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					Powell Middle School
   Band Program

Middle School Director:
    Janet Roach

High School Directors:
     Ricky Shaw
    M.J. Robinson
Welcome to the Powell Middle School Band program! We are excited and looking
forward to a great year. This handbook will assist you with any questions you may have
about the band department. Included are:
                    Rules and regulations
                    Grading
                    Obtaining instruments
                    Concert attire
                    Band fees
                    Band calendar

In band, you will learn how to play your instrument, music terminology and theory,
music history, and many other musical and non-musical aspects. Band at Powell is
different than any other class you take. Instead of being an individual in a class such as
in math or English, you are a part of a group that achieves their goal together as a team.
Unlike team sports though, we are not here for competition, only for achieving the best
possible sound as a whole. Band meets every day, and students will not miss academic
subjects by participating in band.

During the middle school years, discovery of self and where you “belong” is a major
factor, and we hope that band will help you with this time of discovery. Band offers not
only a chance to explore musical abilities but provides the opportunity to develop self-
discipline, leadership, cooperation, and interaction in a group setting.

1. When the director steps on the podium, everything
2. Keep food, drink, gum, and/or candy out of the band
3. If it doesn’t belong to you, don’t touch it.
4. Refrain from horseplay!
5. Treat everyone and everything with the utmost
General Band Expectations
1. You must be on time for all band activities. “On time” does not mean in the general
vicinity or socializing. It means to be in your chair, quiet and ready to begin
rehearsal at the designated time. Tardiness will not be tolerated. “Hanging out” in
the instrument storage room is not allowed.
2. Be prepared for class and rehearsal with all music in your folder and instrument at
your seat. You must have a pencil with you at all rehearsals! Points will be taken
from participation grade for not having instrument, music, and or pencil.
3. You must be in attendance at all performances. You are responsible for knowing
about all band rehearsals, performances, and other activities. Calendar dates can be
found on Charms as they come available and in back of this handbook. Mark these
dates in your calendar! Concerts are worth two test grades. Unexcused concert
absences may also result in students not being allowed to attend field trips during that
school year.

       Excused absences:
                  Verifiable personal illness
                  Death in the family
                  Recognized religious holidays
                  Verifiable family emergency

       Unexcused absences:
                 Failure to remember a concert date or activity.
                 Failure to bring a parent note for an “excused absence” (see

    Concert attendance is especially important. A concert is the culminating experience of
our daily rehearsals. In a sense, concerts are like final exams on material we have been
studying in class. In another sense, concerts are more important than final exams
because each student is responsible to every other student as a member of the group.
Every student’s performance is directly related to the performance of every other student.
    Because concerts are so important, absences are penalized by a reduction of grade. Of
course, there are rare instances of legitimate unavoidable conflicts. In those cases, the
director must be notified prior to the performance for the final grade not to be affected.
An alternate assignment may be given. In cases of severe illness or emergency,
notification should be made as soon as possible. These guidelines allow the director to
make arrangements for a meaningful performance with absent students taken into
4. Give your undivided attention to anyone who is directing your band. There should be
no talking once rehearsal has begun. If you have a question about the music, raise your
hand to ask the director.
5. Do not leave your seat during rehearsal unless the director has given you permission.
If you need to use the bathroom or get a drink of water, do so before class rehearsal
begins. Passes, including phone passes, will not be given to anyone unless an emergency
arises. You should ask your area teachers to use the phone before coming to band.
6. A positive attitude is very important. It makes for a better rehearsal and will create a
better atmosphere in which for us to rehearse.
7. Sit with good posture. Do not lean or rock in chairs or lean on stands. Equipment is
new and can easily be broken.
8. Please throw all trash in the garbage cans provided.
9. Leave your books and all belongings in your cubbies. Remember to take all your
belongings with you as you leave. Only your music folder and pencil is allowed at your
seat. Flutes and clarinets only are allowed to have their cases under their seats. Personal
grooming (brushing hair, applying make-up or lotion, etc.) is not allowed at your seat, so
please leave personal items in your purse or backpack. Please put cases back into the
cubby during class time and not leave them on the floor.
10. At the conclusion of your class period, please replace the chairs in their original
formation. Be sure nothing is left on the floor or stands.
11. We are proud of the band room and we ask that you please take care of it. No
student should ever touch the teachers’ desks or chairs, instruments, televisions,
thermostat, computer, or stereos without permission. Band office and music workroom is
off limits without permission. Stay off of podium!
13. Name tags must be on the outside of all cases. No exceptions.
14. Nothing should be left in the band storage cubbies except your instrument and music
folder. All music should be in the student’s folder and never loose in the cubby.
Additional items found in cubbies will go to the school’s lost and found.
15. Students caught with gum, candy, etc. in the band room will automatically result in
an in-area referral.
16. Students caught horseplaying or “hanging out” in the instrument storage room
automatically result in an in-area referral.
17. Always concentrate and try to sound your best! A band is only as good as its
weakest member!

