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									INDI Sunglasses:

      4 Styles, Multiple Frame & Lens Colours
      High quality, optically correct, polycarbonate lenses
      Flash-mirror outside coating
      Anti-reflective backside coating (reduces eye fatigue & improves contrast)
      Rubberized arm insert for performance comfort fit & anti-dampening
      Screw hinge for adjustment with normal wear & tear
      UV Protection
      CE Certified
      Lightweight
      Includes micro-fibre case/cleaning cloth
      Individually poly-bagged
      Wholesale Price is Half of Retail

Indi is new Sports Eyewear Company based out of the United States. Their goal is to
provide consumers with eyewear that combines: high quality + function + value +
design. Marketed for the Surf, Skate, Snow, Outdoor Sports Market.

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