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					       Please join us
       for an evening of friendship,
       food and merriment to wish bon voyage to John Smith!
       12 April 2012, St. Marrie Restaurant
       Dress code : informal
       Sssttt,, this is a surprise.
       RSVP by phone before 11

1. What is the aim of the text?
   a. To inform the readers         c. To persuade the readers
   b. To invite the readers to the party d. To invite the readers to the graduation
2. What does RSVP mean?
   a. Please confirm             c. You should come before 11
   b. Wear a drees when you come d. You should call John
3. What should the readers do?
   a. Ask John to come to the party                  c. Tell the party to Liana
   b. Do not tell about the party to John            d. Wear formal code

This is reminder for students who have submitted the scholarship application from but have
not completed all the required documents.
The latest submission of those documents will be on 8 October 2011. After that date, we
cannot process incomplete applications.
Please ignore this reminder if you have completed your applications.
The school will notify both successful and unsuccessful candidates via letter by the end of
November 2011.

4. Where can this announcement probably be found?
   A.Internet rental centre
   D.Travel agent
   E.School announcement board
5. What should students who have completed application do next?
   A.Submit the documents as soon as possible
   B.Submit the documents after the specified date
   C.Submit their application form
   D.Ignore the announcement
   E.Wait for the notification of the result
6. “Notify” in line 6 means …….

The stomach is the first stop in the process of food digestion. The inner walls of the stomach,
also called stomach lining, are bathed in about a gallon of stomach acid and digestive
Gastritis happens when the stomach lining is irritated, inflamed or inflected. Usually, a
person with gastritis will feel some cramps and pains in the middle or left upper belly, just
under the ribs. Other symptoms include nausea and vomiting, bloating and belching. A
wound in the stomach is called a gastric ulcer and it caused more pain than ordinary
gastritis. Blood may appear in vomit or stool. This loss of blood may cause anemia, which,
will make the person feel weak, tired and dizzy. When there is an inflection, there usually is
a fever.
It used to be thought that the causes of gastritis are spicy food, alcohol and lifestyle related
factors like stress, along with long term some painkillers and anti inflammation drugs like
aspirin and ibuprofen. But in the early eighties, a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori was
found to be responsible for most cases of gastritis and gastric ulcer. These bacteria are not
killed by stomach acid because they live within the gel like mucus membrane that protects
the stomach from its own acid. They have also developed a clever mechanism to neutralize
the acid that come in contact with, and release a by product of gases. These bacteria enter the
body via contaminated food and water, but still can be eliminated with the right antibiotics.

7. Why is gastric ulcer different from gastritis?
   A. Because it causes more pain than ordinary gastritis
   B. Because it is not caused by Helicobacter pylori
   C. Because it cannot be eliminated with the right antibiotics
   D. Because it causes death
   E. Because it doesn’t happen in the stomach
8. “... because they live within... ”. What does the underlined refer to?
   a. The bacteria                       c. gastritis
   b. Gastric ulcer                      d. People who have got gastritis
9. Which of the following things is analytically the cause of gastritis and gastric ulcer?
   A. Spicy food
   B. Alcohol
   C. Helicobacter pylori
   D. Aspirin
   E. Ibuprofen
10. The text mostly tells us about …..
   A. Food digestion
   B. Stomach
   C. Gastritis
   D. The symptoms of gastritis
   E. The cause of gastritis
11. “These bacteria enter the body via contaminated food and water, but still can be
   eliminated with the right antibiotics.”
   The underlined word can be replaced by ….
   A. Through
   B. Though
   C. Thought
   D. Thorough
   E. Tough
12. The communicative purpose of the text is ….
   A. To describe stomach
   B. To retell the process of food digestion
   C. To persuade the readers to check their health
   D. To inform the readers about gastritis
   E. To tell an amusing experience

