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									                           GURU NANAK DEV ENGG. COLLEGE, LUDHIANA

No.148/Acctts/General___                   NOTICE                                              Dated

Subject:-         Payment of College Fee for the B.Tech /M.B.A/ MCA Period July
                  2011 to Dec. 2011.

        The following is the Fee Structure for B.Tech/MBA/MCA Students for the period from July to Dec.
2011. The students are directed to collect the ‘Fee Deposit Slips’ from the College Cashier & deposit the fee
in the Punjab & Sind Bank Gill Park, Ludhiana from August Ist to August 26, 2011

Late fee fine:-

    1.        Rs. 1,000/- for fee deposited within a week after last date for fee without any fine.
    2.        Rs. 2,000/- for fee deposited a during 2nd week (after last date for fee without any fine).
    3.        Rs. 5,000/- for fee deposted a during 3rd week (after last date for fee without any fine).

Students, may be readmitted after paying both, re-admission fee of Rs. 2500/- and fine as mentioned

The names of the defaulters shall be struck off from the College Rolls after 1st September 2011.

                          FEE DETAIL FOR B.TECH/MBA & MCA STUDENTS

    Odd Sem./ Class                          Fee Stucures for :-               Fee Stucture for:-
                                             1. General Category               1. Phy. Handicated &
                                                                               2. Women Category
                                                                               3. Gill Donors
                                             Day Scholar      Hosteller        Day Secholar       Hosteller
    3     Sem.B.Tech/ MBA               & Rs. 34200/-         Rs. 41650/-      Rs. 9450/-         Rs. 16900/-
    MCA Students
    5th Sem.B.Tech/ Students                 Rs. 31950/-      Rs. 39400/-      Rs. 9450/-         Rs. 16900/-

    5th Sem.B.Tech LEET 2010 Rs. 36450/-                      Rs. 43900/-
    7th Sem. B.Tech Students Rs. 31950/-                      Rs. 39400/-      Rs. 9450/-         Rs.16900/-

The students, willing to deposit fee by DD, are advised to mention their Name, Roll No. and
Class on the Back/Reverse side of the same.


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