EAST DEAN & FRISTON PARISH COUNCIL
MINUTES of a MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL held on 5th October 2006 in the Village Hall.

At 7pm, a presentation was given by the Marshmellow Company, regarding a Music & Arts Festival
planned for August 2007 in the fields beyond Birling Manor and towards Birling Gap.

PUBLIC QUESTIONS          There were no questions from members of the public.

PRESENT Councillors Mr P C Hobbs (Chairman), Ms M Bartlett, Mrs M Charlwood,
Mr G Booth-Clibborn, Mr B Elkington, Mr C Davies-Gilbert, Mr T Hervey, Mrs F Mace,
Mr R Notman-Watt, Mr C Preece, Mr J Taylor (Vice-Chairman), Mrs M Whitmore, ESCC Cllr Mr R Martin
and Wealden DC Cllr Mr B West.


2. APOLOGIES Councillors Mr C Peck and Mr D Short, ESCC Cllr Mr S Shing and the PC Clerk
Mrs D Regan. In the Clerk’s absence Mr J Fyfield agreed to take the Minutes of the Meeting.

3. DECLARATION OF INTERESTS Councillors to declare any new interests since the last meeting.
Cllr Davies-Gilbert in respect to the Music & Arts Festival, Agenda Item 11.

4. PARISH MAGAZINE CONTRIBUTOR                 Cllr Mr B Elkington.

5. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 7th September 2006,
having been circulated to all Councillors were considered. An amendment to the correction of the date to
13th September in Para 16a was agreed. It was then Resolved that the Minutes be signed by the
Chairman as a correct record. Agreed All In Favour.

6. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES With regard to the Village Hall Car Park, the
Chairman reported on the resolution of the legal difficulties regarding covenants and other technical
issues, which meant that the Contractor had been able to commence work at short notice on 25th
September and completed on 4th October 2006. The Council recorded its grateful thanks to Mr Frank
Eveleigh, acting as the PC Civil Engineer Consultant, for all the technical advice, for the specification of
works, and assistance so patiently given and without professional fees.

7. REPORT OF THE COUNTY COUNCILLORS                    ESCC Cllrs Martin & Shing – No reports.

8. REPORT OF THE DISTRICT COUNCILLOR District Councillor West reported on the enforcement
matter concerning 17 The Link where a breach of condition notice had now been served and the matter
noted by the Land Registry. Regarding the Cuckmere Estuary proposals there is to be a meeting with
the National Audit Office to investigate the Environment Agency’s involvement.

9. NHS ‘FIT FOR THE FUTURE’ REPORT               This report was again deferred to the November Meeting.

10. NO COLD CALLER ZONE Neighbourhood Watch in conjunction with the Parish Council, Trading
Standards, Sussex Police and Wealden District Council are launching this scheme on Wednesday 22nd
November 2006 in the Village Hall at 3pm. Information leaflets will be distributed beforehand to all
households in the Parish. Cllr Davies-Gilbert requested for the cover picture to be changed to avoid
showing the Village Green Cottages. Four ‘Zone’ Signs will be placed on the four main entrance roads
to the Parish and possibly elsewhere.

11. MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL Councillors discussed the potential pros and cons of the proposed
“Marshmellow” Festival planned to take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend in 2007. An
estimated 2,500 people could attend. Cllr Preece voiced concerns over the type of Festival and the
problems that could be incurred by the additional traffic causing congestion on local roads. Councillors
had mixed opinions and would need to consider a formal position at their next Meeting.

12. BOTTLE BANK RE-INSTATEMENT Following the agreement at the last Meeting to re-instate the
bottle banks, Cllr Taylor reported on his consultations with local residents and shopkeepers at
Downlands Way. He reported that a minority were against but the majority that he spoke to were in
favour of this useful facility near the shopping precinct. The matter would now be pursued further with
Wealden DC to discuss the type of bottle bank and their Waste Collection arrangements. The WDC
Officer has stated that ‘sound-proofed’ and/or lockable bins are available but at an extra cost. Further
discussions were required at the next PC meeting.

representative, was unable to report on any further information to that Minuted at the September
Meeting. Mr Pringle, the VH Trust Treasurer, was still attempting to appoint a suitable Solicitor to advise
the Trustees. Once this was arranged, then a position may be reached to advise both the Trustees and
the Parish Council on the possibility of a surrender of the Underlease to aid the clarification and
understanding of responsibilities between the PC and Trustees, and other matters that may arise.