Conduct on Trips
1. Students must remember they are representing the Powell Middle Band whenever they
are on a trip. Conduct yourself in a manner that will bring credit to your band and your
school, as well as yourself.
2. Promptly follow directions made by chaperones and the director.
3. All band students must ride the bus to all events. Those wishing to return with their
parents must present a note to the band director prior to departure time. Parents must
sign child out with a teacher before leaving the group.
4. If a class is missed because of a trip on a school day, all band members are required to
make up their classroom work. STUDENTS WHO DO NOT MAKE UP MISSED
5. No gum or candy allowed on field trips unless director approves.
6. Don’t be critical of others. No matter what happens in a concert, never make light or
belittle yourself or others. Mistakes do not need to be discussed until we are back in our
own classroom.
7. Never be critical of the host place where we are performing or be negative about your
own band or school.
8. We will walk into each place organized and quietly. Listen for directions before
getting off the bus.
9. Lunch: You are expected to go into a restaurant and sit until time to leave. Please do
not go from table to table or talk across the room to students at another table so that we
do not interfere with other customers in the restaurant. If you have a choice of several
restaurants, you must stay at the one you choose until time to leave. You must clean-up
your trash and not leave the place a mess. You will be given a time to return to the bus.
10. Girls: There will not be a place for you to put purses on most field trips. You may
be asked to keep money with you in a jacket pocket or a friend’s pocket depending on the
trip. It is not the chaperone’s job to hold your money or belongings.
11. Be agreeable. Maintain a good attitude when things are different than you expect. If
you don’t agree with something, keep it to yourself!
12. You must follow the dress code given to you before the trip. Failure to do so will
result in your being left at the school and no refund will be issued. Shirts must be kept
tucked in during the entire field trip while we are out as a group. Do not ask if you
can untuck your shirt because the answer will always be no!
13. No handwritten notes will be accepted for field trip permission slips. Only the form
provided by the school will be accepted.
14. Refunds for any trip will only be given if the band does not lose money. Any money
already paid to an organization that we can’t get refunded will not be refunded to the
student. This includes if a student is suspended from school on field trip day.

Failure to follow these rules and guidelines will result in the lowering of your grade or
the taking away of special privileges.

Tardies / Discipline
Unexcused tardies exhibit a disregard to your fellow band members and your directors.
Failure to be in your seat on time disrupts the rehearsal and therefore is considered tardy.
The only excused tardy is one accompanied by a note from another teacher or the front

We realize that band is social in nature and that it may be difficult to refrain from talking
for 45 minutes, but to keep order, we must minimize behaviors that disrupt rehearsal.
Consequences for misbehavior are as follows:
1. Daily grade reduction – points deducted for not being prepared or being off task
2. Seating Change/private discussion with student
3. Note to parent/in-area referral
4. Office referral
After three (3) referrals of any discipline problem, a parent conference will be scheduled.
Positive behavior will definitely be rewarded with verbal praises, prizes, notes, positive
referrals, or calls to the parent
Each nine-week period will be graded slightly differently due to varying activities. Your
grade depends on class participation, concert attendance, worksheets, solo or small group
music knowledge testing, quizzes, playing tests, and your overall attitude. The grade
earned is a direct result of the work done at home and in class.

