary boundaries.             various genres and media of discourse? What does
                                                           an ethnological framework offer in the way of
Paper topics might include, but are not limited to:        conceptualizations, definitions, descriptions and
 Narratives and histories of "American Studies"           analyses of crisis and its experiences, expressions
 Definitions of national and nationalist literatures      and manifestations?
 Anthologies of literary and cultural production          Ways to consider crisis and its relevance for
 National and international prizes for cultural           ethnology could include:
  production (e.g. Booker                                   How do moments of crisis throw light on existing
 Prize, Nobel, Commonwealth Prize, etc.)                    social and cultural hierarchies or create new
 Cultural periodization and national ideology               hierarchies?
 "Native" or "minor" literatures
 National languages
                                                            Who is vulnerable to who is protected from crisis?
 Anderson's "Census, Map, Museum" revisited                Histories of crisis that include issues of memory,
 Identification papers and ID cards                         genealogy and time.
 Internationalization of "national" cultures               Crisis as natural, as invented, as cultural, as
 De-centering and internationalization of studies           moral, as technological.
  about the US                                              War and militarism as crises.
 Diaspora and diasporic identities                         Conflicts over land and natural resources.
 Alien,    resident    alien,   non-resident      alien
                                                            Health and environmental crises.
Proposals: Papers should be 15-20 minutes in                Crises of boundaries.
length. We invite submissions of both panels and            Crisis in knowledge production within or across
individual papers. Panel proposals should outline the        anthropology and other disciplines; crises in
panel as a whole and include 300 word abstracts of           fieldwork,    in    representation,    and   being
each individual paper. Paper proposals should                represented o Predicting and responding to crisis.
include a 300 word abstract that explains the               Language and rhetoric in the construction and
paper's purpose and how it relates broadly to the            experience of crisis.
theme of the conference.                                    The audiences for crisis.
Proposals are due December 15, 2003 to Bishupal            Please submit your proposal ASAP (deadline for all
Limbu at:                                                  submissions is January 15th, 2004). We invite                                    the submission of proposals for panels, roundtables,
                                                           poster sessions, and film and video screenings, as
Katy L. Chiles                                             well as individual papers.
Northwestern University                                    Please include the following: title, abstract of no
Department of English                                      more than 100 words, name, e-mail address and                                  mailing address. Submissions can be emailed to
                                                           conference organizer Gertrude Fraser.

                                                           Gertrude Fraser, Ph. D.
                        ***                                The Ford Foundation
                                                           320 East 43rd Street
                                                           NY, NY 10017

                                                         Edmonton, AB T6G 2G5

                     ***                                 Canada
                                                          Email: icrn@telusplanet ,net
                                                          Visit the website at
 “Crossing Boundaries: interdisciplinary        
  approaches to modern scholarship.”
        University at Buffalo, NY                                              ***
The History Department at the University at Buffalo
would like to invite graduate students from all              Displacement, Relocation, Identity:
disciplines to submit papers for our annual Milton       Revisioning Histories of Slavery and Empire
Plesur Conference, held at the University at Buffalo             University of Newcastle, UK
on March 26-27, 2004.
This year’s conference is entitled “Crossing             Plenary Speakers: Lubaina Himid, Alan Rice
Boundaries: interdisciplinary approaches to modern       This interdisciplinary conference will engage with
scholarship.” Papers dealing with topics outside of      ongoing attempts to revision, represent, and rewrite
this framework are encouraged, but priority will be      the entangled histories of enslavement, empire, and
given to papers dealing with interdisciplinary           diaspora. It will coincide and engage with work by
studies.                                                 internationally acclaimed artist Lubaina Himid to be
Please send abstracts of no more than one page and       exhibited at the Hatton Gallery in Spring 2004.
brief        biographical      information       to:     Lubaina Himid has been at the forefront of                                   advancing black women's art since she curated the
Craig Miller                                             ground breaking Thin Black Line exhibition at the
University at Buffalo                                    ICA in 1985. Her work explores global histories on
Department of History                                    an intimate and personal level, its power resting, as
Buffalo, NY 14260                                        Maud Sulter wrote, "in its ability to take on board
 Email:                             massive issues of history and translate them into a
                                                         language which gives voice to the disenfranchised".
                                                         (Venetian Maps, exhibition catalogue, Harris
                     ***                                 Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, 1997.)
                                                         We invite papers from scholars working in art
    International Cultural Research                      history, museum or gallery studies, history, cultural
Network/University of Florence Exploring                 studies, and literature, exploring themes similar to
                                                         those of Naming the Money. Examples include:
  Cultural Perspectives Florence 2004
                                                               Rewriting histories of enslavement:
The International Cultural Research Network has                    literature and history
been deluged with requests by scholars to send in              Visual economies of slavery and/or empire,
late abstracts because the call for papers due date                past and present
fell when the academic year began thus was                     Contemporary experiences of displacement
missed. To be fair to everyone the abstract due date               and relocation
has been extended to 30 December 2004.                         Histories of black presence in Europe
To date we have received some fantastic abstracts,
among them- the military, art, aboriginal policy
                                                               Voicing the disenfranchised: problems and
issues, history, politics, health, women, children,
and education. The submissions are from 20                     Re-visiting museums and their collections
countries to date.                                                 in a postcolonial context
This interdisciplinary conference is open to anyone            Art galleries, post-colonialism and the
interested in presenting research. Once you become                 politics of display
an ICRN member ($20.00 for two years) you are                  Subjectivity, hybridity and representation
eligible to have your research published in one of       Abstracts of 300 words should be sent to Sarah
the peer reviewed publications. We do not publish        Barber at the email below or at the address below
proceedings.                                             by 1 December, 2003.
An affiliation to a university or institution is not     Conference organisers: Diana Paton, Rhiannon
required although many of our members are                Mason, Lucy Whetstone Visit the Conference
academics and professionals. Independent Scholars        website below.
and Ethnic/Cultural scholars are especially welcome.     Sarah Barber
Plans for the cultural trips in Italy before and after   NIASSH
the conference are near completion and very              University of Newcastle
competitively priced. Several cultural events will       40/42 Great North Road
take place during the conference and the banquet         Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU, UK
will consist of a cultural evening. For further          Tel: +44 (0)191 222 5064
information please visit the website.                    Fax: +44 (0)191 222 5069
Annette Richardson                                       Email:
International Cultural Research Network                  Visit the website at
551 Ed. South.                                 
University of Alberta

