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									                                                                                                                                       Master of Social Work Program
                                                                                                                                                 1101 Camden Avenue
                                                                                                                                           Salisbury, Maryland 21801
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                        Salisbury University, a member of the University System of Maryland, is truly a Maryland University of National Distinction. A four-year comprehensive
                     university offering 55 distinct undergraduate and graduate degree programs, SU is one of those rare places where individual talents are celebrated while big
ideas are encouraged and nurtured. Located in the heart of Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore, a mostly rural region flavored by the salty air of the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake
Bay, we are just 30 minutes from the beaches of Ocean City, MD, and two hours from the urban excitement of Baltimore, MD, and Washington, D.C.

                                              Master of Social Work Program
                                                    Seidel School of Education & Professional Studies
The MSW Program at Salisbury University is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and offers students the
opportunity to earn their degree in a student-centered, supportive atmosphere. The Direct Practice Concentration prepares
graduates to work with individuals, families and groups, as well as beginning level supervision and administration. This
comprehensive course of study provides graduates the knowledge, skills and values necessary for private or public sector
practice. We have the most affordable Master of Social Work Program in Maryland, and offer a variety of program options
designed to help the working student. Our MSW degree can be completed in as little as two semesters (Advanced Standing) or
as many as eight semesters (Regular Part-Time)!
Course of Study                                                                               Curriculum
The MSW degree program is 62 credit hours. There are 49 credits                               Year 1 (Foundation) – Semester 1
of classroom work and 13 credits of supervised field practicum.                               SOWK 605          Social Welfare Policy: Foundations and
Students may enroll in our regular two year full-time program, in                                               Structure                                      3
our four year part-time program, or in our advanced standing                                  SOWK 610          Theoretical Analysis of Behavior I            3
program either full- or part-time. Recent graduates of an                                     SOWK 616          Social Work Research I                        3
accredited baccalaureate social work program are eligible to apply                            SOWK 620          Social Work Practice I                        3
for Advanced Standing status.                                                                 SOWK 640          Field Education I                             3
                                                                                                                                                        Total 15
Program Options                                                                               Year 1 (Foundation) – Semester 2
Advanced Standing                        Regular                                              SOWK 617          Social Work Research II                       3
32 credit hrs                            62 credit hours                                      SOWK 622          Social Work Practice II                       3
Full Time: 2 Sem                         Full Time: 4 Sem                                     SOWK 623          Social Work Practice III                      3
Part Time: 4 Sem                         Part Time: 7-8 Sem                                   SOWK 630          Theoretical Analysis of Behavior II           3
Field Practicum                                                                               SOWK 645          Field Education II                            3
Students, in collaboration with the Director of Field Education,                                                                                        Total 15
select field placements to meet their professional goals. Regular                             Year 2 (Concentration) – Semester 1
program students complete two years of field practicum in two                                 SOWK 602*         Ethical Foundation of Social Work             3
different settings; advanced standing students complete a one-year                            SOWK 650          Advanced Practice with Individuals            3
practicum in one setting. If you are working full time you will need                          SOWK 654          Psychopathology                               3
to plan for daytime release time from your job to participate in the                          SOWK 660          Advanced Practice with Families               3
field practicum. Complete information concerning types of                                     SOWK Elective     (May be taken either fall or spring)          3
placements, employment-based practicum, and field education                                   SOWK 665          Field Education III                           4
requirements can be found at                                                                                                                         Total 16/19                                                 Year 2 (Concentration) – Semester 2
                                                                                              SOWK 655          Evaluation of Social Work Practice            3
Salisbury University works in collaboration with the University of                            SOWK 663          Supervision and Administration                3
Maryland School of Social Work to provide a limited number of                                 SOWK 680          Advanced Practice with Groups                 3
stipends for the Title IV-E Education for Public Child Welfare                                SOWK Elective     (May be taken either fall or spring)          3
Program. Information concerning requirements and application to                               SOWK 685          Field Education IV                            4
this program can be found at                                                                                     Total 13/16
                                                                                                                                                              * available on-line
Can’t relocate to Salisbury?                                                                   Links
Check our website for a satellite program in your area offering                                Salisbury   
the same curriculum in a format designed with the working                                      Graduate
professional in mind.                                                                          MSW
 Vicki B. Root, D.Ed., LCSW                                           Susan Mareski
 Director of Graduate Programs                                        Administrative Assistant                                       
 410-677-3948                                                         410-677-5363

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