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									                  South Littleton Parish Council
      Minutes of the Council meeting held at 7-30pm on
               Thursday 17th November 2011

Present       Councillors:-
                          Sean Witheford Chairman
                          Richard Herborn vice Chairman
                          Jenny Barnsley
                          Peter Barnsley
                          Emma Goodge

In Attendance             County Councillor Tom Bean
                          District Councillor Richard Lasota
                          One member of the public

Apologies                 Cllr. Emma Bell
                          Cllr. Pete Lancaster

Declaration of Interest                                           Action by
11/11/01    Cllr. Lancaster declared a non prejudicial interest
            in any issue regarding The Littleton Village Hall
            and ‘The Evesham Show’
11/11/02    Cllr Lancaster declared a non prejudicial interest
            as a neighbour in any recreation ground or
            planning issues.
11/11/03    Cllr Witheford, declared a non prejudicial interest
            as members of Littleton Tennis Club, Littleton
            Bowls Club, a neighbour to the Recreation Ground
            and as a manager of various junior football teams
11/11/04    Cllr Witheford declared a non prejudicial interest in
            knowing through business connections,
            contractors being requested to quote for work on
            the Recreation Ground and the Main Street
11/11/05    Cllr Witheford declared a non prejudicial interest in
            any issue regarding the Littleton Village Hall
11/11/06    Cllr Witheford declared a non prejudicial interest in
            the Parish allotment as he is a plot holder
11/11/07    Cllr Lancaster declared a non prejudicial interest
            in the Parish dealing with Vale Gardens and
            Badham motors as he also has accounts with
            these companies.
11/11/08    Cllr Witheford declared a non prejudicial interest

            as a neighbour with the Parish considering
            cutting/removing trees on the recreation ground.
11/11/09    Cllr J Barnsley, Cllr P Barnsley, and Cllr Herborn
            declared a non prejudicial interest as a neighbour
            to the Parish recreation ground and any decision
11/11/10    Cllr Herborn declared a non prejudicial interest as
            a member of Littleton Tennis club and connection
            with various junior football teams who play on the
            Recreation ground.
11/11/11    Cllr’s. Witheford and Herborn declared a non
            prejudicial interest in any planning application that
            affects their respective properties.
11/11/12    Cllr’s J & P Barnsley declared a non prejudicial
            interest in any discussion concerning the
            Recreation Ground
11/11/13    Cllr Goodge declared a possible non prejudicial         Clerk
            interest in any issue raised by Evesham Town
            Council as her husband is a councillor.

Minutes of Previous Meeting
11/11/14    The minutes of the meetings held on the                 Clerk
            20th October 2011 were approved.

County Councillor Report
11/11/15    Councillor Bean reported that he had attended the
            ‘full’ County Council meeting that day where David
            Shaw the new Police Chief Constable gave a
            presentation. Issues discussed included costing
            cutting including staff reductions. Any reductions
            will be in ‘back’ office staff thus leaving front
            officers unchanged. Figures were discussed
            showing the changes in crime under different
11/11/16    Cllr Bean reminded the Council that he continued All Cllrs
            to have some money available where he could
            donate from the £10,000 grant that all County
            Councillors had received

District Councillor Report
11/11/17    Councillor Lasota reported that all trees on the
            Recreation ground had Protection orders on them.
11/11/18    He had arranged a meeting with Environmental
            officers to discuss work in the Parish.
            Unfortunately they failed to turn up .Cllr Lasota
            believes some work will commence next year

11/11/19   Ditches in Long Lartin are proving an issue. Land
           Owners to be contacted.
           Housing Development Plan
11/11/20   Cllr Lasota stated that he was disappointed that
           only one application had been received for the
           Parish and that the possibility of having a public
           meeting is to be considered.
11/11/21   Wychavon Council had announced that any
           funding they received from Government will be
           shared with the community.
11/11/22   Various parishes were discussing having Beacons
           (including The Littleton’s). Fireworks may also be
11/11/23   Cllr Lasota was asked how Wychavon could justify
           increasing car park charges in the area.

Progress Reports
           Street Lights
11/11/24   Clerk reported that the street light had been
           replaced on Bennetts Hill. It is due for ‘connection’
           on the 30th November 2011

           Youth Project
11/11/25   Cllr Herborn reported that the third visit of the
           Wychavon Youth Bus was due to take place on
           the 24th November.
11/11/26   The bus will spend 1 hour at the recreation ground
           and a further 1 hour on Long Lartin.
11/11/27   A meeting had been arranged for 30th November
           to discuss a Youth Shelter.

           Open Spaces
11/11/28   Cllr J Barnsley reported that the replacement
           Bench was available but awaiting secure fixing it
           was suggested that Contractor Le Brun be asked
           to complete the job when there were working on
           the Allotment.
11/11/29   Wychavon Council had advised Cllr J Barnsley
           that the footpath by the Church was their
           responsibility and that chippings from branches
           should not be spread on the path..
11/11/30   Lengthsman to be asked to clear up the area.
11/11/31   It was agreed that the Bowls Club would again be
           contacted re the building material that continues to
           be left on the car park.                             Clerk
11/11/32   Clerk to contact
11/11/33   Paint for Pavilion doors to be sourced.
11/11/34   Clerk reported that he had agreed a 50/50 split of
           the transportation of container bill (as agreed last
           meeting) Container to moved 5th December               Clerk
           Complaints had been received re a Transit Van
           was continually parked on the grass verge in
           Station Road.
11/11/35   Agreed that the driver would be contacted and
           asked to refrain from parking and damaging the
           grass verge.