                       ***                               Fax (+44) 020 7862 8812
Fifth International Crossroads in Cultural     
           Studies Conference                            Visit the website at
                                                         Deadline: January 9, 2004
          Illinois, United States

The mission of the Crossroads conference is to
provide an open forum for all topics that interest the
diverse international cultural studies community;
generate lively, critical debate about contemporary
                                                                       Poetry and Sexuality
society. We encourage international participation                  University of Stirling, Scotland
from different countries, disciplines and cultural
backgrounds, as well as from a wide range of             Papers are invited which consider the theme of sexuality in
research areas. In that way, the conference will also    relation to poetry from the classical to the postmodern.
show where Cultural Studies is going next.               There will be themed strands within the programme
                                                         covering such areas as: Classical / Medieval / Renaissance /
Norman K. Denzin                                         Gothic / Victorian / Modernist / Postmodernist / Colonial /
Institute of Communications Research                     Postcolonial and Posthuman sexualities.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign               Abstracts of 200-250 words of papers not lasting longer
228 Gregory Hall, mc-463                                 than twenty minutes in delivery are invited by 15th
810 S. Wright Street                                     December 2003. Contact the conference committee via
Urbana, Illinois, USA, 61801                             email. The conference website may be viewed at the site
Phone: (217) 333-0795                                    Dates and Location: 1st - 5th July 2004 at the University of
Email:                                 Stirling, Scotland.
Visit the website at       Poetry and Sexuality Conference
Deadline: June 25, 2004                                  Department of English Studies
                                                         University of Stirling
                                                         Scotland, FK9 4LA
                       ***                               Email:
                                                         Visit the website at

               History of Work
             University of London                                                 ***
The conference will be on the history of paid work in
Britain during the last century. Work has attracted        The Cultural Studies Association (U.S.)
widespread interest in recent years in a wide range
of    research    programmes,       monographs    and    will hold its second annual conference at
seminars. These have often been preoccupied with         Northeastern University in Boston on May 5-9,
assumed changes over time in the experience of           2004. The Cultural Studies Association provides a
work, such as: the end of the ‘job for life’; the        forum for scholars of Cultural Studies, in all its
decline of manual labor; the lengthening of working      diverse manifestations, to exchange their work and
hours; increasing ‘work-life’ balance problems. Yet      ideas across disciplinary lines and institutional
the reality, or otherwise, of these assumptions is       locations.
rarely subjected to historical scrutiny and the work     The Association welcomes proposals for panels or
of historians in this field is fragmented and diffuse.   for individual papers from all areas of Cultural
This conference aims to bring together those             Studies (including but not limited to literature,
interested in the past and present of work to look at    history,   sociology,     geography,    anthropology,
what has and has not changed over the past               communications, popular culture, cultural theory,
century.                                                 queer studies, critical race studies, feminist studies,
                                                         postcolonial studies, media and film studies,
We welcome offers of papers from all disciplinary        material culture studies, performance and visual
perspectives.                                            arts studies).
The conference will consist of plenary sessions on       In order to be considered, each proposal must
broad themes concerning the history of paid work,        contain a cover sheet with name(s), paper and/or
plus a range of shorter papers (c. 20 minutes) on        panel title(s), affiliation(s), and e-mail and snail
specific aspects of the topic. There will be             mail addresses. All proposals must be received no
presentations of television documentaries and films      later than December 1, 2003. The program will be
on the theme of work.                                    published on February 15. Paper and panel
Offers of papers should be sent to the address           proposals should be no more than 300 words in
below..                                                  length      and        should      be     sent       to
Virginia Preston                               
Contemporary British History                             Key areas may include celebrity, leadership &
Institute of Historical Research                         display, fame, the role of recognition, sexual/
Senate House                                             gender/ ethnic identity, etc. Those wanting to have
Malet St, London WC1E 7HU                                their papers considered for the Persona panels,
                                                         should indicate their interest by addressing their

