MINUTES FOR NOVEMBER 28, 2007

Attendees: Paul Thackrey, John Shannon, Robert Citrano, Barry Schneider, Marcie Beckett, Kathy Evans, Rachel
McFarlin, Jeton Prince, Barbara Williams
6:40p Call to Order
 Marcie Beckett made a motion for the October minutes to be approved, Barbara Williams seconded the motion to
approve the October minutes. Minutes were unanimously approved . 8-0-0

Communications from the Public on Non-Agenda Items which relate to the Planning Committee:

Comments and/or Announcements from Committee Members::
Webpage update – Corey Koberg not present. Committee members noted that the new webpage is up and running. It was suggested that we still post our minutes on the old site for awhile

Government Office Reports:
Mayor’s Office – No one present
Kevin Faulconer, District 2, Thyme Curtis reported on the alcohol ban stating that it will go into effect 30 days after
Mayor Sander’s signs it. She reported that the Mini Dorm Ruling passed making it a requirement to have a High
Occupancy Permit for 6 or more adults living in a unit. Permit requires 5 parking spaces for 6 people. Permit costs
$1000. Thyme reported that the Rooming House Ordinance did not pass. She reported that the handrail is still
being worked on and will not be completed until after December 1 st. The landslide area is having shear pins going
in and land is being shored up. City wants to raze 4 houses. Marcie Beckett reported that there are oversized gravel
movers moving earth down Ingraham Street and this street is not supposed to have those types of vehicles using it.
Thyme said she would find out about the route they are using and report back to us.

Assistant Chair Report: John Shannon
December meeting – Marcie Beckett moved that we are dark in December, Barry Schneider seconded the motion.
Motion carried 8-0-0. There will also be no subcommittee meetings in December.
Announcement of Mini-Community Orientation Workshop (mini-COW) on Thursday, November 29, 2007 from
6:00pm to 8:00pm. An RSVP is required. Please RSVP to Lara Gates, 619-236-6006 or

Jim Morrison arrived 7:15p

Action Items:
Request for 4 way stop sign at Emerald and Everts (request by Ellie Marcus, 1219 Emerald Street) Jim Morrison
had previously reported that the City engineer refused the stop sign because the intersection had not met the
minimum threshold. Thyme Curtis recommended contacting our council member. Rosalee Barton, resident of
Emerald Street reported that her car has been hit 3 times due to the narrowing of the road. Marcie Beckett made a
motion to approve the 4 way stop sign at Emerald and Everts streets, Paul Thackrey seconded and the motion carried

Residential Action Items:
3312 Crown Point Drive – Project #113443 construction of new 2 story residence of approx. 3180 sq ft in the RS1-7
zone.Applicant Joe Astoria was not able to be present. Barry Schneider said all issues with the project have been
resolved and he recommended we approve the project. Barry made a motion to approve the project and Marcie
Beckett seconded, motion carried 8-0-0

1368-70 Reed Avenue Project # 118137 – parking was an issue with the front house. (Jim Morrison arrived 7:15p)
Applicant Mr. Robertson was present. Barry stated that we like to look at whole project to get everything up to
code. Marcie stated the city should have a policy that if separate projects are done on the same lot within two years
of each other they should be treated as one project and the entire property should be required to conform to
community plan for the current parking code. Barry moved to approve the project, Marcie seconded, motion
carried 9-0-0.

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Action Items continued:
3512 Crown Point Drive- Project #141101 SCR to add a decorative roof element (tower) to a previously approved
project in the RS 1-7 zone. Applicant Mr. Trudall was present. Barry Schneider made a motion to approve project,
Marcie Beckett seconded, motion carried 9-0-0.

4048 Riviera Drive – Project #124328 – Demolish an existing residence and construct 4 residential for rent units
with underground parking in the RM 2-5 zone. This item will be continued.

Commercial Sub-committee Items:

(Jim Lester arrived 7:30p)

Committee Reports:
Adhoc Committee: Don Gross report on Pacific Beach Drive Sidewalk/Bikeway. Don attended meetings on the
status of the land and reported there is a question about who exactly owns the land. He will continue to report to the
committee for updates on the property.

Ann Van Leer not present to report on Rose Creek Watershed.

Election Committee and Vacancy Report (Jeton Prince) Jeton said we have 2 commercial spots open but he was
unsure when we will be using the new guidelines from our by-laws stating how many commercial spots we will fill
in the future. There are also two residential vacancies in 80.02/83.10 and 78.00. Patrick O’Neill, James Weber, and
Jerry Hall wanted it recorded that they attended our meeting. They were invited to apply now for positions to be
filled at our annual elections in March.
Jeton also reported for the Mission Bay Park Committee in regard to signs that have been erected at the Fanuel
Street Park stating “Slow, Children At Play”. Signs are next to the sidewalk on the bayside of the park.

By-Laws Committee: (Jim Lester) Jim took actions of the committee and updated them. Marcie wanted to know if
Jim submitted the revised draft to the city. She stated that changes are getting approved in 2 months. Jim will email
everybody the complete text reflecting changes.

Community Plan Amendment Committee (Marcie Beckett) The next meeting will be at the PB Library on January
10th, 2008 at 12:00 noon. Committee is working on residential design guidelines to give developers additional
guidelines for project designs.

Traffic and Parking Report (Jim Morrison) Meeting cancelled. Announced that parking meetings are the second
Thursday of the month. He reported no feedback from Walker Group.

Special Events: (Barbara Williams) Update on the PB Holiday Parade December 8, 2007 on Garnet Avenue. Also
reported on the Parade of Lights that same evening.

Neighborhood Enhancement and Code Compliance: Barbara Williams volunteered for this position.
Jerry Hall from the PB Town Council told about the group he spearheads to help clean up PB of graffiti and trash.
He told Rachel McFarlin, committee member, that her concerns about the graffiti on the beachfront at the end of
Thomas Street should be directed to his committee. He told her he would look into this location.

Jim Morrision asked if anyone is having trouble with the new website. He is having trouble logging on with his
MAC computer.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03p

Minutes submitted by Barbara Williams

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Previously approved monthly minutes are in a binder at the library.

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