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									                                   AETNA INSURANCE PREMIUMS
April 4, 2012

Dear Prospective Student,

This letter is to inform you that Metropolitan Community College (MCC) has partnered with Aetna Student
Health Insurance to provide you with quality health insurance for the 2012-2013 academic year. MCC requires
students to pay for Aetna insurance according to the chart below before registering for classes. If you do not
make the full payment, you will not be allowed to register for classes at MCC and may cause you to be out of

No exceptions will be made for partial or payment options.

                                                         Total Due Before You Register For Classes

                              If you start in the Fall   If you start in the    If you start in the         If you start in the
                              Quarter, you will need     Winter Quarter, you    Spring Quarter, you         Summer Quarter,
                              to pay for insurance for   will need to pay for   will need to pay for        you will need to pay
                              Fall Quarter and Winter    insurance for Winter   insurance for Spring        for insurance for
                              Quarter before your        Quarter before your    Quarter and Summer          Summer Quarter
                              first registration.        first registration.    Quarter before your first   before your first
                                                                                registration.               registration.

           24 and younger               $482                      $241                    $482                      $241
           25 - 30                      $556                      $278                    $556                      $278
 age on
           31 - 49                      $750                      $375                    $750                      $375
15, 2012
           50 and older                $1916                      $958                   $1916                      $958

Please contact the International Student Services by phone at 402-457-2281 or by email at for further information.


Naomi M. Greelis-Mattos
PDSO & Academic Advisor for Int’l Students


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