abstracts directly to P. David Marshall, via email        Texas. For more information about the conference,
only (below)                                              please visit our website.
Registration and hotel information will be available      Deadline: November 11, 2003
on our web-site soon.
Cultural Studies Association Organizing Committee:        Ronald Bishop, Ph.D.
Angie Chabram-Dernersesian, Nancy Condee, May             Area Chair, Collecting and Collectibles PCA
Joseph, Miranda Joseph, David Marshall, Lee               Department of Culture and Communication
Medovoi, Sangeeta Ray, Michael Ryan, David                Drexel University
Shumway, Imre Szeman                                      569 Hemingway Drive
                                                          Hockessin, DE 19707
P. David Marshall, Chair                                  Email:
Department of Communication Studies                       Visit the website at
Northeastern University
                       ***                                The Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic
                                                              Literatures of the United States
            Foreign Influences in
        Early Modern English Culture                      will host its 18th Annual Conference, 10-14 March
          University of Mississippi                       2004. "Transfronterismo: Crossing Ethnic Borders in
Proposals are invited for papers to be delivered at       U.S. Literatures." We invite paper abstracts and
the fourth annual Renaissance and Early Modern            complete     panel,  workshop,    and    roundtable
Studies Symposium on the topic "Foreign Influences        proposals. Proposals (250 words maximum) should
in Early Modern English Culture" to be held at the        be submitted in triplicate and postmarked by 1
University of Mississippi on April 15-16, 2004.           December 2003, addressed to Professor Bill Mullen,
The symposium is held in conjunction with the             Department of English, Classics, and Philosophy,
annual James Edwin Savage Lecture in the                  The University of Texas at San Antonio, 6900 North
Renaissance; this year's lecture will be delivered by     Loop 1604 West, San Antonio, TX 78249-0643.
Lawrence Danson of Princeton University on the   [Fax and email for international
evening of April 15. Symposium participants are           submissions only: (210) 458 5366] All presenters
encouraged to attend the lecture.                         must be members of MELUS.
The symposium organizers--faculty members in the 
departments of English and History at the University
of Mississippi--seek proposals of 250-500 words (for
finished papers of no more than 3,000 words).
Proposals from advanced graduate students will be
given full consideration. Each proposal should                   “Telling Stories: Narratives of
include a brief curriculum vitae. Please send                           Our Own Times,”
proposals by December 1, 2003 to:
                                                          Oral History Associations Annual Meeting, Portland,
Karen Raber                                               Oregon, September 29-October 3, 2004. We invite
Associate Professor                                       proposals that examine narratives that are
English                                                   meaningful at local, regional, national, and
University of Mississippi                                 international levels. For more information please
University, MS 38611                                      visit

Phone: 662-915-7439
Fax: 662-915-5787
                                                                       CALL FOR
                                                                       CALL FOR
                       ***                                           PUBLICATIONS
  Collecting and Collectibles area of the
       Popular Culture Association
               Texas, United States                         American Nineteenth Century History
                                                          Submissions are invited for the journal, AMERICAN
Abstracts (150-words or less) sought for panels at        NINETEENTH CENTURY HISTORY, published by
the 2004 PCA conference detailing research on any         Frank Cass. The latest issue (4.2) contains essays
aspect of collecting - from a particular collectible or   by William G. Merkel on Jefferson and Gabriel's
collection (or collector) to explorations of collecting   Rebellion, Kevin Watson on Primitive Methodism,
behavior. New and innovative approaches to                Mark Voss-Hubbard on the rank and file of political
studying collecting are especially welcome. Email         abolitionism, Matthew J. Grow on the historiography
and snail mail submissions accepted. The PCA              of Civil War memory, and Worth Robert Miller on
conference will be held April 7-10 in San Antonio,        Populist cartoons. For all information, contact the

editor Martin Crawford via email or view the website     Obsidian III
below.                                                   Department of English, Box 8105
Dr Martin Crawford                                       North Carolina State University
David Bruce Centre for American Studies                  Raleigh, NC 27695-8105
Keele University
Keele, Staffs                                            Phone: 919-515-4153
United Kingdom                                           fax: 919-515-1836
ST5 5BG                                                  Email:
                                                         Visit the website at
Visit the website at