                                         Boarding School
There are many arguments in favor of a boarding school education. Nevertheless, the
boarding school is not always the best education institution for everyone.
At an early age interacting and communicating with people is very important for a child’s
personal life and can be especially helpful for his/her future. In a boarding school, shy
children can take advantage of interaction through communal activities. The boarding
school also offers a great variety of activities such as arts, sports, and music that allow
children to demonstrate and develop specialized skills in their free time.
Furthermore, the structured way of life and strict rules at the boarding school may helps
students to get used to a well ordered way of life. The manners and social skills will help
them to become more responsible and confident, and to develop their talents in leadership.
Professionally trained teachers and educators in the boarding school can offer excellent
education without the parents’ constant supervision.
In spite of these good points, it is not advisable to send a child to a boarding school if he/she
is a dependent learner. A boarding school usually demands that student learn
independently. In addition, the boarding school should not be seen as a measure to solve
inappropriate behavior or unsatisfactory study performance. Instead of improving,
problematic children may close off their relationship with their peers and teachers.
In conclusion although a boarding school may provide good education to many children, it
is not recommended for those who are strongly attached to their families. They may become
frustrated and socially isolated.

13. According to the writer, children in a boarding school can develop specialized skills in…
   a. Entrepreneurship
   b. Community service
   c. Reading
   d. Drama
   e. Music

14. Why do parents send their children to boarding school? Because…
   a. It is good for shy children
   b. It gives good education for adults
   c. Interacting and communicating with people is very important
   d. It does not allow children demonstrate excellence and develop their skills
   e. It is safe and makes children become responsible and develop talents in leadership
15. “ is not recommended for those who are...” what does the word those refer to?
   a. School                            c. children
   b. Teachers                          d. parents
16. From the text, we can conclude that…
   a. The boarding school can be very expensive
   b. There are good and bad boarding schools
   c. The boarding school is the solution to our educational problems
   d. It’s not necessary to send children to a boarding school because the students can live
   e. Not everyone thinks that the boarding school is the best educational institution for

     PAKUAN PAPER COMPANY                                    March, 19 2013
     Jl. Daan Mogot 122-124

     Mr. Muklis Riady
     PT. Agung Nusa
     Jl. Kol. Atmo 85-87

     Dear Mr. Riady,
     In response to your letter of February 6, 2013, we apologize for the error in our shipment. We
     are sending immediately the additional 1000 cases of facsimile paper, model P-345X, that were
     not included in the shipment.
     We value our relationship with your company, and we regret inconvenience. The incomplete
     shipment may have caused you inconvenience. You can be assured that this will not happen
     again in the future.
     Sincerely yours,

     Indrawan Tan
     Manager, Order Department

17. Why did the paper company send another shipment?
   a. The requested paper was excluded in the previous shipment
   b. There was a not functioning form facsimile machine
   c. The facsimile paper were included in the previous shipment
   d. PT. Agung Nusa requested more than 1000 cases of P-345X facsimile paper
   e. The paper company had to complete another request from other company
18. We know from the text that the first shipment…
   a. Was not complete
   b. Was not insured
   c. Arrived late
   d. Was damaged
   e. Was sent to the wrong address
19. What is the purpose of the text?
   a.   To describe the Pakuan Paper Company
   b.   To advertise the Pakuan Paper Company
   c.   To deliver an apology to Mr. Riady
   d.   To invite Mr. Riady to attend a meeting

