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					                                     Delmar L Barker
                      Raytheon Missile Systems, Tucson, AZ 85734-1337

B.S.: Physics, U of Michigan, 1964
M.S.: Physics, U of Arizona, 1967
Ph.D.: Physics, U of Arizona, 1974 -
       Thesis: Total Cross Section Measurements of Ca40(,n)Sc43

Physicist Fellow/Raytheon Missile Systems 1999-Present
Physicist, Self Employed/Consultant/Subcontractor 1974-1999
-Consulted for Zetetic Institute, High Pressure Diamond Optics Corporation, Rincon Research
Corporation, The Research Corporation, MER Corporation, EG&G Energy Measurements,
Allied Signal, University Patents Inc. Science and Engineering Associates.
Teaching/Research Assistant, University of Arizona 1966-1974
Physicist, National Standard Co, 1964-65


Barker Delmar L., Shah Nitesh N., Schmitt Harry A., “High Density Storage of Excited
Positronium Using Photonic Band Gap Traps”, US Patent 6,813,330, 2003.

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6,756,932, 2003

Schultz Stephen M., Barker Delmar L., Schmitt Harry A., “Radome Compensation Using
Matched Negative Index”, US Patent 6,788,273, 2002.

Barker Delmar L., Schmitt Harry A., Knapp David J., Braunreiter; Dennis C., Samuel Alphonso
A., Schultz Steven M., “ Far Field Emulator for Antenna Calibration”, US Patent 6,531,989,

Barker Delmar L., Schmitt Harry A., Schultz; Stephen M., “Optical Accelerometer and its use to
measure acceleration”, US Patent 6,567,174, 2001.

Thermally Powered THz Source—7,078,697
LADAR IFF---------------------------7,046,358

Five others in process…..

James F. Scholl, Delmar L. Barker, Harry A. Schmitt, John D. Langan “Tunable continuous
wavelet and frame transforms”, Proc. SPIE Vol. 4119, p. 922-933, Wavelet Applications in
Signal and Image Processing VIII; Akram Aldroubi, Andrew F. Laine, Michael A. Unser; Eds.

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Barker, D.; Jull, A. J. T.; Donahue, D. J., “Excess carbon-14 abundances in uranium ores:
Possible evidence for emission from uranium-series isotopes” Geophysical Research Letters,
Volume 12, Issue 10, p. 737-740 (GeoRL Homepage) 00/1985

McIntyre, L. C.; Carson, P. L.; Barker, D. L., “Mean Lives of States in Mg27 “,Physical Review,
vol. 184, Issue 4, pp. 1105-1111, 08/1969

Other Activities
Adjunct Professor of Physics, University of Arizona
Member of external advisory board of the Physics Department at University of Arizona (03-06)
Member of Air Force Office of Scientific Research external advisory committee (MURI)
Member of Raytheon Patent Committee
Collaborative research with U of Az, Physics and Astronomy Department
DARPA contracts
Collaborators and Other Affiliations:

David Smith, Duke University
John Pendry, Imperial College

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