      American Studies International                        The Editors of the Encyclopedia of African
American Studies International is currently seeking              American Art and Architecture
manuscripts of quality for possible publication in
upcoming issues. We publish articles on a wide           are seeking contributors for unassigned entries. This
variety of topics including cultural studies, film,      encyclopedia will be interdisciplinary, to inform its
literature, and history. We also invite proposals for    audience about all aspects of African American art
book reviews to be published in upcoming issues.         and architecture and the influence of African
For further information please visit our website.        American artists and architects, their groups,
                                                         movements and traditions. Contact:
Shelly McKenzie                                          Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw,
Managing Editor                                          Assistant Professor of History of Art
American Studies International                           and Architecture and of African and African
2108 G Street NW                                         American Studies,
Washington DC 20052                                      Harvard University,
Email:                                       12 Quincy Street,
Visit the website at             Cambridge, MA 02138.
                                                                                    * *.*
    The Editors of "An Encyclopedia of
      African American Literature"                                          Cultural Dynamics
                                                         We welcome the submission of individual papers and
seek authors for entries on all aspects of African       proposals for specially-themed forthcoming issues of
American literature. Entries will address authors,       Cultural Dynamics, a peer-reviewed, international,
movements, and genres as well as the historical and      interdisciplinary journal of inquiry and critique edited at the
cultural contexts of African American literature and     University of Texas, Austin, USA and published by SAGE
its critical reception and interpretation. Complete      (UK, USA, Asia). The journal appears in print and online
information, including a list of available entries, is   through a number of electronic access databases
available online at                                      worldwide.         Scope: The world that gave birth to human sciences has
tml.                                                     changed, in ways that the human sciences have long
Direct all inquiries to the editors,                     ceased to comprehend. The contours of objects (nation-
Hans Ostrom (                             states, cultures, religions, histories, identities, the
and David Macey (                        institutions of politics) are shifting, and the ways we go
                                                         about imagining and thinking about those objects are also
                       ***                               in turmoil: the several international theoretical and political
                                                         movements-- such as Marxism, feminism, Pan-Islam, Pan-
            Black British Literature                     Africanism, Non-Alignment, Pan Indianism or Pan-
                                                         Americanism-- have been both causes and expressions of
                                                         this turmoil.
Obsidian III: Black Literature in the African Diaspora
                                                         The contact between and through cultures, histories,
invites essays, short fiction, and poetry, for a
                                                         religions and forms of secularity is immensely fertile
special issue on Black British Literature. We invite
                                                         ground, and one with which Cultural Dynamics seeks to
work that addresses a variety of the issues reflected
                                                         document and engage. What new concepts or forms of
in this burgeoning field such as childhood, old age,
                                                         theory are necessary, then, for thinking culture in the 21st
memory, history, gender issues, and post
                                                         century? What are the distinct theoretical positions and
independence. We are also interested in innovative
                                                         possibilities that emerge from thinking through and across
essays engaging critical pedagogy in the field and
                                                         cultures, past and present? Cultural Dynamics provide a
issues of theory. We also welcome interviews with
                                                         forum for reconceptualizing the human sciences by
major figures in the field and single or multiple
                                                         understanding how culture emerges as a site of theoretical
author explorations. Inquiries are welcome.
                                                         debate and political contestation, and by tracking the ways
Deadline for submission is January 20, 2004.
                                                         in which theory works cross-cultures.