           VAS equipment
11/11/36   Cllr Witheford reported that Cleeve Prior have
           possession of the VAS and have put it up
           unofficially in their village.
11/11/37   We are still waiting for Highways to erect our         Cllr
           poles and we have had authorisation to carry out       Witheford
           the work ourselves if they cannot complete it in
           the next couple of weeks.
11/11/38   The meeting will need to authorise the                 Clerk
           procurement of someone to carry out this job and
           a budget if we wish it to be done.
11/11/39   This proposal was agreed.

           Land on the Estate
11/11/40   Clerk reported that the Home Office had put the
           transfer of ownership of the Land ‘on hold’ as they
           realised that they were obliged to offer the land
           back to the owners of the land prior to when it was    Clerk
           compulsory purchased many years ago.

           Playground Action Group
11/11/41   Chairman of working group stated that there was
           nothing new to report.

11/11/42   Cllr Witheford reported that SLAGA had formally
           agreed to contribute £200 towards the new water
           tap. Clerk reported that all rents had been
11/11/43   Request to split a plot into two halves was agreed     Clerk
11/11/44   Leylandii hedge cuttings have again been fly
           dumped onto the Wilson’s bonfire area.

           Littleton Link
11/11/45   Cllr Goodge reported that she had produced a           Cllr
           policy statement and that it would be included in      Goodge
           the next edition. Cut off date for the next edition
           24th November.

11/11/46   Use of buildings in Blackminster Lane for storage      Cllr
           of groundwork equipment requires a formal              Witheford

           Christmas Parish Event
11/11/47   Date confirmed as Friday 23rd December
           Tree purchased and to be erected on December
           3rd. Contractor unable to put on lights. Councillors
           to attempt
11/11/48   P Long street light contractor to connect the lights   Clerk
           on Monday 5th December
11/11/49   Littleton Bakery to supply mince pies.                 Cllr
11/11/50   Agreed to publish free advert in the Link.             Goodge

           Councillor Vacancies
11/11/51   Clerk reported that Wychavon D C had confirmed
           that the formal process had been completed and         All
           that the Parish could now co-opt Councillors

11/11/52   Approvals: - nil
11/11/53   Declined nil

11/11/54   Applications: nil

11/11/55   Proposal: nil

11/11/56   Urgent planning matters since production of
           agenda - nil

11/11/57   Enforcement action being taken re a fence and
           gates in Blackminster Lane

Bills for Payments/Current Finance
11/11/58   Council agreed payments of £2,187.39 for               Clerk
           November 2011, as per schedules supplied
           New Bank Signatories now approved
11/11/59   Meeting to discuss the 2012-2013 Precept               All
           arranged for 5th December 2011 8-00 pm at
           Chairman’s home.

Clerk’s Update plus correspondence received
           Schedule of Correspondence
11/11/55   All items brought to Councillors attention             Clerk
11/11/56   Second Cllr training dates agreed as 1st
           December, 7-00pm at the Scout hut                      Clerk

Gritting Bins
11/11/57    Agreed not to order any additional Bins at this             Clerk

Diamond Jubilee 2012
11/11/58   Working group reported that they were continuing
           to consider the type of event. They were making              Cllr J
           inquires as to having a Pig Roast at the Beacon              Barnsley
           lighting event.
11/11/59   Possible providing a keepsake for children in the
           two Parishes
11/11/60   Number of eligible children to be confirmed                  Cllr J
11/11/61   Further meeting arranged for 24th November                   BArnsley
           Date confirmed as 4th June 2012

Housing Development
            Planning report from Cllr Witheford:-
11/11/62   The South Worcester Development Plan Roadshow
           came to the Scout Hut on Friday 11th November for
           public consultation. They were only concerned with
           land that can deliver 6 or more houses. Only one site
           was put forward for South Littleton which is the land        Cllr
           owned by Oxford University adjoining Station Road            Witheford
           and Long Hyde Road.
           As we have seen from previous meetings development
           on this site is likely to be met with opposition from
           residents of Station Road. We have also had
           representations from the landowners. It is my opinion
           that this site is likely to get approval to be included in
           the development plan and so at some point in the near
           future the Parish Council will have to decide whether it
           intends to support or oppose the site based on the
           merits and benefits/problems and disadvantages to the
           village as a whole.
11/11/63   To that end I propose we make it an individual agenda
           item for the next meeting to make that decision. It          Clerk
           should be advertised as widely as possible and we may
           get a number of residents to come and make
           representations at the debate.

Councillor’s reports and items for future agenda
11/11/64   Nil                                                          Clerk

Date and Venue of Future meetings
11/11/65         Thursday 15th December 2011, 7-30pm at the                Clerk
                 Scout Hut on the Recreation Ground, Long Hyde
                 Road, South Littleton

Meeting Closed at 9-30pm

Signed ...................................    Date ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Notes of Public Open Forum
                 One parishioner was present who raised the issue
                 of the Container on the Recreation ground, the
                 Parish Web Site not being up to date and trees on
                 the recreation ground


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