Objectives Operators able to carry out a barholing survey competently and safely by 271vY03


									Barholing Techniques
 Natural gas escapes can be very dangerous; it is therefore
important that the source of the escape can be identified as quickly
as possible. With modern sealed surfaces it can be difficult to
locate the source; barholing is a technique that allows readings to
be taken below the surface making it easier to locate the source of
the leak. This course is designed to train candidates in how to
carry out barholing correctly and safely.

Aim                                        Objectives

Operators able to carry out a barholing    • Identify the best location to carry out
survey competently and safely.             the barholing
                                           • Demonstrate the use of barholing
                                           • Understand the safety precautions
                                           associated with barholing
                                           • Know how to carryout reinstatement
                                           after barholing
                                           • Understand the types of construction
                                           of footways and road ways.

Key benefits                               Target population

Competent person in barholing              Anyone who is tasked with the location
technique and safety                       of outside gas escapes.

No. of people on course                    Type of assessment

                                           Practical exercise

                                           Multi answer questionnaire

Method of delivery                         Duration

Trainer led – Theory & practical           ½ day

Qualification required to deliver

Knowledge & experienced in barholing       As required
techniques and safety

Date product produced                      Date product revised

                                           Feb 2010

               Contact No: 0191 262 3040   www.lomaxtraining.co.uk

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