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									 Licensing For Intellectual Property Monetization and
                     Capital Raising
   As an inventor, it may not be possible for you to know how to protect your intellectual
  property. Licensing your IP not only protects your invention but also acts as a catalyst in
      capital raising and intellectual property monetization. Here’s a quick overview.

      ntellectual Property is one of those terms that have been considered as most
      ambiguous ones. Though the words in the term make the implication or the meaning
      very clear, there remains a lot of ambiguity as to what can be considered as
      intellectual property and what not. However, legal clauses help a lot in this regard. IP
laws in various countries categorically define various types of intellectual properties.
Intellectual property monetization, therefore, is simple, methodical and strategic,
considering that you tread the right path.

Intellectual property most commonly refers to something that a person has invented. As
the inventor, he holds the right to sell it and make money out of it. Making money out of the
intellectual property is termed as intellectual property monetization. There are various
ways of IP monetization. Do not have the misconception that licensing is one way of
intellectual property monetization. Licensing your intellectual property is not going to earn
you bucks. However, it makes sure that you can make money out of it and none else hold
the right to your property.

Why Licensing Is Necessary for Intellectual Property Monetization

You might wonder why licensing is important if it does not help you earn money out
directly out of your intellectual property! Let me explain. Inventors, be it from the IT sector
or literature, music or science and technology, inventors are hardly aware of the various
marketing strategies or managing sale of their intellectual properties. If course you cannot
expect the inventor to become a proficient marketing person, since it might kill his/her
actual talent.

The investors look for inventors so that they can invest for intellectual property
monetization for the inventor. However, since there are millions of inventors, you will most
probably be in a tough competition in finding an investor to invest for monetizing your IP.
Even if you manage to succeed in capital raising by your own means, your competitors who
are much stronger than you by dint of the financial back-up will infringe your IP. There is
every possibility that you will lose your intellectual property in your bid to market it.

Licensing your intellectual property protects it from your competitors and avoids risks
from financial as well as operational perspectives. Now that you understand that licensing
your IP saves it from being owned by someone else and that it also helps you monetize
your IP in the most secured way, you must be eager to know how to get your IP licensed.

How to Find Service Providers for Licensing

You need not worry about capital raising or intellectual property monetization if you look
for a relevant service provider. It is not at all tough to find one. All you need to do is to
make a little online search. You’ll find lots of them. However, do not forget to verify their
reputation before you make you final choice about the service provider.

How Licensing and Marketing Is Done For Your IP

Let’s now tell you how a genuine service provider is going to help you in intellectual
property monetization. First, they will evaluate your intellectual property both technically
as well as legally. Next, it will conduct strategic marketing to make it available for sale.
After it identifies the likely licensees of your intellectual property, it will market the same
to the potential licensees. It will also monitor the sales growth while it negotiates over the
license agreements with the licensees.

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