Job Description

Directorate:           Housing and Property Services

Post:                   PROJECTS OFFICER
                        Grade 6

Responsible to:        Head of Asset Management

Responsible for:        Customer Services Assistant

Primary Location:      Marmion House, or as required

Overall purpose of role

To prepare and project manage the full range of investment and planned
maintenance schemes to deliver the Council’s corporate and housing capital
programme. To provide a high quality, and customer focussed, technical
resource to ensure implementation of the Council’s corporate capital strategy.
To ensure a high level of satisfaction for tenants and other customers and
make best use of Council resources. To contribute to the development of the
Council’s Asset Management Plan, HRA Business Plan and corporate capital
strategy. To deputise for the Head of Asset Management as required.

Key Accountabilities

1. To carry out feasibility studies, programming, preparation of detailed
   designs, drawings, contract documentation to meet the needs of the

2. To provide technical assistance within the Directorate on the collection,
   compilation and preparation of data and performance for programmed
   maintenance, improvement, modification and remedial works.

3. To maintain an efficient service, carrying out surveys and to undertake or
   assist in the compilation and preparation of plans, specification and
   contract documentation.

4. To examine accounts submitted by contractors to measure works in
   progress and to approve variations not specified in the original contracts,
   in accordance with Council policies and instructions.

5. To supervise and control the quality of work of contracts on site, to ensure
   compliance with all contract conditions.

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6. To provide support and encourage tenant and other customer consultation
   and involvement with planning, delivery and monitoring of the capital and
   planned     maintenance     programme,      including   attendance      at
   residents/building user meetings, including Area Tenant Panels, Forums
   and other groups.

7. To liaise with other teams and Directorates, building occupiers or users
   and Council Tenants to advise or agree on work programmes, safe and
   efficient undertaking of the works and operation of plant, possible
   disruptions during the cause of works being carried out and any other
   appropriate matter which may affect normal operations of the

8. To assist the Property Services Officer in the management and
   maintenance of the Council’s commercial/industrial and corporate
   properties where required.

9. Carry out inspections/surveys etc., of Council buildings taking any
   necessary measurements and information required, recording defects and
   repairs observed, noting materials, type etc., to establish the work content.

10. Ensure all electrical work is carried out in accordance with the latest
    edition of the Electrical Regulations and statutory procedures and

11. Collate and compile data in the preparation of work schedules.

12. Prepare and assist in the preparation of plans, utilising the Computer
    Aided Design systems, specifications and contract documentation and
    submit them to the appropriate member of staff within the specified time.

13. Carry out checks on work undertaken by contractors to ensure that work
    conforms to specifications and contract conditions. To report to the Head
    of Asset Management any occurrence that you consider contravenes safe
    working practice; and make immediate arrangements for dangerous or
    unsafe conditions to be eliminated and to prepare for associated reports.

14. Liaise with contractors and to evaluate any additional works as may be
    required; to verify additional claims prior to final authorisation for payment.

15. Co ordinate activities with other members of this section with emphasis on
    maintaining a conformity and consistency in standards, specifications etc,
    and to bring to the attention of the Head of Asset Management any
    aspects demanding decisions to be made by senior officers

16. Prepare and agree interim valuations and final accounts with contractors;
    assist in the control of financial expenditure on contracts and maintain
    adequate day to day records.

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17. Liaise with external organisations, services, utilities and contractors on
   matters relating to the section.

18. Carry out surveys relating to proposed maintenance, adaptations,
   modification and improvement; to compile and submit all necessary data in
   accordance with instructions and within the time allocated.

19. Deal with enquiries and complaints made both at the office and during
   visits to estates and properties; to advise and deal sympathetically with
   members of the public

20. To research, write and present reports to senior management and
    Cabinet/Committee as required

21. Undertake any training and personal development as may be agreed with
   the Head of Asset Management.

22. Maintain accurate records of all inspections including dates and relevant
   observations and instructions given at the time.

23. To undertake all corporate requirements on health and safety, equal
    opportunities, data protection, risk management and financial regulations.

24. To respond, provide advice, or attend as required, emergency calls for out-
    of-hours emergencies.

25. Any other reasonable duties commensurate with the grade and general
    nature of the post.

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