Setting Up Your Dial-up Connection by HC121003133222


									Setting Up Your Dial-up Connection

  1. Go to Start (bottom left-hand corner of the desktop), select Control Panel,
       Network and Internet, and Network and Sharing Center.
  2.   Click on Set up a connection or network.
  3.   You will be asked to choose a connection option. Click on Set up a dial-up

  4. A list of modems will appear. Choose the modem you want to connect with (if
       no modems appear, you either do not have a modem on your computer or
       your modem is not installed properly - please correct the modem issue before
       proceeding with dial-up configuration).

  5. You will be asked to type in the information for Web-Access Internet. Type in
       the following information in the appropriate fields:

          o   Dial-up phone number: Enter 636-2000 for Coleman County,
              646-7595 for Brown County or users with a 254 area code.
          o   User name: Enter your Web-Access Internet username (in
              lowercase, do not add
           o   Password: Enter your Web-Access password (in lowercase
           o   Connection name: Enter Web-Access

   6. Click Connect. Your computer should now connect to Web-Access Internet.
   7. Once successfully connected, click on Browse the Internet now. Your
        default browser will launch.
   8. To connect in the future, go to Start and select Connect to. Your list of
        connections will show up. Choose Web-Access Internet and click Connect.

Configuring Internet Explorer - Web Browser

Once you've established an Internet connection, you can configure Internet Explorer
to browse the Internet.

   1. To start Internet Explorer, click on the Start button (bottom left-hand corner
        of the desktop) and select Internet Explorer. If Internet Explorer is already
        open, please skip instruction 1 and refer to step 2.
   2.   At the top of the Internet Explorer window, click on the Tools button, and
        then click Internet Options.
3. At the top of the Internet Options screen, click on the General tab.
4. In the General screen, Home Page section, Address field enter (lowercase, no spaces.
5. At the bottom of the Internet Options screen, click OK to save your changes.
6. To refresh the software program, click on the File menu (at the top of the
     Internet Explorer window) and select Close.
7.   You are now ready to re-open Internet Explorer and browse the

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