 If you are interested in having your work considered for
 publication in the journal, please submit abstracts,                                    ***
 individual papers, or proposals for specially themed issues
 electronically (WORD format or RTF) via email. Address all                 The Columbia Journal of
 correspondence to Kamala Visweswaran, Editor (UT-                             American Studies
 Anthropology) or Guha Shankar, Associate Editor (Library
 of Congress). Please follow submission and formatting          is accepting articles on any topic related to
 guidelines as they appear on the website at:                  American culture. Please mail to: CJAS, Columbia        M.A. Programs, GSAS, 108 Low Library, MC 4307,
 s/PAPER.HTML                                                  New York, NY 10027. For additional information or a
Kamala Visweswaran                                             sample issue, please email the editors at:                            
University of Texas
Austin, TX 78712
Guha Shankar
                                                                Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540                                                            Society
 Email:                              seeks submissions for a special issue titled “Gender
 Visit the website at                                          beyond ‘Sexual Difference’: Rethinking Feminisms       and Visual Culture,” slated for publication in spring
 ynamics                                                       2006. Please send submissions (three copies) no
                                                               later than August 1, 2004, to Signs, “Rethinking
                                                               Feminisms and Visual Culture,” University of
                         * *.*                                 California, Los Angeles, 1400H Public Policy
                                                               Building, Box 957122, Los Angeles, CA 90095-7122.
                                                               Please observe the guidelines in he most recent
  Resistance And Rage: Women Of Color
                                                               issues      of      the      journal       or      at
          Respond To Violence                        
Seeking 500 - 600 word proposals for essays in an
anthology tentatively titled RESISTANCE AND RAGE:
seeks to explore topics such as the dialectical
approaches to the relationship between individual
action, selfhood and collective identity; women’s                   Atlantic Studies: Literary, Cultural and
rights and feminist struggle as articulated by                              Historical Perspectives
women of color; traditions of resistance; legal
discursive formulations of rape and self-defense as            Atlantic Studies provides an international forum for research
applied to cases involving women of color.                     and debate on historical, cultural and literary issues arising
Submissions that address global and/or local                   within the new disciplinary matrix of the circumatlantic
perspectives are encouraged. Attachments should                world. In particular, it seeks to foster a transcultural
be in MS Word or RTF. Send proposals and one                   dialogue between the two hemispheres and, specifically,
page c.v., as well as inquiries and other                      among the nations of Europe, the Americas and Africa.
correspondences electronically to both editors:                The Journal aims to celebrate the original Atlantic
Maria Ochoa (                            mappemonde: a highly critical space, centered not on a
and Barbara K. Ige (                    single nation or land mass but on a new cosmopolitan
Deadline December 15, 2003                                     interchange of ships and peoples, cultures and texts, ideas
                                                               and tools.
                                                               Published on behalf of MESEA (The Society for Multi-Ethnic
                         ***                                   Studies: Europe and the Americas), the Journal aims to be
                                                               an important site for scholarship on the comparative study
  "AMERICAN LITERARY GEOGRAPHIES:                              of multi-ethnic cultures and societies. It challenges
     Space and Cultural Production,                            nationalist histories and literatures by focusing on the
                                                               Atlantic as an arena of cultural change and exchange,
                                                               translation and interference, communication and passage.
                                                               Atlantic Studies accordingly invites submissions in the areas
Papers are invited for a collection of interdisciplinary
                                                               of history, cultural studies, critical theory, and literature
essays that address relationships between literature
                                                               from academics, public intellectuals, contemporary
and geographical discourses and technologies
                                                               commentators, and activists whose focus of interest lies in
before the founding of the National Geographic
                                                               circumatlantic perspectives. The Journal will also publish
Society in 1888. Please send brief c.v. and 3-page
                                                               work based on such visual materials as photography, film,
proposal by 7 October 2004 to Martin Bruckner
                                                               and information media. Each volume will also include book
( or Hsuan L.Hsu
                                                               and media reviews.
(; completed papers of
                                                               Atlantic Studies encourages both scholarly research and
20-25 pages will be due by 1 August, 2004.
                                                               timely critical debate on current issues within its chosen
                                                               paradigm. In as much as they develop a comparative and
                                                               intercultural perspective, essays on race, class, gender,

