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									RankPay’s Top 5 Tips for Website Conversion
What is a Conversion Rate? A conversion rate is a measure of the number of clients that visit your website and complete your call to action, whether it’s purchasing your product or simply signing up for your newsletter. Most webmasters don’t understand the significance of improving their conversion rates, thinking that more traffic is the only option to increasing sales. This just isn’t the case, by improving their websites conversion rates they will improve their websites bottom line with minimal expenses.

By understanding and implementing the following strategies you will not only notice an increase in sales but understand the concept of conversion rates and how to use them to your benefit. Understanding and fine tuning your conversion rate is crucial RankPay says, without it an SEO campaign can only be so successful. Browser Accessibility In today’s day and age you need to make sure that your website is able to be accessed by all the major web browsers. People are still creating websites that only display correctly on Internet Explorer and not other major browsers! This is hurting your conversion rates, guaranteed! Spend the time to make sure that everything is working correctly with the other major web browsers. A somewhat inaccessible website could eliminate sales by as much as 20%. If your website is extremely inaccessible you are risking the ability for search engines to not even be able to index your website! RANKPAY Usability How well is your website designed in regards to usability? If a customer wants to learn more information regarding your company’s history or even the product description can they? How easy is it for customers to go from one product to the next? Is it difficult? Do YOU have trouble navigating your own website? Rankpay makes usability a number one priority! These are all very huge and relevant issues in regards to conversion rates. Make sure that your website is user friendly, nobody wants to be confused trying to find a product. What Does Your Website Offer? Be clear about what your website is offering, don’t hide it or downplay it. Make it evident and in the persons face. You have three seconds to capture someone’s attention when they land on your page, if you don’t you lost that potential customer. Use a strong headline and combine it with relevant pictures to your product or service. Targeted Traffic - RANKPAY This is really one of the keys to having a successful website on that internet. I actually consider this one of the most important aspects. In the world of internet success it isn’t about targeting

everyone, rather targeting someone that actual needs and wants your product. Watch your conversion rates skyrocket after finding and targeting your target market. Here is an example, lets say you own a dry cleaning service based out of Bakersfield, California. You have decided to get yourself on the internet and decided to go after the keyword ‘dry cleaning’. Assuming you were able to achieve results for the keyword ‘dry cleaning’ how well do you think you would do on conversions from people visiting your website and then coming into your business? Obviously not very well! You would have people visiting your website from EVERYWHERE in the world. It doesn’t do you much good being in Bakersfield and having someone in New York looking for a dry cleaning service. RANKPAY So focus on a targeted keyword that will result in customers that can use your service. “Bakersfield dry cleaning” would be the target keyword that this individual should focus on.

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