Application for Subpena Duces Tecum

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					Application for Subpoena Duces Tecum

On this day _____________ the date ___________ comes before this Honorable Court
Officer names to request a subpoena duces tecum to be issued to Service Provider,
located at Address, City, State, Postal Code to contact person for the following
information on phone number.

Information sought through the Subpoena Duces Tecum:
1. Contract Name
2. Contractors Address
3. Local and long distance Bill
4. Telephone number or other numbers
5. Length of service, contract
6. Payment type Bank/Credit
7. Temporary network address and telephone tolling
8. Sessions, times, duration, phone numbers

Officer Name provides the following information in support of an application for a
Subpoena Duces Tecum. Under Law Enforcement Agency file number, officer is
investigating a case where :

The level of the evidence should rise to the level of Reasonable Suspicion plus. Be sure
to show how the information sought by this application could assist in the investigation.
Make the seeking of the information a logical step in the process of the investigation.

I certify that I am aware of the application for the information sought by the subpoena
and feel that seeking this information through a subpoena is the most logical step in the
investigative process.

Agency Head Signature                                       Date

                                Officer Name Typed

                            Signature                     Date

 Sworn to and subscribed before me, District Judge, Judge’s Name, on the this the ____
                                day of _______ 2009.


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