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									                Halloween Costumes- A Brief

Halloween festivals of Western Europe was born around
the 15th century. The attitude towards Halloween
festivals differs from person to person. Fasting, praying
and worship services are also practiced. It is celebrated
on October 31. Halloween costumes are worn- out in
other holidays, even at Christmas. The occasion was first
recorded in Scotland in 1895. It spread to the United
States also by the immigrants. In due course of time the
festival reached Canada, Ireland and England. The
Halloween activities, like trick or treating is practiced
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            Halloween - History
• The common games of Scotland were dunking and
  apple bobbing. The Early traditional costumes were
  based on the nature of the holidays but by the 1930s it
  emphasized the characters in mass media. Peoples
  were eager to adorn themselves in a distinctive figure
  from the films, literature and radio. Halloween was
  originally organized as children’s holidays. In the mid-
  20th century it became more famous and increasingly
  was celebrated among the adults.
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      Halloween popular for Kids
• Halloween kids costumes were beautifully decorated and
  mostly homemade. The costumes are of the kids are
  generally the makes-up of super-hero, cartoon, movie or
  television characters. Kids costume includes pink Batgirl,
  Disney Mickey mouse, batman, angel, Harry Potter, scary
  jester and many more. In the late 1890s people used to
  dress-up in supernatural figures like vampires, spiritual
  evils, skeletons, ghosts. The idea of dressing was changed in
  1900’s. The costumes with a trendy look along with new
  designs evolved significantly in 2000’s. The costumes need
  no reason for wearing.
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