ethnicity and on human rights, citizenship and identity
politics will also be welcomed.                                                         ***
In the first instance, please send all contributions as Word 6
(95) or rich text format email attachments to Stephen                            African Diaspora
Fender, Articles should be no
longer than 7,000 words.                                         Submissions are invited for an edited volume on
Submissions should be in English, typed in double spacing        gender, race, and nationalism in the African
(including all notes and references).                            Diaspora. This volume will feature theoretical,
Submission of a paper to the journal will be taken to imply      empirical, and interpretive work from a range of
that it presents original, unpublished, work not under           disciplines on Black nationalist politics in Africa,
consideration for publication elsewhere. By submitting a         Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and
manuscript, the authors agree that the exclusive rights to       the Caribbean. It will compile cutting edge
reproduce and distribute                                         scholarship that illuminates women's roles in Black
Dr. Richard Follett                                              nationalist movements and/or examines the
Editor, Atlantic Studies                                         gendered nature of Black nationalist thought and
School of Humanities                                             politics. Submissions may assess particular Black
University of Sussex                                             nationalist figures, concepts, texts, discourses,
Brighton BN1 9QN                                                 events, movements, or organizations or examine or
UK                                                               critique conventional frames of reference for or
                                                                 theoretical approaches to analyzing gender and
Phone: 44-1273-877365                                            Black nationalist politics. For information or queries,
Email:                                    contact
Visit the website at
                                                                 Dr. Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd at (540) 231-7528
                                                                 Submissions (two hard copies and one disk copy)
                          ***                                    should be sent to
                                                                 Dr. Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd,
                                                                 Assistant Professor of Women Studies,
   "Los Angeles and the Future of Urban                          Department of Interdisciplinary Studies,
                Cultures"                                        133 Lane Hall (0227),
                                                                 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,
The first American Quarterly Special Issue, "Los                  Blacksburg, VA 24061.
Angeles and the Future of Urban Cultures," will be               Deadline: March 31, 2004
edited by Raul Villa and George Sánchez. While Los
Angeles developed in exception to the classic norms
of urbanism, some would argue that its exceptions                                       ***
became the model that other metropolitan regions
would follow. Thus, the unique, often prefigurative,             Teaching North American Environmental
urban patterns and practices of Los Angeles,                                   Literature.
historically and in the present, call for new ways of
seeing and thinking about urban cultures. The                    For the MLA’s (Modern Language Association)
editors wish to reflect the diversity of Los Angeles             Options for Teaching series, the Publications
and the critical strategies available to understand its          Committee has approved development of the
institutions, communities, and cultures. Therefore,              volume Teaching North American Environmental
we are interested in receiving essays that are                   Literature as the first of several planned books
inherently and fruitfully interdisciplinary, whether in          devoted to teaching environmental literature. The
their diversity of subjects, analytical methods, or              book’s editor, Fred Waage is seeking contributions
conceptual frameworks, including those engaged                   and ideas for practical and theoretical essays on
with comparative urban studies.                                  teaching literature in the United States, Canada,
 Please send any questions to :                                  and Mexico. If you are interested in contributing to                                      this volume, please send in a page or two your
Deadline: December 1, 2003                                       ideas for an essay, along with a curriculum vitae,
                                                                 preferably as a Word document attachment, to
                                                        Submissions may also be
                          ***                                    mailed to Fred Waage, Department of English, East
                                                                 Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN
        The Journal of Popular Culture,                          37614. Preliminary inquiries, requests for tentative
                                                                 table of contents, comments, suggestions for
a quarterly published by the Popular Culture                     contributors, and so forth are also welcome. The
Association since 1965, invites publishers and                   deadline for submitting ideas and proposals is 1
authors to submit new books for scholarly review.                December 2003.
Book reviewers are also invited to apply. Contact
the JPC Book Review Editor, Peter Holloran,
Worcester State College, Department of History,
Worcester, MA 01602;

                                                               and three letters of recommendation. Postmark
                                                               deadline is October 15. Contact: Fellowship
            FELLOWSHIPS AND                                    Program, National Humanities Center, 7 Alexander
                                                               Drive, PO Box 12256, Research Triangle Park, North
                GRANTS                                         Carolina 27709-2256. More info and other required
                                                               forms available at
      The Columbia Society of Fellowships in the
will appoint a number of post-doctoral fellows in the                                   ***
humanities for the academic year 2004-2005. Fellows newly
appointed for 2004-2005 must have received the Ph.D.                  The John Carter Brown Library
between January 1, 1998 and July 1, 2004. The stipend will
be $42,000, one half for independent research and one half     awards both short and long term Research
for teaching in the undergraduate program in general           Fellowships. Short-term fellowships: 2-4 months;
education. An additional $3,000 is available to support        $1,400 per month stipend; open to pre- (ABD) and
research. For application forms, write Director, Society of    post-doctoral or independent research. Foreign
Fellows in the Humanities, Heyman Center—Mail Code             nationals and U.S. citizens are eligible. Long-term
5700, Columbia University, 2960 Broadway, New York, NY         fellowships: 5-9 months; $3,500 per month stipend;
10027 or visit                                                 open to U.S. citizens (or U.S. residents of at least 3                   years) not engaged in graduate study. January 15,
Deadline: October 15, 2003                                     2004 deadline. Contact: Director, John Carter
                                                               Brown Library, Box 1894, Providence, RI 02912;
                         ***                                   401-863-2725; fax: 401-863-3477;
 The National Endowment for the Humanities

