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									Getting a Different Perspective

Have you ever seen the television show Undercover Boss? They take the CEO of a large corporation and
have him or her go undercover to work as a regular employee for the day. It's supposed to give the CEO
and the employees new perspectives on each other and what they do differently.

I've always thought the show has to be faking a lot of it. How can the employees not know something is
going on when there is a cameraman following the new guy around all day? It seems contrived.
However, there might be something that can be learned from it, if we set aside any issues about possibly
being fake.

The show is about gaining a new perspective. That is a great idea. It is hard to get out of our heads and
see things how other people see them. I see this all the time in estate planning. People think they know
what they want and what they need, but someone else looking at the situation sees things differently.

You can get a new perspective on your estate planning by talking to an estate planning attorney. Let the
attorney look at things and tell you what he or she thinks. You might find you like the attorney's
perspective better than your own.

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