                                       The Legend Of Rawapening
       Once upon a time, there lived a boy. His name was Baru Klinting. The boy was cursed
by an evil witch because of his magical power. The curse made the boy had so much
stinking wound on all of his body. The wound never became dry. When Baru Klinting took
a walk in a village, he saw some children played. Baru Klinting wanted to join them. But the
children didn’t like Baru Klinting and abused him. Then Baru Klinting went out from the
children. When he continued to take a walk, he got himself hungry. Baru Klinting tried to
come to a house and ask for some food. But he was abused and chased away.
       The village was a rich village, but the citizen was arrogant. Then one day he met an
old kind widow. She desired to give Baru Klinting a place, and also some food. After He
finished to eat, he thanked to the woman and said, “Mam, if you hear kentongan sound, you
have to go away from this village with that dimple, OK?”, then the woman replied, “yes I
       When Baru Klinting was on the way to go out from the village, Baru Klinting met the
children who often abused him. He became angry. Then he implanted a palm leaf rib. He
promised that no one could pull this thing up, except himself.
       One by one tried to pull the rib that implanted by Baru Klinting, but no one could
pull this up. Then adult tried that too, but the rib could not be pulled up. Finally Baru
Klinting himself pulled the rib because he was the only one who could pull it (remember
that Baru Klinting has magical power). Soon, water came out from the place where the rib
was implanted. The water was very fast and heavy so that big flood happened.
       Baru Klinting knocked kentongan to warn the old woman.Then, the woman who was
grinding rice went in to dimple as soon as possible, and she was safe. The flood was so fast
and heavy. Then that village became a pond called “Rawa Pening” and the woman told this
story to the villager in the other village.
       Now, Rawa Pening (Located in Kabupaten Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia) has
some advantages, for example for irrigating and fishing.

20. Why did the other children not want to play with Baru Klinting?
   a.   Because he has no friends
   b.   Because he was a naughty boy
   c.   Because he has stinking wound on all of his body
   d.   Because the children did not see him
21. What happened to the old women after Baru Klinting hit kentongan?
   a.   She went away from the village using the dimple
   b.   She tried to find baru Klinting to meet him
   c.   She hid under a big tree
   d.   She trew the dimple away
22. Who had cursed Baru Klinting?
   a.   The old woman
   b.   The children
   c.   The evil witch
   d.   The vilagers
23. “...has some advantages...” what does the synonym of the underlined word?
   a.   Benefits
   b.   Use
   c.   Function
   d.   Kind

        Yogyakarta (red): Seven people were killed in a collision between a bus, a car and a
truck on Jalan Sultan at 10:35 p.m. last night. The dead were all passengers of the car. The
police believed the car had been trying to overtake the bus when it was struck by a truck
coming from the opposite direction. The driver of the car might not be using his lights, as
the truck driver said he did not see the car approaching.
        The police said the car should not have tried to pass the bus, since overtaking is not
allowed on Jalan Sultan. In addition, the police reported that the car, a small Japanese car,
should not have been carrying more than five people. If the passengers had brought their
identity cards, the police would have identified the names of the victims easily.

24. The text mainly reports that there was/were …….
    a. a car accident
    b. careless drivers
    c. a small Japanese car
    d. victims of an accident
    e. the function of an identity card

25. What was the cause the collision?
    a. The truck came from the opposite direction
    b. The car carried more than five people
    c. The truck driver didn’t use his lights
    d. The truck driver didn’t see the car
    e. The truck driver was sleepy

26. “If the passengers had brought their identity card, the police would have been easily to
   identify the names of the victims.”
    The sentence above means …….
    a. the victim’s names were not known
    b. the victims were easy to be identified
    c. the passengers brought their identity cards
    d. the police had no difficulty in identifying the victims
    e. it was easy for the police to identify the victims of the accident

27. Who said that the accident was caused by the car?
    a. The police
    b. The victims
    c. The reporter
    d. The truck driver
     e. The bus passengers
28. What is main idea of second paragraph?
    a. The police stated that it happened because the car was overload.
    b. The police stated that it happened because the driver was careless
    c. The car should carry more than five people
    d. The victims were easily identified

Rahman, my roommate, and I had a great weekend. Last Saturday we got up early and had
a big breakfast. Then we took the bus to go downtown and went to an art museum. The
museum opened at nine o’clock and we stayed there all morning.
We saw some beautiful paintings. We had a guide who explained everything to us. I liked
all the art, but Ryan didn’t like the modern art very much. I bought copies of two paintings.
I’m going to put them on the wall of my bedroom.
At one o’clock, we were hungry so we had lunch at the museum cafeteria. After lunch, we
took a walk in the park near the museum. We went home at five o’clock. We were very tired,
but we had a good time. On Sunday we stayed home and studied.

