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									                                                Association for Hospital Medical Education
                                                   Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                       Plimsoll Room, Hyatt Regency Savannah, Savannah, Georgia
                                                          Friday, April 17, 2009

Present:       Katherine Stephens, MBA, Charles Daschbach, MD, MPH, Penny Vogelsang, Marilane Bond, EDD, Richard Boggs, MSA, Willie
               Braziel, BSc. HA, David Pieper, PhD, Carolyn Snipe, MA, Andrew Filak, MD, Jeffrey Levine, PhD, Brian Little, MD, Christopher
               Veramakis, MD, Catherine Eckart, MBA, Quinn Turner, MS, Michael Rodemyer, MS, Stephen Craig, MD, Jan Austin, MA, Tia
               Drake, Robert D’Antuono, MHA (Phone)
Staff:         Kim Mohn, MD, Sandi Parsons, Karen Zagar

           TOPIC                                     DISCUSSION                                     ACTION/PERSON              DATE
1. Call to order          The meeting was called to order by Ms. Stephens at 4:49 PM
                          a. Approval of Minutes: The November 1, 2008 minutes were
                          approved as written.

                          b. Call for an Executive Session There was a call for an Executive
2. Division Reports       a. ALPD Ms. Stephens asked ALPD if they had any items or
                          topics to present to the board, Dr. Filak stated that there were none.

                          b. C & C Ms. Eckart requested that the Board accept their motion
                          to approve a print version of the guide.

                              i. Guide to Medical Education Dr. Levine stated to the
                          members that the 4th edition version of the guide will be posted on
                          the AHME web site by July 1, 2009, free to AHME members. Dr.
                          Levine gave cost of the guide, regardless if it is print version or not
                          at $6,000-$7,000. He stated that the on demand printer, Lightning
                          Source will give electronic version and the print copy would be done
                          as print-on-demand. This would be done in a soft cover version. Dr.
                          Levine stated that a number of web sites such as Amazon would
                          offer the guide for sale on their site. If the guide would be sold for
                          $60.00 dollars, $10.00 would go to Amazon, $15.00 to the on-
                          demand-printer, and the remaining $35.00 would go to AHME. He
       TOPIC                                      DISCUSSION                                       ACTION/PERSON            DATE
                       noted that there would be no risk to print the hard copy version and
                       by dong this would enable AHME to recoup the investment monies
                       which was involved in the updating of the chapters. Ms. Eckart
                       stated that the last time there was a print version was about 10 years
                       ago and about 2,000 copies were produced. Dr. Levine stated that a
                       complimentary issue would be given to the authors and to a select
                       few organizations. He also mentioned the possibility of having
                       purchased access to the guide. This was discussed among the            Board to determine online
                       members of the board and will be reviewed later to determine prices. purchase access to the guide.
                       Ms. Stephens asked the Board if they wished to approve the print
                       version of the guide, approval by the Board was granted. Dr.
                       Daschbach asked the board to give a special thanks to Dr. Levine’s
                       wife; who has put forth additional time and effort in the updating of
                       the chapters.

                       c. Finance Mr. Rodemyer asked the Board to how we should                Board to review Tax 990
                       address the Tax 990 Form; this needs to be done before they are         Form.

                       d. Member Services Dr. Little wanted to mention that the TY
                       people have done a great job in their recruiting efforts. Dr.
                       Daschbach wants to follow up with Newcomer’s within 30 days.            Staff to follow up with
                       Dr. Little stated that he heard people saying that they “stumbled on”   newcomers within 30 days.
                       AHME, asked members for ideas of promoting. Dr. Pieper
                       mentioned that we advertise with a booth at other conferences.
3. Committee Reports   a. Bylaws Ms. Stephens asked that all members are to participate
                       on the Executive Division calls, but no voting.

                       b. Nominating Dr. Little mentioned that odd number region
                       representatives will be up for nominations next year. The
                       nominating committee is made up of 5 members, Brian Little, MD,
                       Charles Daschbach, MD, Lee Ann Riesenberg, PhD, Paul
                       Romanelli, PhD. Dr. Little stated that the other member they are
                       looking for should have TY experience, he recommended Dr. Craig
                       to the board. Board approved Dr. Craig as the fifth member of the
       TOPIC                                    DISCUSSION                                       ACTION/PERSON                DATE
                     Nominating Board.
4. Council Reports   a. CADME Ms. Drake stated that they had a full house at the
                     CADME meeting and that they went over topics for academy and
                     next year’s conference. Items discussed by members included
                     resident stress and demystifying dean’s letters. Also presented were
                     ideas for speakers and reaching out to the ACGME and CMS to
                     attract them to AHME meetings. Ms. Snipe stated that all member
                     recruiting needed to be funneled through Member Services so they
                     can also follow up on the recruiting. Ms. Drake presented that Dale
                     Carlson will be the website liaison for CADME and that content for
                     a sophomore level Academy will be pursued.