is accepting applications for grants to support research and                            ***
writing that contributes to scholarly knowledge or to the
public's understanding of the humanities. Award recipients
                                                                Summer Research Fellowships on the South
should work on their projects full-time for two months,
                                                                Various fellowships for faculty, independent scholars,
usually during the summer. Who is eligible: people who
                                                                graduate and undergraduate students researching the
have been living in the United States for at least three
                                                                South through the humanities - history, cultural
years and who are not students in a degree-granting
                                                                anthropology, linguistics, jurisprudence, comparative
program. Faculty members must be nominated by their
                                                                religion, folklore, literature - are available through the
institutions. Deadline for applications: October 1. Total
                                                                Deep South Regional Humanities Center. The deadline for
amount to be awarded and number of awards: not
                                                                all proposals is January 20, 2004. To download the
specified. Amount of individual awards: $5,000. View the
                                                                complete request for proposals, including eligibility
full text of the announcement on the endowment's Web site
                                                                requirements, please go to our website.
                                                               Jennifer Mitchel
                         ***                                   Assistant Director
                                                               Deep South Regional Humanities Center
                                                               200 Broadway, Suite 203
    The Woodrow Wilson International                           Uptown Square, Tulane University
          Center for Scholars                                  New Orleans, LA 70118
                                                               Phone: 504-247-1997
announces the opening of its 2004-2005 fellowship              Fax: 504-862-8026
competition. Fellows are provided stipends which               Email:
include round trip travel, private offices, access to          Visit the website at
the Library of Congress, Windows-based personal      
computers, and research assistants.
 For eligibility requirements and to download an
application, please visit                               JOB OPPORTUNITIES
Deadline: October 1, 2003

                         ***                                      Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania –
                                                                              Dept. of History
       The National Humanities Center
                                                                  Instruction/Assistant Professor position
offers residential fellowships for advanced study.
                                                               Middle Eastern or African History. Instructor/Assistant
Senior and younger scholars and other credentialed
                                                               Professor. Full-time, tenure track position.
professionals from any pertinent discipline are
                                                               Minimum requirement: ABD in history on a contingent
eligible. Awards: Up to $50,000 stipend and $2,500
                                                               contractual basis, completed PhD in history preferred.
research fund (for academic year) based on
                                                               Bloomsburg University's Department of History is
scholarly needs. Submit C.V., 1,000 word proposal,

