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									United Way of Greater McHenry County Volunteer Center

The United Way of Greater McHenry County Volunteer Center is the leading volunteer service resource
in the county. We look forward to working with you in developing a civic-minded community.

       To date we have 211 non-profit programs listed with the Volunteer Center.

       By July 1, 2010 we expect to connect over 2,500 volunteers with volunteer needs posted on our

       About 10% of the individuals that come through the website will ask for personal help in finding
        a volunteer placement. That means about 2,250 individuals are going to use the database on
        the website to find a volunteer need.

       Each day we post about 450 volunteer needs for McHenry County and send out 20 to 50
        volunteer referrals to agencies.

Informing McHenry County volunteers - let them know what your volunteer needs are.

All McHenry County non-profits and government organizations can list with the Volunteer
Center. To start posting your volunteer needs with us you first need to register:

       Visit www.volunteermchenrycounty.org and click on Non-Profit Resources. On this page
        you will find a link that says Agency Registration. It takes one or two business days to be
        approved. Once approved you can post your volunteer needs with us.

How does an agency get the best results when posting volunteer needs?

Details! Be specific about what you are looking for. It helps if you have already put together a job
description that includes, duties/tasks, who will supervise the volunteer, dress code, work site, and
when the volunteer is needed. These are all things you need to know anyway. If you do it up front when
you complete the online volunteer submission form you will be set.

On the “Submit a Volunteer Request” form you will be asked to choose what type of volunteer is best
for this volunteer request. You can check all or just one: teen, adult, family, group, or MCC Promise

To post your volunteer requests online go to www.volunteermchenrycounty.org and click on Non-
Profit Resources, then click on “Submit a Volunteer Request”

What should an agency do once they receive the “A volunteer for you” email?

Contact the volunteer. It sounds obvious yet according to our surveys and phone calls 45% of our
agencies do not contact the volunteer. Look at it from the volunteer’s side. They submit their interest
with you then wait and wait and wait. How do you think they are feeling about the listing agency?
Frustration, disappointment, discouragement…. Those feelings are not going to get you agency of the
year. Volunteers talk. Soon your agency will have a reputation that you may not appreciate.

By contacting the volunteer right away, even if it is to say it will be another three weeks before you can
start orientating them into your system, you are keeping them informed. Now they understand that the
agency is in need of resources. Wouldn’t you rather have them talking about that instead?

What is the procedure if our agency receives a volunteer that we are not targeting?

When you post your volunteer need online it is seen by more than just your targeted volunteer.
Chances are at some point, if not already, you will get a referral with an unsolicited volunteer or one
that does not have the skills to match your agency’s needs. Feel free to redirect the volunteer back to
the Volunteer Center. It is the agency’s job to redirect the volunteer.

Does the Volunteer Center do background checks?

Making sure that each volunteer meets the criteria of an organization is up to the listing agency. The
Volunteer Center does not do background checks or reference checks. We suggest that an organization
manages those tools. Agencies should also interview, familiarize and train every individual that wants to
help their mission. By doing so the relationship between the volunteer and agency is strengthened. It
also teaches the volunteer about your mission so they have more reason to invest in your program.
Once orientated properly the volunteer can also share your story with others.

Does our agency have to report volunteer hours?

Volunteers, whether a MCC Promise student or not, self report their service hours. MCC Promise
students self report through MCC’s program (for more information contact Emily Ruth at 815-455-8536).
All other volunteers self report to the Volunteer Center using an online tool. On our website go to,
www.volunteermcherycounty.org then click on “Report Volunteer Hours”.

