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									                                                                        ITEM NO.:       13
            Marin Municipal Water District                             MEETING DATE:
            Board of Directors                                         January 16, 2008

SUBJECT:            North Bay Watershed Association Conference

SUBMITTED BY:       Paul Helliker
                    General Manager


Approve support for the conference in the amount of $2500


The North Bay Watershed Association, which is chaired by MMWD, is organizing a
conference entitled The Power of Water on April 4, 2008 at the Sheraton Conference
Center in Petaluma. Keynote speakers include Assemblyman Jared Huffman and
California Department of Water Resources Director Lester Snow. A number of other
notable speakers will be presenting their ideas on water supplies, energy use and climate
change at this conference.

Given the work underway at the state and local level on climate change and its potential
implications for water supplies, wastewater management and sea level rise, this conference
is timely. Major decisions concerning water management infrastructure are pending in the
legislature, which this conference will address. MMWD is in the middle of deliberations on
all of these topics – water supply investments, energy supplies and climate change
prevention and adaptation – and will benefit from the debate and discussions at this

Conference support levels are $1,500, $2,500, $5,000, $7,500 and $10,000, with benefits
ranging from two tickets to the event to sponsorship of the reception, prominent displays of
sponsor information and six tickets to the event. In 2006, MMWD contributed $2,500 to the
NBWA conference.

MMWD currently supports the NBWA with an annual contribution. MMWD also provides
part-time staff support to the Executive Director and manages the organization’s finances.

Staff is currently conducting a mid-year review of the MMWD budget, which will be
presented to the Finance Committee and the Board in the next three weeks. Staff
recommends that MMWD make an initial commitment of $2,500 to the conference. As the
financial picture becomes clearer for both MMWD and the NBWA conference, it may be
possible for MMWD to increase its contribution.

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