An unexcused absence from any concert will result in two zeros on test grades. Not
having your instrument, music, or a pencil at the beginning of rehearsal is considered
“unprepared” and will affect your grade. Instrument in shop will not affect your grade,
but a note from a parent stating this is needed. Also, if you can’t play your instrument
due to an illness or injury, a note must be given to teacher from parent or doctor. All
make-up work is your responsibility. According to Knox County regulations, you have
as many days to make-up work as days you were absent. For example, if you were
absent three (3) days, you have three (3) days to turn in your work. After this time
period, you will receive a zero for the incomplete work.

Grade Composition
Participation grades: 75% of grade (daily participation, being prepared, etc.)
Test scores: 25% of grade (written and playing, concerts count as 2 test grades)

Participation grades are given daily for students who are always on task. Students who
are not joining in on an activity will not receive points for the day. Students who
continually fail to receive points will be dropped from the program. AN “A”

Please note that it is almost impossible to not receive an “A” in band class. As long as a
student is trying, prepared for class with instrument, music, and pencil, stays on task, and
attends concerts, they will have a good grade.
Students should practice daily! It should go without saying that practice is an integral
part of the band class. Students will be asked to practice for a minimum of 15 minutes
per day 5 days per week. Practice, like studying is best done on a regular basis.
“Cramming” a week’s worth of practice into one night is rarely productive. We
recommend purchasing a music stand for home practice. These may be purchased at a
music store. The cost of the stand is approximately $15.00.

The bandroom will be opened before and after school for students to practice. If your
child gets to school early, this is a great time to get practicing in! No student is allowed
in the bandroom before school unless they are in a seat practicing their music. Students
caught “hanging out” in the bandroom or instrument storage room before school will
have morning privileges taken away. Please see the practice schedule.

Practice Hints
1. Set up a space where you can practice that is quiet and well-lit, no distractions please.
There needs to be a music stand and a straight back chair.
2. Plan a regular practice time that can happen every day (or almost every day.)
Practicing is homework for band class!
3. Parents need to encourage their child. Even when the music does not sound that great,
compliment, and then compliment again! Ask them to perform concerts for you or your
family. Happy Birthday to You for Grandma is always a big hit, even over the phone.
Help them find music they are interested in learning. Musical gifts like metronomes and
tuners are always fun. Ask if you need some suggestions. Above all, be encouraging!

If your student is discouraged or has talked about quitting, let us know how we can help.
We can share ideas on how to keep your child’s music education on the right track.

All band members will have a folder. One folder is provided. If the student loses or tears
up folder, it is their responsibility to replace. Every year a tremendous amount of money
is invested in music and it is expensive to replace, so please take care of the music in
your folder and keep it in your folder unless we are rehearsing it. Music or folders left on
the stands or not in its appropriate place will affect the class participation grade. Under
no circumstances should music ever be found in your cubby that is not secured in your

All 7th and 8th grade students should purchase the “Standard of Excellence” Book 2
which is blue in color and “Foundations for Superior Performance”. Both books will
be used for two years.
Concert Attire
Students are to wear a Powell Middle black band polo shirt with khaki pants or long
ankle length skirts and clean, tennis shoes (no bright colors) or casual leather shoes with
white socks (no ankle length socks). No sandals or backless shoes, short skirts, capris,
skorts, or shorts are allowed. We feel this will add uniformity to our look, help with
safety on field trips, and create overall school spirit. Shirts may be purchased at the
beginning of the year. These shirts will be used during your whole middle school band
experience. Please help us in this dress code policy. The student will not be allowed to
perform unless they meet the dress code for band, which will result in a lowered grade.
Please see Ms. Roach if you need help obtaining an outfit.

