MEETINGS REPORT & ACTION SHEET
Meeting Reference: Supporting People Core Strategy Group
Date of Meeting:    25th August 2009                    Time: 2.00pm – 4:00pm
Location:     Room 709 /706MGH
Present at Meeting: Maggie Rafalowicz (AD, Strategy & Regeneration) CHAIR, Liz Zacharias (SP),
Tahmina Aziz( Hsg Solutions), Anjana Chakraborty (START Plus) , Helen Clitheroe (Hsg Solutions), Lola
Osikoya and Prakash Mandalia( service user representatives)
Apologies: Lee Buss (Broadway), Carla Julien (Hestia) Doug Stevens (probation), Helen Duckworth
(Transformation ASC) Mary Whitfield (Willow),

Copies to: the above + File
Chaired by: Maggie Rafalowicz
Recorded by: Liz Zacharias                          Ext: 2283
Agenda                                                                                   By Who

          Five Year Strategy 2009-14

1.1       LZ presented the final draft of the Strategy. This has been out to
          stakeholders for consultation, and has been commented on by the CB at
          its August meeting.

          LZ explained next steps are:
          Make amendments as a result of stakeholder feedback (including any
          feedback from CSG today)
          Finalise number of units in section 5 to ensure they are correct
          Re-write section 10 – Financial Benefits to include the results of the CLG
          modelling tool on costs
          Prepare Executive Report for October Executive to approve the strategy.

          LZ stated that the Financial Benefits of SP section (section 10) was crucial
          for making the case for continued investment in SP – particularly services
          for socially excluded client groups.

          HC asked about deadline for feedback, LZ stated that comments would still
          be taken until final version goes to Executive, the report needs to be
          finalised by early September for Governance purposes
           MR suggested the draft goes to PRU. LZ to send.                          LZ

  1,2     START Plus update report

          AC went through report.

          Housing information day has resulted in a slight increase in referrals for
          PRS. There will be a leaflet and an information day for clients on 8 th
          The final draft of the SLA is now going live.

        SP Core Strategy Group minutes – Aug 2009                                          1
        The move on quota – MR asked what provider’s response had been to the
        move on quota proposals. AC stated some had raised queries at the time,
        of introduction but there had been a lot of consultation prior to

        LD VOIDS – some referrals have now been received
        TP VOID – some referrals received but plan was still to decommission
        some units that are not fit for purpose, also discussing potential change of
        use with provider.

1.3     Move On Strategy Update
        LZ went through proposed move on strategy paper. Actions identified in
        the paper under future proposals for move on will need further discussion
        as no providers were present at the meeting. There is more emphasis in
        the proposals on giving a consistent message to service users right from
        their first contact with START Plus and the providers. Also SP Team
        looking at setting targets for move on for each service and placing
        expectation on providers to take action to terminate tenancies where
        individuals are over-staying and have no support needs.

        AC suggested point 5 clarification that NTQ will be issued by provider not VM
        start plus.

        MR asked that the move on strategy be added to the actions tracking
        sheet and that progress be reported to each CSG as a standing item on the LZ/VM
        agenda, as the approach being taken was more robust than that taken in
        the past in relation to move on issues.

1.4     Single Homeless surgery update report –
        TA updated on progress with the single homeless surgeries.

        •    advert for Single Homeless Service Coordinator post has gone out -
            deadline for application was 14/08/09, interviews are now taking
        •   average of clients attending each week has remained the same.
        •   referrals to participating agencies have risen (we now have 'mini'
            meetings every Wednesday mornings & attending Housing Advisors
            are updated on SHAS.
        •   more 60+ attending - June - August '08 - 14
        •                       June - July '09 - 12 - trying to make links with
            agencies that can assist/signpost (i.e. Abbeyfield)
        •   Looking to visit providers/agencies to inform/remind them of SHAS (2-
            3 months)

      SP Core Strategy Group minutes – Aug 2009                                         2
2.          Contract Management

2.1         Strategic reviews

            Single homeless - LZ stated that single homelessness review was on
            track with report expected to go to CB after consultation with
            stakeholders in October.

            DV review – this is being postponed to October Exec meeting pending
            further comments from Brent’s legal department.

2.2         Procurement update
            All procurements on track, closing date for mental health PQQ is 7 th
            September and for young people and teenage parents it is 14 th

3.1         Provider and Service User feedback

            No providers were present to give feedback, LZ informed group that
            next provider forum is on 8th September and would need to elect new
            Provider Forum Chair and also Core Group representatives.

            Service Users gave feedback – they held three focus group meetings
            for the single homelessness strategic review, 2 very well attended and
            one not so well. Feedback from service users was that they were
            mostly happy with their support providers. One service user had a
            specific complaint with their support workers which was discussed
            further outside the meeting with the SP SDO. Main issues raised were
            about move on and the need to provide opportunities for work as
            well as training. Some service users were mistrustful of the private
            rented sector and service users reps asked Core Group what checks
            were carried out on PRS landlords. HC stated that there was an officer
            that worked with Private landlords and that the Council did do checks
            on safety and encouraged private landlords to join the Brent
            accredited landlord scheme, also that officers did get involved in
            helping landlords and tenants to resolve issues to stop the tenancy
            from braking down. AC added that floating support services were
            available and that information was being provided to landlords in
            general terms so they are aware of the availability of floating support
            for clients. Service Users asked about Locata and informed group that
            some service users were not clear about the reasons for changes to
            their bandings. HC informed that Council will always write to
            individuals to inform of changes to their band and give an explanation,
            if this is not clear then HC would need to look at that further, in
            addition people can log on to see where they came in bidding if
            unsuccessful but individual feedback could not be provided. HC            HC
            agreed to provide figures on the percentage of people given Bands A

      SP Core Strategy Group minutes – Aug 2009                                            3
            to D, also the department can give briefings and information on Locata
            and how it works. MNS agreed to provide latest Locata newsletter to      MNS
            reps and to discuss with them.

5.0     Minutes and Matters arising from meeting

        MR asked if DV report had been sent to refugee groups. LZ agreed to ask
        TH if this was done.

        Item 3.1 – Brent SP has received a proposal from other west London
        boroughs on mainstreaming service user involvement across all the west             MNS
        London boroughs, proposal and recommendation from brent SP would
        come to next meeting.
        No other matters arising and minutes were agreed.
6.0     Action Tracking

6.1     MR asked that completed actions be deleted and additional new item be
        added on Move on Strategy.                                            LZ

7.0     SP Team Workplan

        The plan content was noted.

        AOB                                                                                LZ
        MR thanked Eileen O’Sullivan for all her work with the SP Team over the
        last few months and particularly for her work on the Strategy.
8.0     Date of Next Meetings

        Tuesday 20th October 2009 – Agenda Item – Transformation update
        Tuesday 15th December 2009

      SP Core Strategy Group minutes – Aug 2009                                        4

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