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									HEQF Review - Comments

       QA Forum
     28 August 2012
            HEQF Review

• Received public comments – SAQA –
• Not sure when will be gazetted –
                      In general
• Extensive revision to the HEQF not indicated
• Biggest problem is articulation across the Frameworks
  and the confusion around how QCTO qualifications and
  HE qualifications relate to each other, also WIL.
• Three broad pathways in HEQF welcomed but also
  given rise to a concern that QCTO may appropriate the
  vocational and professional pathways in HE
• Concern about confusion at Level 5 with multiple
  qualifications there, but support for the Higher Certificate
  being in HEQF. How relate to Further Certificate of
            HEQF-related issues
• Specific omissions:
   – 240-credit Diploma at level 5 (from Health and
     Skincare, but some happy with 360-credit Diploma)
   – Nothing about BTech, but some worry about resource
     implications of “extra” year for Diploma students
   – Graduate Diploma at Level 9
   – Joint degrees – affirm the right etc.
   – Higher Doctorate Ok, different qualification?
   – Professional body qualifications not included e.g.
                     Other issues
• Including the 240-credit diploma welcomed, but concerns
  from Adult Education about former articulation to a Level
  7 qualification (AD) no longer possible, and concerns
  about the QA of the 120 credits of workplace-based
  learning to get to Advanced Diploma. Worry about the
• One or two institutions wanting some embedded
  qualifications but at different levels: certificate in diploma,
  and PG Dip in Masters. One or 2 worries about 50:50
• MBA – SABSA, and one or two institutions– want at level
  9 with changed admission requirements, some implicitly
  saying that content wise not at level 9
• The articulation routes from Advanced Diploma to
  Honours welcomed
• The three broad progression routes welcomed
• 240-credit Diploma
• Professional Masters
• Change in types of degree
• Dropping of 60 credits at level 7 for Diplomas
• The professional designation required for a 240-credit
  Diploma – what if professional body not recognised in
  that field?
• Role of professional bodies not recognised while they
  are in the Umalusi framework
• Broader definition of WIL welcomed, but concern about
  the quality assurance thereof and different definitions.
• Professional Masters – in relation to funding and parity of
  esteem, but not in relation to inclusion of such.
• Differing views on Professional Doctorate – most happy,
  some very strong concerns.
• Mandates of QCs clearly delineated, clear differences
  specified between higher education qualifications and
  occupational qualifications
• Retain Higher Certificate on HEQF for now
• Keep diploma name for 240-credit qualification at level 6,
  work out 120-credits in practice
• Not include a 240-credit diploma at level 5
• Keep professional Masters and Doctorates but add
  further specification through standards process and
  allied documentation
• MBA at level 9 with amended admission requirements –
  1st professional Ms?
               Recommendations 2
•   Retain 50:50 rule, foreground RPL
•   Include paragraph on professional bodies
•   Not include so-called professional body qualifications
•   Clarify QA WIL – integrated in qualifications, therefore
    institutions and CHE, not QCTO

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