Mini MBA Boot Camp by QHRDSL7


									Course Name          Mini MBA Boot Camp
Course Number        LS 133 101
Course Duration      4 days

Course Description   Master key business skills to help accelerate your career. This
                     course offers the core curriculum of university level graduate
                     business programs and includes targeted lectures and illuminating
                     case studies. You will be introduced to the principles around which
                     strategic business decisions revolve. You'll learn the major
                     concepts and be introduced to the big picture of how business
                     competencies fit together into a 360 degree view of decision
Course Objective     You'll learn the tools and background needed by those who want
                     to develop a more forward-looking approach to management
                     decision making and you'll discover the skills sets needed to
                     develop comprehensive strategies.
Target audience      Those who want to increase their corporate value, expand their
                     business acumen, and exceed expectations at their organization.
Prerequisites        None
Course Modules       • What is strategic thinking and when should it be employed?
                     • What are the considerations necessary for strategic planning?
                     • What are the skill sets that must be included when thinking
                     • Decision Making and Critical Thinking
                     • Decision quality and the factors that go into it
                     • Quality controlling your own decisions and those of others
                     • Introduction to the principles of critical thinking
                     • Legal Considerations
                     • Legal basics
                     • Understanding business structures
                     • Ethics
                     • Why ethics?
                     • Schools of thought
                     • Stakeholder analysis and decisions made on their behalf
                     • Finance and Accounting
• Basic accounting concepts and their relevance to the workplace
• The good the bad and the ugly of financial statements
• Measuring performance using financial ratios
• Key performance indicators and their role in management
• Markets and Marketing
• Marketing fundamentals - The 4 P's
• Developing marketing strategies
• Know your channel partners
• Technology
• Overview of information technology (IT) and its changing role in
• What is changing and what is not?
• The impact of IT innovation on competitive strategy
• Economics
• Introduction to macro and micro economics
• Market structures
• Commonly used terminology
• Management Principles - Organizational Behavior
• Delegate or suffocate (Delegating for fun and profit)
• Key principles of leadership
• How to motivate and direct others
• Competitive Strategy
• Introduction to strategy theories
• Competitive analysis and sustainability
• Risk management as an ongoing process
• Developing a Business Case
• The role of business cases in management decisions
• Key ingredients for effective business case preparation
• How to structure and present a business case

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