Special Needs �Interview� for All Students

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					                            Special Needs “Interview” for All Students

Question #1

We can not legally ask students on the college application if they have a disability. However, we do many
things to make sure students, faculty, and staff know about the services available to students with
documented disabilities.

         Webpage on the college website www.mchenry.edu/SpecialNeeds

         A statement on every e-syllabus: “McHenry County College      offers support services for
          students with special needs. It is the student's responsibility to meet with the Special
          Needs Coordinator and provide current documentation regarding his/her disability.
          Please stop in or call the Special Needs Department, room A-257, 815-455-8676, as soon
          as possible if you would like more information about the accommodations that are
          available. In addition, it is important for you to discuss those accommodations with me
          so you are able to fully participate in this course.”

         A letter, flyer and checklist are sent to all Directors of Guidance (I can forward these to you if

         I speak at all Parent Orientations (Advising), Running Start Orientations, and MCC Open Houses.

         When invited, I go to local high schools to talk to students.

         When invited, I talk to groups that come to MCC for recruitment activities.

         I offer Professional Development workshops for faculty and staff

         There is a Special Needs webpage on Inside MCC www.insidemcc.mchenry.edu/SpecialNeeds

Question #2

I have attached our flyer, and a copy of an accommodation check list. Students meet with me for an hour
long intake appointment. They present documentation of their disability and we discuss the
accommodations for which they are eligible. Each semester the students must fill out “Accommodations
Request Forms” to indicate the courses they are taking and the accommodations they are requesting.

I could go on and on, but I believe the above information gives you an idea of how students are
“identified” and how needs are “addressed”.

Let me know if you need more information.

From: Wendy Moylan
Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 11:24 AM
To: Beverly Albright
Cc: Mary Kay Messling
Subject: Interview Qs Re: Special Needs

Hi Bev,

Here are the questions I discussed with you over the phone that the “All Students” Committee of the
Foundations of Excellence project hopes to answer:

    1. What is done on campus to identify students with special needs?
    2. What is done on campus to address the needs of students with special needs?

The committee meets weekly on Mondays. Is it possible for you to email your information by Monday
morning? Please “reply to all” when you do, so that Mary Kay gets your answers – I’ll be on vacation.

Thanks so much!!

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