diversifying its course offerings in non-western history.
Primary teaching and research fields in Middle Eastern or              University of California, San Diego.
African History; area of specialization and period of             Department of Literature. 20th-Century U.S.
concentration is open. The successful candidate is expected          modern fiction, tenure-track Assistant
to develop and teach lower division survey and upper
                                                                  Professor, Department of Literature, effective
division courses in his/her regional fields. Additional
                                                                                         July 1, 2004.
teaching fields to complement existing department offerings
                                                                  Candidates with demonstrated teaching and research
are welcomed. Teaching experience at college/university
                                                                 interests in modern U.S. fiction, especially in the period
level preferred. Evidence of continuing scholarly growth
                                                                 1900-1945. As a Department of Literature, we are
required. The qualified candidate is expected to carry out
                                                                 particularly interested in candidates who work within a
departmental service. Demonstrated ability to work with
                                                                 global and comparatist perspective and who have some
diverse populations is preferred.
                                                                 expertise in cultural theory. Ph.D. or equivalent, teaching
Finalists for the position must communicate well and
                                                                 experience, and scholarship required. Salary commensurate
successfully complete an interview and/or teaching
                                                                 with experience and based on UC pay scale. Immigration
demonstration judged by the department faculty. The
                                                                 status of non-citizens should be stated in CV. Send letter of
majority of regular, full-time department faculty must make
                                                                 application, CV, dossier, and 30-40 page writing sample to
recommendation for hiring.
                                                                 Todd Kontje, Chair, Department of Literature 0410,
For an application to be considered, letter of application, a
                                                                 University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La
separate statement of teaching philosophy, curriculum
                                                                 Jolla, CA 92093-0410. Refer to position #132ASA. Enclose
vitae, a copy of graduate transcripts, and three letters of
                                                                 self-addressed postcard for acknowledgment of application
recommendation must be postmarked by 30 January
                                                                 and SASE for return of writing sample. No electronic
2004. If ANY of these materials, including a letter of
                                                                 applications, please. Closing date is November 14, 2003.
recommendation, is postmarked after this date, the
application will not be considered. Submit materials to the
address below.
 Bloomsburg University is an AA/EOE and is handicapped
Dr. L. M. Stallbaumer-Beishline, Chair
Middle Eastern/African Search                                    Americanist. The Program in American Studies
Department of History                                               and the Department of History at the
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania                                  University of California, Berkeley,
400 East Second Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815                                             seek applications for a full-time tenure-track position at the
Deadline: 2004-01-30                                             Assistant Professor level effective July 1, 2004, in the
                                                                 history of interactions among various ethnic and racial
                                                                 communities in specific geographical regions in the US in
                          ***                                    any period from 1850 to 1965. Relevant research specialties
                                                                 might include the dynamics of cultural diversity, the
The American Studies Program at The College                      processes of group formation, racialization, assimilation,
            of William & Mary                                    and migration/immigration. We welcome candidates with
                                                                 demonstrated interest in the use of non-textual as well as
invites applications for a tenured/tenure-track faculty          textual sources. PhD In American Studies or History
position in Early American through Early National History,       required. Applicants should send a letter of interest,
beginning August 2004. The Program seeks a recognized            curriculum vitae, a writing sample of article length (no more
scholar with a distinguished teaching record who will            than 30 pages), and arrange to have three letters of
assume a major role in graduate and undergraduate                support sent to Search Chair, 301 Campbell Hall, University
education. The candidate should be able to advise and            of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-2922. Please refer your
teach at advanced levels in at least one area outside the        referees to the University's statement on confidentiality,
historical specialty, and be prepared to contribute core         found     at
courses to the American Studies Program. We are open to a        Review of applications will begin in November, but letters
variety of sub-specialties, but we are especially interested     of application must be postmarked no later than 1
in candidates in such fields as gender, race, colonial           December 2003. No application materials will be accepted
studies, history of the book, sexuality, and cultural studies.   by e-mail.       Please address       questions     only to:
The successful candidate will receive a joint appointment in The University is an
American Studies and History. Rank and salary depend             Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.
upon qualifications; Ph.D. in hand by August 2004 required.
Review begins October 15; materials will continue to be
accepted until an appointment is made. Preliminary
interviewing may take place at the ASA convention in
Hartford, CT, Oct. 16-19; we will also interview at the AHA.         The Department of American Studies at
Send letter of application, c.v., and three letters of             Arizona State University West, a campus of
recommendation to Alan Wallach, Chair, Search Committee,                    Arizona State University
American Studies Program, College of William and Mary, P.
O. Box 8795, Williamsburg, VA, 23187-8795. The College is         seeks applicants for a tenure-track position at the assistant
an EEO/AA Employer.                                              professor level in Native American Cultures, to begin August
                                                                 2004. The successful candidate will teach upper and lower
                          ***                                    division courses in Native American cultures contributing to
                                                                 the interdisciplinary history, English, religious studies, and

American Studies curricula; perform service for the
department, college, campus, and community; maintain a
research agenda appropriate to the appointment;
demonstrate a commitment to teaching/advisement, a
strong research plan, and a willingness to develop American
Studies courses in an interdisciplinary and rapidly growing
department. A Ph.D. in History, American Studies, American
Indian Studies, Religious Studies, or a related field by time
of appointment, teaching experience or potential in
appropriate fields, and an active research agenda in one or
more aspects of Native American culture are required.
Specialization in Native American history, literature, and/or
religious experience is desired. Send letter of application
describing teaching and research interests, curriculum
vitae, and three letters of recommendation to Professor
John S. Gilkeson, Chair, Native American Cultures Search
Committee, Arizona State University West, Department of
American Studies, P. O. Box 37100, Phoenix, Arizona
85069-7100. Deadline for applications is November 17,
2003; if not filled, the 1st and 15th of each month
thereafter or until search is closed. Please visit our web site
at ASU West is an Equal
Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer in policy and

                 ASAT TRAVEL GRANT
                  APPLICATION FORM
                 The deadline for submission is February 27, 2004.
      Send the completed form along with the official letter of acceptance to all :
                    Gülriz Büken,
                    Meldan Tanrisal,
                    Sema Keskekçi

1. Personal Details
   Date of Birth:____________________
   Address (include fax number, telephone number, e-mail where possible):
   Which Higher Degree are you registered for?
                      ( ) Ph. D.
                      ( ) MA
                      ( ) Other Specify _____________________________

2. Education and Professional Experience: One paragraph CV and details of any
   publications and scholarly achievements such as conference presentations if

3. Conference Information:
   Institution(s) Organizing the Conference
  Name of the Conference:
  Date of the Conference:
  Venue of the Conference:
   Conference Registration Fee for Graduate Students:
  Estimated Cost of Roundtrip Travel Fare

4. Title and Abstract (500 words) of the Paper Proposal:

         AS AT
   Cinnah Caddesi 20,
 TAD Binası Kat 4, Oda 48
  Kavaklıdere, Ankara

           Prepared by
Ayşe Lahur Kırtunç and Murat Erdem


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