Band Fees
The Powell Middle School Band fee is $15 and is designated for the purchase of sheet
music, materials, sectional teachers, and band equipment. Fees are suggested, but not
required to participate in band. 6th Graders are asked to purchase a Powell Middle School
Band Polo shirt at a cost of $12.00 to be worn when the band performs and on field trips.
This shirt will be used all 3 years of middle school.

This fee in no way covers all the needs of the Powell Middle School Band. Fundraisers
will help to offset the cost of the band program.

Please let us know well in advance if you ever have a financial need as it relates to our
class. We will always work with you. This includes money for field trips or certain band
attire. Such communication will be kept as confidential as possible. If a student can’t
afford a shirt, please inform the director so arrangements can be made.

School Owned Instruments
Due to the high cost of instrument repairs and maintenance, all students who play a
school-owned instrument are requested to donate $25.00. Please make checks payable to
the Powell Middle School Band. This donation will go toward the cleaning and repair of
all Powell Middle School owned instruments. This by no means covers the total cost of a
typical cleaning or repair. The average cost for having a single school owned instrument
cleaned and maintained is between $75 and $100. School owned instruments are
available to 7th and 8th grade students who play tuba, baritone, bassoon, oboe, bass
clarinet, etc. A select group of 6th graders will be put on school-owned instruments after
the 1st semester.
How Do I Get an Instrument?
Fortunately, we live in an area that makes it easy and affordable for you to participate in
band. We encourage new band students to rent instruments as soon as possible. Below
are sources that offer services to our school. These are the RECOMMENDED sources
for good instruments. There are such places such as Sam’s, Wal-Mart, or Sears that
carry instruments at a very inexpensive price. Please do not purchase one of these
instruments. Also, beware of buying instruments on the internet that are not
director approved. We have had many problems with these instruments, and the local
music stores WILL NOT repair them mostly because they do not have the right size parts
for these instruments. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Having a good
quality instrument is key to your child’s success in band. If in doubt, please ask a band
director for help. The sources below will provide you with those quality instruments. All
you need to do is go by the music store of your choice, fill out a contract, and they will do
the rest. They will also answer any questions you may have about the terms and
conditions of their contracts. In addition to an instrument, students will also need a
method book. STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE BOOK 1 (RED COVER) will be the
method book used in class for 6th grade. STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE BOOK 2
(BLUE COVER) will be used in 7th and 8th grade as well as FOUNDATIONS FOR
SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE. These may also be purchased at any of the music stores

RUSH’S                          LUNSFORD’S
2107 Chapman Highway            3606 Western Ave.
573-4138                        523-7332

Cedar Bluff Shopping Center
9117D Executive Park Drive

A parent night will be offered at Lunsford’s for parents to stop by if they would like to
ask the band director any questions or to obtain instruments.

Student will receive written material and instruction on how to care for their instruments.
Daily care will help to keep instruments in good shape and prevent unnecessary repairs.

All clarinet and saxophone players should have 2 or 3 good playing reeds in their cases at
all times. Reeds are available in the band room from the music store. Please do not wait
until you have no reeds to purchase a reed because we may not have what you need
available. Parents are encouraged to send in a check at the beginning of the year
(suggestion of $25.00) to put in an individual reed account so that the student may obtain
a reed when needed. Balances of reed accounts will be available on the Charm’s
program. Students without reeds will not get participation points for the day. NO IOU’S
Percussion Needs
7th Grade – practice pad, 2 snare drum sticks, some type of stick bag, hard rubber bell
mallets, and tympani mallets
8th Grade – 2 yarn mallets, timpani mallets, and a pitch pipe for tuning timpani

Kits are available for purchase with mallets, sticks, and bag which will meet percussionist
needs through high school at a lower cost than buying individually.

