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LLGS FOA 2 by o1YpWF


									                                        ROLE PROFILE

Post                Facilities and Office Administrator
Responsible to      Line Manager appointed by Trustees
Responsible for     No line management responsibility
Date                July 2012

Job purpose:
The Facilities and Office administrator is responsible for the provision of services and processes
that support the core work of LLGS. They will ensure that LLGS has the most suitable working
environment for its volunteers, employees and their activities and also be responsible for the
provision of administrative support throughout the organisation as agreed with the Board of

Key tasks

       Facilities Administration and Maintenance
           To lead in organising: contractors, suppliers, consultants to ensure the
              maintenance of LLGS’s building facilities to the highest standards, whilst ensuring
              that best value is achieved and reviewed regularly.
           To ensure that LLGS’s facilities comply with all relevant regulatory authorities and
           To lead on matters of health & safety, including acting as the first aider and
              conducting the annual Building and Fire Risk assessments.
           To lead on building security issues including the management of the swipe card
              door-entry system and volunteer membership cards.
           To manage the maintenance of the helpline’s telephone systems to minimise any
              disruption to the service
           To administer other building resources if necessary.

       Office Administration
           Maintain both the internal and external office communication systems, acting as a
              first point of contact, including:
                    Dealing with and respond to public enquiries by telephone, post and email
                    Dealing with post, both incoming and outgoing
           Assist in the cost-effective management, co-ordination, purchase and
2             maintenance of office equipment, systems and supplies in conjunction with the
              Board of Trustees (BOT)
           Organise, co-ordinate, administer, service and attend meetings as necessary
              including taking minutes at regular evening meetings as required.
           Maintain, within budget, the office stationery stores ensuring that sufficient stock
              levels are maintained in an orderly and accessible manner.
           Maintain sufficient stock of refreshments for staff, volunteers and visitors.
           To provide administrative support to the Trustees and voluntary working group
Key tasks
               To manage the workloads of and support the office support volunteers.
               To update and maintain the LLGS Administration Handbook.
               Maintain general office filing, including archiving.

      Financial Administration
          To administer the petty cash system in line with agreed financial procedures.
          To administer volunteer expenses in line with agreed financial procedures
          To raise invoices upon request of the Treasurer, trustees and WG co-ordinators
          To administer payments to suppliers once appropriately authorised in line with
            agreed financial procedures.
          To accurately count and bank all income received, including cheques and cash, in
            line with agreed financial procedures.
          To maintain and administer Gift Aid claims.
          To assist the Treasurer on minor financial matters and reporting when required.
          To assist the Company Secretary on mandatory governance matters and reporting
            when required.

      HR Admin
         To administer the recruitment process.
         To research and place recruitment ads in both publications and websites as
           agreed with BOT.
         To organise induction process of office procedures for new staff working.
         Ensure LLGS staff handbook is kept up-to-date, as directed by the BOT.
         To maintain agreed systems to allow effective HR monitoring, e.g. annual leave
           records, return to work forms, equal opportunities monitoring.

      Volunteer Administration
          Assist the HRT coordinator with the volunteer recruitment process, including
            dealing with and responding to volunteering enquiries.
          Help to maintain accurate records of volunteers, their skills and time donated.
          Assist in any future volunteer recognition processes.
          Any other volunteer administrative support as agreed with the BOT.

      Database and IT Functions
          To accurately maintain and update records within the office database(s).
          To maintain accurate records of income received including logging details of
           donations and standing orders into fundraising systems (including gift-aid
           systems) and databases.
          To produce mail-shots to selected database groups upon request.
          To work with appropriate volunteers and staff to keep contact and background
           information up to date on LLGS’s, and external, websites.

7     Other Duties
Key tasks
                 To collaborate with LLGS staff and volunteers as appropriate.
                 To work collaboratively, being a positive member of the team who will, when
                  required take on tasks from other roles when the situation requires it, such as
                  during annual leave or periods of illness.
                 To undertake such other tasks as may reasonably be expected by the BOT.
                 To attend LLGS meetings as required.
                 To establish and agree objectives for the year and monitor these through
                 To undertake all responsibilities with due regard to LLGS’s Equal Opportunities
                  Policy at all times.

How do you meet our requirements?

Below you will find the skills, abilities, experience and competencies needed to do the
job you’re applying for.

Use the space under ‘How do you meet our requirements?’ on your application form to
explain how you meet these requirements. Only write about the categories that are being
assessed by the application form.

You must be able to show the following skills and abilities                    How this is assessed

   1            Knowledge and experience of best practice in facilities          Application form,
                management including dealing with suppliers,                     interview and
                consultants and contractors and the negotiation of               assessment
                contracts.                                                       through probation

   2            Knowledge of Health and Safety regulations.                      Application form,
                                                                                 interview and
                                                                                 assessment through
                                                                                 probation period
   3            Strong organisational skills with experience of dealing          Application form,
                with administrative support duties, including minute             interview and
                taking and an understanding of office accounting                 assessment through
                procedures.                                                      probation period

   4            Attention to detail and the ability to perform routine tasks     Application form,
                accurately.                                                      interview, and
                                                                                 assessment through
                                                                                 probation period

   5            The confidence to own and resolve issues and problems            Application form,
                as they arise and the ability to show initiative and take        interview, and
                responsibility for the sound functioning of the office.          assessment through
You must be able to show the following skills and abilities            How this is assessed
                                                                         probation period

   6      Clear and concise verbal and written communication             Application form,
          skills with minimum of 45 wpm typing.                          interview, and
                                                                         assessment through
                                                                         probation period
   7      Excellent prioritisation skills and the ability to manage      Application form,
          own time effectively with the ability to juggle different      interview, and
          tasks and work effectively under pressure.                     assessment through
                                                                         probation period

   8      Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work         Application form,
          within a team, with proven experience of working               interview, and
          collaboratively with a wide range of people, in particular     assessment through
          valuing the contribution of a diverse group of volunteers.     probation period

   9      Familiarity with basic IT packages such as Microsoft           Application form,
          Office (Word, Excel & Access) and Internet Explorer and        interview, and
          a willingness to learn new IT skills.                          assessment through
                                                                         probation period
   10     Commitment to and understanding of equal                       Application form,
          opportunities.                                                 interview, and
                                                                         assessment through
                                                                         probation period

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