Testing Schedule and Review by 3r6Fp93T


									Testing Schedule and Review

Important Dates:
     October 8/9 Unit 2 Test (covers material from units 1 and 2)
     October 11/12 1st Quarter Benchmark Examination
***I will be available every day between 8:30-9:30am and after school from 4:15-5pm
for additional assistance and remediation.

Unit 1 Concepts/Terms:
Political Structures              Economic Structures
Unitary                           command economy
Oligarchy                         mixed economy
Confederate                       traditional economy
Authoritarian                     market economy
Totalitarian                      economic resources
Monarchy                          scarcity
Dictatorship                      goods and services
Democracy                         opportunity cost
Presidential democracy
Representative democracy
Parliamentary democracy
Direct democracy
Federal system

Unit 2 Concepts/Terms:
Founding Documents                US Constitution & Principles
- Magna Carta                     Preamble (goals)               Separation of Powers
- Mayflower Compact               Legislative Branch             Checks and Balances
- Declaration of Independence     Executive Branch               Rule of Law
- Articles of Confederation       Judicial Branch                Judicial Review
- United States Constitution      Amendment                      **Limits on 1st Amend.
Federalist                        Bill of Rights                          freedoms**
- Anti Federalist                 Popular sovereignty            Eminent domain
- Federalist Papers               Limited Government             Due process

Supreme Court Cases
Marbury v. Madison
McCulloch v. Maryland

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