Instrument Upgrades
As your child enters the 7th or 8th grade band, you are probably ready to invest in your
child’s band future. If you child is in band after one or two years, he/she will very likely
continue band through high school. In order to have a quality band experience, students
need to have quality instruments. If you have not purchased an instrument, we would
like to recommend the following instruments for your consideration:

Flute – Gemeinhardt, Yamaha (open-hole)
Clarinet – Buffet, Yamaha, Noblet
Trumpets – Bach, Yamaha, King
Trombones – Yamaha, Bach, Benge, Holton, Conn

Band directors will be glad to assist you with specific models of instruments to meet your
child’s needs.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are highly recommended in order to increase advancement of
performance skills on a musical instrument. The one-to-one approach allows the student
to benefit from the undivided attention of the private teacher, unlike the traditional band
class where the teacher is monitoring a class with many more students. We have many
very qualified teachers in the area. This year I will be inviting private teachers to teach at
the middle school after school. Each teacher will set-up payment differently. Return
form if interested.

We will be having two fundraisers during the year. This money is used to help fund
needed supplies in the band room including music, equipment, sectional teachers,
instruments, trip fees, and special awards. This money is also used to pay for substitutes
while the band teachers are on field trips. The first one will be in October. We will again
sell Powell t-shirts and hoodies. The second one will be in February and will most likely
be the Enjoy the City coupon books and magazines.
Junior Clinic-optional
Jr. Clinic is a fall opportunity for exceptional students to perform with other students
from other East Tennessee schools to pursue further musical growth. Students must
audition and be selected to participate in one of three honor bands. Audition cost is
$5.00. Information will be sent home prior to auditions. We strongly encourage 7th and
8th graders to audition. Help sessions will be offered after school and on W.O.W. days.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office at 938-9008 or
email at

Also, help us out by sending in a box of kleenix and/or a roll of paper towels!


Email middle school director at:


      parent/student login – powellbands
  student password: student id from schedule
This site has invaluable information that will be
updated all year. You can find calendar info and
       financial statements for your child.
See next page for directions on how to update student info.

Parent/student login: powellbands

Student password: your 6 digit school id (found on schedule) unless you have changed
your password previously

If you can’t log in, please email me and I will check your id.

Go to personal info and check the following info:

City, St., zip
Phone (home) student cell number
Student email
Sex – I may have forgot to enter it in – this is used to sort for room lists on trips!

Adult 1 – primary parent/guardian you live with
Relation to you
Adult work number
Adult home number
Adult cell number
Adult address, city, state, zip
Adult email – MOST IMPORTANT

Adult 2 – if your parents are separated, this is a great place to put the parent you do not
live with if you want them to have access to the band information. If you live with both
parents, then put the 2nd parents info in this place.

Check all the same info as for adult 1

Use this site for calendar updates, itineraries, forms, etc. as well as our band website:
                             Important Band Dates

Aug. 23            6th Grade Open House
Aug. 24            7th and 8th Grade Open House
Aug. 24            Parent Letter Due
Aug. 26            Lunsford Night – 6:00 – 7:30
Aug. 30            All students should have their instruments/books
Aug. 30            6th Grade can log into charms

Sept. 10           All information should be updated in Charms and shirt orders are
                   needed at this time

Oct. 8             Possible 8th Grade Band Night
Oct. 11            Shirt sale begins
Oct. 12            Marching Band Exhibition (all invited/not required)

Nov. 9             6th Grade Beginner Concert
Nov. 20            Jr. Clinic Auditions

Dec. 2             7th and 8th Grade Concert
Dec. 3-4           Jr. Clinic
Dec. 14            PHS Band Concert

Feb. ?             Coupon Book Sale
Feb. 17-18         Knox Co. Honors Band (select 8th graders)

March 8            PHS Festival Concert

April 12           Audition Clinics begin for High School Color Guard and Drumline
April 28 – May 2   Possible 8th Grade Trip to Disney
May 5              Spring Concert
May 6-7            Possible 7th Grade Trip
May 10             PHS Spring Concert
May 21             Graduation – 8th Graders perform