                     b. CCME Dr. Pieper stated that he will be attending the Mayo
                     conference in San Diego Conjoint Commission attendance in May.          Dr. Pieper to work on
                     Dr. Little stated that there will be a collaborative effort for block   business plan for block grant.
                     grants and that CCME will develop business plan; Dr. Pieper is
                     working on that. General discussion between members on the block
                     grant. Dr. Pieper said Murry endorsed the concept. Any staff
                     support would be paid for by the grant. Dr. Mohn stated that the
                     next opportunity to report to the ACCME is in November. He
                     would like to see a couple of webinars held prior to that as well as
                     work on the block grant. Board endorsed pursuit of CCME

                     c. COMEC Ms. Austin reported that the survey has been
                     developed and will be sent out this spring by SurveyMonkey.
                     Anyone completing the survey will get the results. She also stated
                     that she spoke with Dr. Mohn about increasing COMEC
                     membership; she wants to look at how multiple hospital systems
                     collaborate. It was suggested to look into the Council of Medical
                     Education Collaborations. Ms. Austin also spoke about a non-        Volunteer to pursue
                     COMEC issue; an idea to provide medical education certification for feasibility of medical
                     administrators and coordinators. Ms. Snipe stated that years ago    education certification.
                     AHME spent of lot of money to learn that there was not much
                     interest. Ms. Austin stated that she has a volunteer that will
       TOPIC                                  DISCUSSION                                         ACTION/PERSON             DATE
                   investigate the possibility and whether there would be an interest
                   and the feasibility of doing so. Mr. Braziel stated that the course
                   should be designed so that the people in these jobs would be eligible
                   for an income increase. Dr. Pieper mentioned that CME did this as
                   well but he was unsure of the success. The committee members are:
                   Phyllis Thackrah, Richard Boggs, Carrie Eckart, Robbie (Dr. Filak’s
                   contact), and Ginny Riisberg. Ms. Austin stated that she hopes the
                   topics for next years’ meeting will come through the survey. The
                   Board gave approval for Ms. Austin to move forward with the

                   d. CTYPD Dr. Craig reported that he had 30 attendees at this years        Dr. Craig & Staff to pursue
                   meeting. Also mentioned the possibility of a fall program with the        possibility of fall program
                   ACGME in Chicago, September 25-26. The challenges will be with            with the ACGME.
                   travel restrictions and can we deliver the number of attendees to
                   make the program worthwhile. Dr. Craig reported that Cathy Nace
                   had an idea to target short-cycle lengths and those who have a visit
                   within the next year. He also stated that this will be billed as a one-
                   time event so it will not end up being a choice. A question was
                   presented if it could be by webinars? Dr. Mohn said having it at the
                   ACGME in Chicago will be a draw for TYPDs, Coordinators and
                   DIOs. Dr. Craig asked if the TY program directors will have a
                   separate message board, Ms. Eckart stated that all councils will have
                   their own message boards.
5. Regional        Ms. Snipe read the recommended Regional Representative Position
Representatives’   Description to the members. She stated that these reps need to be
Report             members in the Member Services Division. The Board approved
                   that request. Ms. Snipe stated that two of the six regions have 13
                   states, making it hard for the regional representative to fully
                   understand all the issues of that many states. She said a more
                   meaningful and clearly defined role will be created for the rep. She
                   noted that the reps will work with Member Services to target states
                   with no AHME representation. She also stated that they will work          Marlene Cooper & Staff to
                   with Marlene Cooper and the AHME staff to have region based               work on region based
                   academies to address the needs of a particular state. Ms. Snipe           academies.
       TOPIC                                      DISCUSSION                                         ACTION/PERSON           DATE
                      wants to identify state representatives within a representatives
                      region to bring state issue to the rep. She also said newcomer
                      mentoring will continue. Ms. Snipe said they will be looking over
                      the regions in the next 6-12 months to redefine them. It will be
                      looked at carefully and the Board will be approached in a year with
                      the findings. Motion was carried for the Regional Representative
                      Position Description.
6. Board Election &   a. Executive Division (one from the Board) The Executive
Appointments          Division appointee is Marilane Bond.

                      b. Bylaws Committee (one from the Board or Membership) The
                      Bylaws appointee is Tia Drake.

                      c. Nominating Committee (one from the Board or Membership)
                      The Nominating appointee is Dr. Stephen Craig.
7. Planning Session   Will be Saturday 4/18/09 in the Verelst Room @ 11:00 AM; the
                      topics will Goals, Threats & Opportunities, and the Position
                      Statement for the IOM.
8. Other Business     Educational Fund Policy Mr. Rodemyer of the Finance Division
                      recommended Board action for the Education Fund Policy. The
                      Finance Division wants to hold $25,000 in reserve as seed and for
                      CME Congress. Mr. Rodemyer read the policy. There was general
                      discussion among the members. Motion was carried by the Board to
                      approve the policy.

                      Disaster Planning Dr. Little would like AHME to provide a                  Dr. Little to gather more
                      registry of programs that residents could consider in event of a           information on how to
                      disaster; the database would be very helpful. Dr. Little stated that he    implement Disaster
                      is willing to put forth effort into exploring the possibility. Ms. Snipe   Planning.
                      cautioned that it does become complicated. Ms. Bond said that it
                      will need to be done in conjunction with the ACGME. There was
                      discussion among the members as how to get this started. The
                      Board granted approval to Dr. Little to explore and obtain more
                      information on Disaster Planning.

       TOPIC                                        DISCUSSION                             ACTION/PERSON   DATE
                         Conference Call Schedule Dr. Mohn stated that a conference call
                         schedule is being created for councils to keep the momentum on
                         their upcoming and future activities.

                         Recognition of Board Members who are done Ms. Stephens
                         expressed appreciation and asked the members to do so also in
                         recognizing the Board members who are done with their term:
                         Mike Rodemyer, Dr. Brian Little, Susan Zonia, Penny Vogelsang,
                         and Robert Carter.

9. Adjournment           Ms. Stephens asked the staff to leave, 6:45 PM, to start the
                         Executive Session.

Respectfully submitted,
Catherine Eckart, MBA, Secretary


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