14. REPORTS FROM THE COMMITTEES In future it was agreed that these Committee Reports
should come after the Reports by the ESCC and Wealden DC Councillors. It should also be noted that
the views stated in these Minutes represent the Parish Council’s comments on a particular Planning
Application, and do not therefore include other comments and views that may be voiced by local

(a) Planning Committee
The Chairman of the Planning Committee, Councillor Booth-Clibborn, reported on applications which
have been dealt with under delegated powers:
The following applications were dealt with at the Planning Committee Meeting held 13 Sep 2006:
WD/2006/2351/F - Friston Heights, Old Willingdon Road, Friston. Single storey extension to side
beneath catslide roof and extension to form additional garage with roof over including attic space. The
proposal for the side extension is not in proportion to the design of the house, which is very substantial.
The additional garage is considered to be over development and with the dormers in the roof space this
can only lead to the assumption of ‘creeping’ development. If WDC are minded to approve then we ask
that the existing condition that the garage building is not to be used for any other purpose, including
accommodation, shall apply to this application.
WD/2006/2354/F - 2 Dene Close, East Dean. – Alteration to existing house with single storey
conservatory and detached garage. There are no objections to the alterations to the house and the new
conservatory. There are concerns over the size and height of the proposed garage in relation to the plot
and that it will overlook No 1 Dene Close. We ask that the applicant reviews the proportion of the garage
and also increases the depth of the proposed excavations for the footings. The retention and additional
planting of suitable screening and that all contractors vehicles are kept on site shall be a condition of

Cllr Booth-Clibborn proposed adoption of the above Minutes, which had been circulated to all
Councillors prior to the Meeting. Agreed. All In Favour.

Planning applications approved:
WD/2006/2235/F - Field House, Old Willingdon Road, Friston - Three bay detached garage, new
conservatory and alteration to front entrance.
WD/2006/2073/F - 26 The Brow, Friston - Additional height to existing wall adjacent to entrance.
WD/2006/0539/LB - New House Farm, East Dean - Minor changes.
WD/2006/2108/F - Horsefield, Gilberts Drive, East Dean - New access from Gilberts Drive.
WD/2006/2180/F - 16 The Brow, Friston - Two storey extension, internal alterations, single storey side
extension to kitchen.

Enforcement Issues:
17 The Link, East Dean       Breach of Condition notice served for outstanding action detailed in the
Appeal Decision for the Sun Room and ancillary building.

b) Finance & General Purposes Committee. There had been no Committee Meeting this month.
Cllr Hervey reported that he was still working on various aspects of the Risk Assessment Statements in
conjunction with the Clerk.

c) Rights of Way Committee. Work had now been completed at the Friston Pond and although it
looks very bare at the moment, with very little water, given time this will improve. The only creatures to
be found were one toad and one very small minnow. This was mainly due to the fact that the mud was
stagnant with a disgusting smell as a result of the oxygen having been taken out from the water by the
overgrowth of plants and carbon dioxide given off as the waste gas. The trees were pruned around the
far side of the pond. Regarding Friston Church Car Park, as discussed at the last PC Meeting,
resurfacing is necessary. One quote received from Hailsham Roadway and David Gazzard, Church
Warden has had a quote for placing kerbstones around the bank to prevent it being destroyed by
vehicles and therefore loosening the flint wall which has no foundations. David Gazzard and Julian
Ridge, Downlands Building Services, has been dealing with Hailsham Roadway, trying to put together
one price for all the works on the car park area. The preparation of the area and the tarmacadam will
come to £2631.295 and the kerbstones will cost a further £1598.70, which the Church are prepared to
pay, both figures inc VAT. Cllr Mace proposed that the PC should order the complete works necessary
and charge the PCC for their contribution, this was deferred to the next Meeting. Regarding the Tidy
Village Project only one response was received from Jane Booth-Clibborn. Deferred. A request was
made for the provision of disabled access to the pavement area at the Downlands Way shops. During
discussion, Councillors were reminded of past Meetings discussions: there is no obvious place to site
this access and it would also mean the loss of one parking space. Further advice would be sought by
Cllr Mace from ESCC and the Disability Association and report back at the November Meeting.