July 14            PHS Rehearsal 6:00 – 8:00
July 21            PHS Rehearsal 6:00 – 8:00
July 25-Aug 5      PHS Band Camp
I certify that I have read, understand and will abide by the policies in the Powell Middle
Band handbook (whole handbook is located online). It is my responsibility to be ready to
start class on time, in my assigned seat, with ALL my materials in hand, and this includes
not having gum/candy in my mouth or horseplaying in the band room. I realize that the
result of not following the rules could result in write-offs and/or in-area referrals. I also
understand that if I come to any band event inappropriately dressed, I will not be allowed
to perform. I also understand that it is my responsibility to uphold a positive attitude and
always be dedicated to the ideals of cooperation, dependability, punctuality,
responsibility, respect, and self-confidence.

Printed Name _____________________________________

Student Signed_____________________________________

Grade ___________

Homeroom teacher __________________


____ Yes, I need a Powell Middle Band Shirt – Adult Size (circle one) S M L XL

_____ No, I have a Powell Middle Band Shirt
I certify that I have read, understand and will abide by the policies in the Powell Middle
Band handbook (located online) as governs my child’s involvement in the Band Program.
I understand that any unauthorized deviation from these policies by my child will result
in disciplinary stated herein. I understand the dress code policy and concert policy. I
understand that my child will not be allowed to attend field trips unless he or she has an
“A” average in daily grades and/or not attending concert without valid reason and no
refund will be issued if the band loses money. This policy includes if my child is
suspended from school and not allowed to attend a trip. Trip refunds will only be given if
the band does not lose money that it has already paid out toward the trip. My child has
permission to watch any of the following band videos – King and I, Blast, Stomp,
Riverdance, Oklahoma, or Canadian Brass. I will help my child as he/she participates in
the arts, guiding him/her to develop into a mature, well-rounded young adult.

Print Mother’s Name _____________________________

Print Father’s Name ______________________________

Parent Email address _______________________________

Emergency Phone Numbers:

Home _____________________

Mother work: ___________ Mother Cell_________________

Father work: ___________ Father Cell _________________

Please list any medical conditions, medication taken regularly, or allergies:


Don’t forget to log onto Charms and make sure the information is correct.

Parent Signature ________________________________
                                  PRIVATE LESSONS

Private lessons are highly recommended in order to increase advancement of
performance skills on a musical instrument. The one-to-one approach allows the student
to benefit from the undivided attention of the private teacher, unlike the traditional band
class where the teacher is monitoring a class with many more students. We have many
very qualified teachers in the area. This year, I will be inviting private teachers to teach
at the middle school after school. Each teacher will set-up payment differently and will
set their own price. Most teachers will charge an average of $10 - $15 for an half hour
lesson. The teacher will set up their own schedule with you. I am providing this
opportunity for the students and will be in the band room during the lessons, but I am not
responsible for setting up the lessons, canceling lessons, or taking up any payments. This
will all be the parent’s responsibility.

If you are interested in a private teacher contacting you about these weekly lessons and
providing you with more information, please return this form.

Child’s Name Printed

Parent Name Printed

Best number to reach you

Parent Signature

                       These sessions will start after Labor Day

7:45 – 8:20 A.M.

Room A – Junior Clinic Instruction
Monday – Flutes/Oboes
Tuesday – Trumpets
Wednesday – Clarinets/Saxophones
Thursday – Low Brass

Room B
Monday – Brass
Tuesday – Woodwinds
Wednesday – Brass
Thursday – Woodwinds
Friday – Open

3:45 – 4:30 P.M.

Room A – Junior Clinic Instruction
Monday – Trumpets
Tuesday – Flutes
Wednesday – Low Brass
Thursday – Clarinets/Saxophone

Room B
Monday – Woodwinds
Tuesday – Brass
Wednesday – Woodwinds
Thursday – Brass

Students must be in a seat and not running around band room or hanging out in
storage room. Students are not to leave room or be in hallways. Students who do
not adhere to these standards will not be allowed to return. After Nov. 20th, Junior
Clinic sessions will become optional sectionals to work on concert/festival music.

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