29. What did the writer and his roommate do last weekend?
   a. They had a big dinner.
   b. They went to an art museum.
   c. They watched people painting.
   d. They worked part time as a guide.
   e. They worked part time in a cafeteria.

30. The main idea of the second paragraph is…
   a. The museum only displayed modern art.
   b. A guide accompanied the visitors.
   c. The writer liked all the art displayed at the museum.
   d. The guide helped visitors to buy the paintings displayed.
   e. Rahman and his roommate liked all the beautiful paintings at the museum.

31. Which of the following you don’t agree with about Rahman?
   a. Rahman liked all the art displayed.
   b. Rahman was the writer’s roommate.
   c. Rahman and the writer had a great weekend.
   d. Rahman and the writer went to an art museum.
   e. Rahman and the writer had lunch at the museum cafeteria

It happened on Sunday morning a few days ago. When I was about to have my routine cup
of coffee along with a bagel, I realized that I did not have any bread at all. I have to admit
that I am unable to enjoy coffee without some kind of baked goods.
Then I decided to run out to buy something, but all the stores were closed, but one. That
store did not have any fresh pastries, and I ended up buying four slices of wheat bread. I
was frustrated for two reasons: firstly, I couldn’t enjoy drinking my coffee on Sunday
morning; and secondly, the sales woman charged me $3.00 for four slices of bread!
Next, I returned to the building where I live on the tenth floor, stepped into the elevator,
pushed the button, and got out. When I reached my apartment and tried to unlock the door,
I could not turn the key. I made a few attempts without success. I started banging on the
door hoping to wake up my daughter. I was not successful at that either.
 I can’t explain how it crossed my mind to check the number of the apartment. The
 apartment number was correct, except for the first digit: the apartment was on the ninth
 floor, but the tenth. I was shocked to realize that I had been banging on somebody else’s
 I still muse over what might have happened if somebody had opened the door and what he
 or she would have said to me at 8:00 am on Sunday morning.
32. What is the purpose of the author in writing the text?
     A.To tell about her ruined Sunday morning routine
     B.To tell about the expensive price of the bread she bought at a local store
     C.To tell about her mistake in finding her apartment
     D.To show how angry she was for not being able to enter her apartment
     E.To show how embarrassed she was for banging on somebody else’s door
33. When she went to the store, she intended to buy …..
     A.Wheat bread
     C.Fresh fruit
     D.Fresh pastries
34. Why couldn’t she unlock the door of her apartment?
     A.She took the wrong key
     B.Her apartment door was broken
     C.Her daughter locked the door from the inside
     D.It was not her apartment
     E.She forgot to bring the key
35. She experienced a series of events that had ruined her Sunday morning, EXCEPT ….
     A.There was not any baked goods to enjoy with her coffee
     B.She had to pay more for the bread
     C.She could find what she wanted in the store
     D.Even though she had banged on the door, her daughter did not wake up
     E.She realized that she had mistakenly tried to enter an apartment that was not hers
36. What would have probably happened if the owner of the apartment had woken up?
     A.She/he would help her find her apartment
     B.She/he would be so angry at her
     C.She/he would offer he a cup of coffee
     D.She/he would call her daughter to pick her up
     E.She/he would do nothing

           Approved by the Ministry of Education, Chinese Service Center for Scholarly
   Exchange (CSCSE) will hold the 17th China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET
   2012) in seven major cities in China (Beijing, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi’an, Wuhan
   and Guangzhou) from March 10 to 25, 2012.

   Further information and register via online www.cscse/reg/ex and get many doorprizes from
   the commitee.

37. What is the communicative purpose of the text above?
   a.   To invite the readers to go to China
   b.   To advertise a program to the readers
   c.   To persuade the readers to open the website
   d.   To explain the exhibition to the readers

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