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					                                             Section News                                                     July 2008

                                                              Get To Know your Executives!
Call for Programs/Activities
While we are still in the full swing of summer, planning                   Robert (Dave) Olson
for the next program year will be finishing up in the         Phone: 319-295-8210
next couple of months. If you have any ideas or               Email:
requests for an event or tour this coming year, please        Current Role: Chairman
drop the activities coordinator (or other executive           Years with ASME: 3.5 yrs in student section & 6 yrs in
member) a note and he’ll add it to the list for review at     senior section
the fall planning meeting.                                    What I enjoy about being in ASME: Section
                                                              networking socials, surrounding area company tours,
Expand Your Horizons Volunteer with ASME                      cosponsored section activities, student \ university
                                                              events, & ASME member benefits.
Using the Volunteer Opportunities Bulletin                    Fun Fact: Iowa resident since 94, UI graduate, Rockwell
Board (VOBB)                                                  employee from 97 on, & currently ASME section 7 chair.

Have you thought about volunteering at ASME, but                                  Dan Bullard
don’t know where to start? Try the VOBB. If you are           Phone: 263-8759
an experienced ASME volunteer and would like to find          Email:
a new project, the VOBB is the place for you. As a            Current Role: Activities Coordinator
tool designed to help volunteer leaders promote local         Years with ASME: 6 (including student membership)
Section and Society-wide positions, it opens the door to      What I enjoy about being in ASME: I like being able to
new opportunities. The opportunities for involvement          network with other mechanical engineers in the area
include pre-college and educational activities,               outside of a work setting. I enjoy going on the tours of
standards development, government relations, honors           other industries, and that is why I agreed to help set
and awards selection, the development of new                  them up for the upcoming year.
programs and more.                                            Fun Fact: I play bass guitar in a band and I recently
                                                              joined a trap shooting league.
To learn more about the VOBB and the volunteer
positions available, go to                                                        Ryan Legge                              Phone: 295-5592
                                                              Current Role: Vice Chairman, Newsletter Editor
                                                              Years with ASME: 9 (including student membership)
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                             What I enjoy about being in ASME: Opportunities to
                                                              visit with engineers from other industries and locations.
                                                              Visiting Local industries. Learning about new
                                                              technologies and advancements in the ME field.
                                                              Fun Fact: I competed in high school speech for four
                                                              years. In my senior year I was a North Dakota state
1      Local Section News                                     qualifier in Radio Broadcasting and 3rd in the state for
                                                              Humorous Duo Interpretation.
2      ASME PeerLink
                                                              (Continued on Last Page)
2      ASME Career Center
3      Local Section News

                                                   ASME Section News 1
Become A Mentor Today! EMentoring
Opportunities for Early Career Engineers.

Mentors are a great way to gain knowledge and learn
from the experiences of experts in your field. ASME
offers an e-mentoring service right at your fingers!

To learn more and sign up for mentors, log onto
y_Career.cfm or contact Noel Netel at                     Teams Announced for 2008 ASME I•Show
                                                          Applications jumped a whopping 40% from student
                                                          teams eager to compete in the second annual ASME
Thinking about your career? Visit ASME’s                  Innovation Showcase (I•Show), scheduled for Oct. 31st
Career Center!                                            in conjunction with the International Mechanical
                                                          Engineering Congress & Exposition in Boston, MA.
Are you thinking about making some major career
changes? Perhaps you are looking for a new job,           After reviewing thirty-two submissions, a judging
finding out what you are worth, raising your profile at   panel selected the top ten collegiate teams to move
work or networking with other engineers to expand         forward and compete in the 2008 ASME I•Show.
your career opportunities? ASME can help you              Striving to produce the next “big idea,” these students
energize your career this year with a variety of member   have developed technologies and innovations with
benefits.                                                 enthusiasm and commitment. They’re eagerly ready
                                                          for the next step: product assessment and
Find a job, build your resume or get advice at ASME’s     commercialization.
Online Career Center, the only job board dedicated
exclusively to Mechanical Engineers. Find out what        At the ASME I•Show on Oct. 31, the following teams
you’re worth by taking the ASME Salary Survey, and        will “pitch” their product to a judging panel of industry
get a basic report on how your salary compares to other   experts, media, successful entrepreneurs, and
engineers in your region, field or experience level.      Intellectual Property specialists to gain industry
                                                          recognition and access to over $20K in seed funds.
Visit the ASME Career Center at for more information.           Baylor University – Converting Coconuts Into Value
                                                          Added Products
                                                          Johns Hopkins University – Head Impulse Test Device
                                                          Johns Hopkins University – SurgyPack
ASME PeerLinkSM Expands and Professional
Visit the ASME Career Center Networking and               Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Robopsy:
Collaboration Opportunities for Engineers
benefits pages to access these and other career-related   Inexpensive Medical Robotics
benefits.                                                 Pennsylvania State University – Mashavu
Responding to the growing need of engineers and other     Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Automated Landmine
technical professionals to connect and exchange           Removal
information, ASME has launched its new communities        University of California, Berkeley – Advanced
of practice ASME PeerLink.                                Affordable Solar Water Heater
                                                          University of California, Berkeley – Berkeley Electro-
ASME PeerLink now offers new features designed to         Coagulation Arsenic Remediation (BEAR)
enhance your experience connecting, collaborating and     University of California, San Francisco – Titan Medical
networking with your peers. ASME PeerLink helps           Virginia Military Institute – The Extremely Low
                                                          Frequency Seismic Detector
broaden communication capabilities through blogging,
interactive whiteboards, document collaboration and
                                                          Go to for team details and
real time chat.
                                                          further information on the ASME I•Show.
To learn more and register, go to

                                               ASME Section News 2
                    Get to Know Your Executives! (Continued)

                                              Brad Neilly
Phone: 295-8244
Current Role: Webmaster
Years with ASME: 3
What I enjoy about being in ASME: Behind the scene peeks into the operations and processes of companies
around the area.
Fun Fact: I enjoy attempting home improvements

                                             Dan Kaspari
Phone: 295-1856
Current Role: Public Information
Years with ASME: 29
What I enjoy about being in ASME: The networking and working with students.
Fun Fact: I am a closet hard rock fan.

                                           ASME Section News 3

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