d) Recreation Ground Committee. Cllr Charlwood proposed the adoption of the Recreation Ground
Committee Meeting Minutes held on the 31st August 2006 in the Pavilion, circulated prior to all
Councillors. It was Resolved to adopt these Minutes. The Pavilion electrical equipment had now all
been inspected as required by current Health & Safety Laws. The Fridge and Heaters were found to be
obsolete and would be disconnected. One estimate has been obtained to upgrade the wiring and other
necessary works and further quotes would be obtained. Play Area in compliance with the Rospa Report,
the necessary repairs for the Equipment have been authorised. Mr Franklin will carry this work out
shortly. A request was made by Mrs M Honey for the provision of some shade in the Play Area for users
and carers. This would be considered at the next Committee Meeting. Padlocks at the Recreation
Ground had recently been damaged; these had now all been replaced or returned. Cllr Booth-Clibborn
was concerned about the electrical contract work at the Pavilion. Advice would be sought on the correct
formal electrical qualifications necessary for Insurance Company approval of any repairs.

15. PARISH ADMINISTRATION The Acting Clerk reported on a letter from ‘Action In Rural Sussex’
reminding the Council of their AGM on 12 October. No Cllr currently available to attend. The Clerk has
produced an excellent PC Newsletter and “Who’s Who”. A little more work is still required and the
document should then be ready for approval by Councillors at their December meeting.

a) Village Plan. Cllr Bartlett reported that the Meeting to allocate specific Village Plan Actions, held on
13th September, had resulted in Councillors taking responsibility for contacting residents and other
organisations to take the Plan forward in to reality. It was agreed that the PC would be updated on
progress initially every 3 months commencing with the PC January 2007 meeting.
b) Village Design Statement. Considerable progress has been made and the document is nearing
completion. A map and a few more photographs are still required. After considerable work, the Clerk
reports that she has now over £1,000 pledged from appropriate sponsors.
c) Bonfire. Cllr Notman-Watt reported on the progress made. A large response to the request for
Bonfire building material had been received and collections would be taking place over the next four
weeks. Unfortunately due to the ‘missing’ padlock this had meant that some people had dumped
unwanted items on the bonfire site. These had been removed by the Committee and disposed of
d) WDALC. Cllr Elkington had attended the recent meeting in Uckfield. A copy of the Minutes from
the Meeting was available to all Councillors.
e) Beach Forum. No report
f) Tree Warden. No Report. Mr Fyfield reported that the large Ash Tree behind the bus shelter on
the A259 had been pruned on 11th September, the work being ordered by ESCC Highway Authority.

g) Highways. Mr Fyfield reported that all the Parish roads on the south side of the village had been
swept but a further major sweep would be necessary to deal with the annual autumn leaf fall. ESCC had
replied to the letter outlining the ten outstanding highway matters. Six of the listed works had now been
completed and the others were still awaiting assessment. A request for the replacement of the Birling
Gap Road nameplate would be made as it has again been knocked over in a vehicle accident. The new
sign for the ‘Village Green Lane’ is still awaited. Flooding had been reported on the Birling Gap Road as
well as settlement of the tarmac re-instatement at the electrical cable repair site in Upper Street and
requests for attention to these would be made.

 05/10/06       102938       58         R Franklin     Bus Shelter    40.00
                                                                              Resolved Accordingly.

CHQ      V
NO       NO    DETAILS
102931 51      GP Pocock                                    2495.87
102932 52      Frontier Fwks                                 600.00
102933 53      EDF Pavilion Electric                          33.75
102934 54      SE Water Pavilion                             113.42
102935 55      Chiddingly PC Cllr Training                    35.00
102936 56      R Mathieson Int Auditor                        35.00
102937 57      Clerk /Office Exp & Training Exp              491.10
102938 58      R Franklin Bus Shelter Cleaning                40.00
Month Total                                                £3844.14
                                                  Resolved that these cheques be drawn and signed.

Cllr Elkington asked about the purpose of the trench across the field adjacent to Downsview Lane and
leading up and across to the A259, Eastbourne Road. This is for a new underground electricity cable.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:50pm.



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