March 1, 2007

Vickie Brokke
United Way of Greater Topeka
1315 SW Arrowhead Rd
Topeka, KS 66604

Dear Vickie,

The purpose of this letter is to provide a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between
Heart of America United Way and the United Way of Greater Topeka in establishing the
formal working relationship of managing the Heartland Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
and establish to the ground rules for accountability. This MOU shall be retroactive from
March 1, 2007 and continue until February 29, 2008.

We do request that Harry Strader, or in his absence, another qualified member of
UWGT’s staff, continue on with his service towards the program and to serve as the
Kansas Director for the Heartland CFC. We agree to reimburse the United Way of
Greater Topeka for 25% of the position’s salary and burden. We ask that United Way of
Greater Topeka send a billing statements on December 31 and February 29. United Way
of Greater Topeka agrees to provide 25% of one full-time FTE to complete the duties.
We request that United Way of Grater Topeka attempt to track this time for accounting
purposes. If it is determined that the position responsibilities require more or less than
25% of an average workweek, either party can request this MOU be reevaluated.

Any other costs which may occur (ie. mileage, local meeting expenses, etc.) while
providing services to the program will also be reimbursed by the Heartland CFC. We ask
that these expenses be submitted monthly. All other expenses, i.e. special events,
program supplies, cfckansas.org, awards, etc. will be paid directly by Heartland CFC.

Harry will continue to be responsible for the organization, management, & development
within the CFC of Kansas. This includes staffing campaigns, recruiting and motivating
volunteers, supporting leadership giving efforts, & specialty areas such as the Loaned
Executive Program, as well as follow the rules and regulations from the Federal Register
Part 950. The agreed upon position description is attached.
We understand that United Way of Greater Topeka will report only receipts for their
federation and member agencies in regards to the local campaign achievement.
Heartland CFC will report results as known to United Way of Greater Topeka on or
before December 1, 2007.

As stated in the attached letter of approval from the Office of Personnel Management, the
United Way of Greater Topeka, remains responsible for carrying out all the duties of the
2006 campaign, including the accountability of all receipts and all disbursements through
the end of the 2006 campaign year (final disbursement). After this final disbursement,
the United Way of Greater Topeka must maintain past records for three years, but are not
responsible for any fiscal responsibilities past these years. Beginning with the 2007
campaign and to the conclusion of this agreement, UWGT will operate as a sub-
contractor of the Heart of America United Way. As such, UWGT will have no financial
liabilities related to the Combined Federal Campaign.

For budgeting reasons, discussions regarding renewing the MOU for the 2008 campaign
will be done before the end of the calendar year 2007.


W. Thomas Dugard, Jr.
Heart of America United Way

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