Volunteer Center’s Services - These directions assume you are online at
www.volunteermchenrycounty.org :

       How do I list a volunteer need? Click on “Non-profit Resources” in the left menu, then click on
        Submit a Volunteer Request
       How do I submit training? For those agencies that host volunteer training which any volunteer
        is welcome to attend we have a link on the “Non-profit Resource” page titled Submit Training.
       How do I get on NING? Click on Non-profit Resources and click NING
       What is NING? The NING site that we host is an online social network for our member agencies.
        This is a place to visit when you need a resource. - No one likes to reinvent the wheel. Some
        things you can get from NING:
            o You can click on another member’s picture and email them privately or via the “Wall” to
                 inquire or comment.
            o Pick a group to talk to others about topics such as technology, marketing, MCC Promise,
                 Center for Non-profit Leadership and more
           o Find volunteer management resources and best practices
           o Submit events for non-profits
           o Submit pictures
           o Blog on volunteerism – non-profit matters
      Consultation: The Volunteer Center would be happy to help you reach your volunteer program
       goals (or even help develop goals). We have resources from a state and national level to help
      Volunteer Management Training: The Volunteer Center has training videos and other resources
       to help you and your staff learn best practices in volunteer management

We are always looking for new and better ways to support what you do. Share your ideas with us.

       United Way of Greater McHenry County Volunteer Center
       Rebecca Stiemke, Executive Director
Ideas for Engaging MCC Promise Students (and other volunteers)

      Research grants and resources                       Telephone surveying
      Take pictures of other volunteers for               Fundraising assistance
       recognition event                                   Screening volunteers
      Assist Non Profit Organization with                 Handling background checks
       organizing & hosting an event                       Light housekeeping
      Organization donation drives                        Distribute materials
      Organize donations                                  Answer phones
      Organization a group to figure out how              File
       to get the next generation to support               Research grants and resources
       your program                                        Organization donation drives
      Develop a Junior Board for your                     Organize donations
       organization                                        Organization a group to figure out how
      Develop a fundraising group for you                  to get the next generation to support
       agency                                               your program
      Create posters and other marketing                  Develop a Junior Board for your
       materials                                            organization
      Greet at your special event                         Develop a fundraising group for you
      Set up and clean up at your event                    agency
      Handle registration at your event                   Create posters and other marketing
      Find volunteers to support programs in               materials
       your organization                                   Greet at your special event
      Create policies and procedures                      Set up and clean up at your event
      Oversee other youth volunteer                       Handle registration at your event
       volunteers that volunteer with your                 Find volunteers to support programs in
       organization                                         your organization
      Partner/coach handy-capped individuals              Create policies and procedures
       who want to volunteer but can’t alone               Oversee other youth volunteer
      Help cook or serve a meal                            volunteers that volunteer with your
      Visit a client                                       organization
      Rake leaves                                         Partner/coach handy-capped individuals
      Shovel snow                                          who want to volunteer but can’t alone
      Mow lawns
      Clean gutters
      Wash windows
      Take a walk with a client
      Teach a senior how to use a computer
       or internet
      Write letters or read letter to seniors
      Pick up groceries for a senior
      Tutor a student
      Paint light polls in parking lot
      Help people register to vote
      Pass out material for your organization
       or event
      Plant a garden
      Set up recycling in your office
      Organize car pooling for your clients
      Make phone calls to promote events
      Janitorial duties
7 Tips for Successfully Engaging McHenry County
College Promise Student
                                                    Submit the
                                                     opportunity:                 Submit your request at
                                                     www.volunteermchenrycounty.org. Click on Non-
                                                     profit resources, then on Submit a Volunteer
                                                     Request. Be sure to click the “MCC Promise
                                                     Student” button

                                                    Have a written job description for
                                                     each position you have available. This will help you
                                                     know what skills you are looking for. The description
                                                     can also serve as a tool when providing feedback to
                                                     the student volunteer.

                                                    Know who will
                                                     supervise the Promise
                                                     student and where the student will do the
                                                     tasks required.

                                                    Make sure the student is
                                                     trained, orientated, and agrees to the

     Make a plan for the student to report the time they spend
      volunteering with your organization.

     Help the student learn to become an advocate for your
      organization – teach them to invite support.

     Recognize the effort of the student.

Contact the Volunteer Center for other ideas and support 815-344-4483,

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