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									                       SUMMER PLACEMENT – 2008

After successful completion of the first year of the MBA program, our students are placed in
various organizations during the summer vacations. The students take up projects in
functional areas like Marketing, Finance, Systems, Operations, and Human Resource

The project gives the students an opportunity
         to   apply management theory to practical situations
         to   understand the complexities of organizational life
         to   become aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses as a potential manager

Students are required to complete their assignments to the full satisfaction of the organization
concerned, submit detailed reports and make presentations of their projects to the project
guide in the organization.

Companies, which have participated in our Summer Placement Program, have expressed a
degree of satisfaction about our students’ performance.

The project can be in any one of the functional areas or can be interdisciplinary nature. While
specifying a project the organization is requested to consider the subjects covered in the first
year of the program, which are listed in the brochure. Each student is to be given an individual
project and the normal duration of the project is 8 weeks. On completion of the project the
student is required to submit copies of the report to the organization and to the institute. If the
findings contained in the report are of a confidential nature, the organization must inform the
Placement Chairman. The organization is required to send an evaluation report to the

    1. Kindly fill the summer training form and mail it to the placement office.
    2. If you want to conduct interviews for selecting the project trainees, we can arrange
         interviews at the campus on a mutually convenient date.
    3. Please route all communications regarding summer placements to the Placement
         Cell, BIM.
                           SUMMER PLACEMENT FORM


Name and address of Organization

Title(s) of the project:

Brief Description of the work to be

Location of the Project:

Details of Outstation Travel

Stipend Payable

Name, Designation & Address
of the guide for the Project

Signature                  :

Name and Designation :

Office Seal                :

Tel. No.                   :

Mobile                     :

Email                      :

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