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                                              How To Use A 'Credit' Card Online Safely.
                                                                   By Colin Visser

    Please use caution when you use a 'credit' card on the internet. There are 'criminal elements'
every-where, and online is no exception. I will actually go as far as to say that you should NEVER use
a 'credit' card online AT ALL. Hear me out! I have a PayPal account and it can be quite useful for ebay
or other places that accept it. To get a PayPal account you need some sort of credit card, right?
WRONG! There are two main types of 'plastic card', the first is a 'CREDIT' card ( potentially very
dangerous when used online ). The second card is a 'DEBIT' card - very SAFE to use online, if you go
about it the right way.

You do not need a credit card to establish a PayPal account. ( or for lots of other online services..) A
'debit' card is much, much safer and I will explain why. Firstly, if you use a credit card online and you
are unlucky enough to have your card details stolen or intercepted, then ALL the money that is
available to that card can be lost - permanently. Can you afford that?? Even if you can afford to lose
that money ( lucky you!! ) do you really want to hand it over to a criminal? My guess would be no. So
don't risk it happening! I don't have a credit card at all, and that is largely irrelevant, but I can purchase
things online.

What I use is a VISA enabled DEBIT card instead, and this is how it works. I have two bank accounts,
one with all my money in it, the other is nearly always completely EMPTY. The empty account has the
VISA debit card attached to it. How does that work if it is empty most of the time? Very easily. The first
account has an online banking facility and I simply transfer money into the VISA account whenever I
need to use it. I only transfer about ten dollars more than I think I will need to make a purchase, so that
if my VISA card details are intercepted or used by any criminal organization, they can't get at ALL my

Yes, online banking has potential risks as well, but with the added layers of security that a bank
provides, the risk is much reduced. Also you can directly visit your bank to sort out any problems
should they occur, but it is much ( very much ) harder to do that if you are dealing with an online
organization that may be based a different country altogether. So, I hope you aren't using a credit card
online. (!?#!!)

Note 1 : The reason I transfer about 10 dollars more than I think I will need for any given transaction is
to cover currency conversion variations and un-noticed packaging, postage, or insurance costs. I also
like to leave a balance of about 20 dollars to feed my online insurance policy. ( see the paragraph

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                                          Presented by Daniel Toriola

below note 2. )

Note 2 : Most online banking facilities allow an unlimited number of transactions, with no transaction
fees. So you can use it as much as you want to and it costs you nothing. Now that's how much I like to
pay!! Don't forget that in some cases you can do direct bank deposits to make a purchase online. That
means even less risk to you because the vendor doesn't even have the chance to get at your card at
all. They only get the money, and that's just fine by them. If you need to set up recurring payments for
a membership or subscription service, the best way is by direct bank deposit. You set it up, you control
it, and 'they' can't change what they charge you or add extra charges without you knowing about them

There is a cost involved with having a second bank account and that cost is usually thought of as dead
money, but if you look at that monthly ( or annual ) cost as a form of 'pay as you go' insurance, then it
is a lot more acceptable. What I mean by pay as you go insurance is the charges ( account keeping
fees ) for the usually empty second account are your insurance policy against losing the contents of
your main account to an online criminal. When you look at it that way, it is really rather cheap. You also
get insurance against financial loss from VISA if your card is lost or stolen in the 'real world'- not that
there would be a substantial amount available to that card if you operate it the way I have outlined
above. You can use either type of plastic card on the internet, and the vendor of whatever you
purchase will never know what type you are using, but I know what type of card I will always use. The
debit card.

Footnote : No, I don't have a 'credit' card at all, so without the services of a debit card I wouldn't be
able to purchase much online. But I wouldn't have a credit card even if I could 'afford' one. I personally
think that credit cards are just too big a temptation for the average person. If you have thousands of
dollars available to be spent as credit, that is just what most people do, they spend it. Why is that a
problem? Well if you don't have the money to buy whatever you have bought using your credit card,
where are you going to find the money to pay that credit back?? Oh, and what about the rude amount
of interest that a lot of people end up paying on their credit cards? Sometimes for years.. I may be old
fashioned in this regard, but saving your money by having a budget, and buying something when you
can afford to do so, really does save you a lot of money in the long run.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                      Get Credit Card Rewards
                                                          By Tom Tessin

The question that many of you consider is should you go out and get a new credit card in order to get
the cash back or rewards being offered? Before you do make this attempt first you should consider
how all this is going to affect your credit. Remember too many credit cards and outstanding bills can be
harmful to your credit score. Also do you want to be paying back constantly on credit card bills. The
thing to consider is that cash back credit cards usually cost you more in interest than those that do not
offer you this premium. In reality by the time you pay the bill with interest and fees the cash back is not
such a plus.

 The rewards credit cards are based on the same principals as the cash back credit cards. You pay a
higher interest rate and fees to maintain the credit. You are earning points to use to get premium items
or frequent flyer miles but since you are paying out more to maintain the card it is not the bargain that
you had hoped to receive. You need to find out what is the best deal for you before you decide to apply
for any credit card. If you pay your credit card bill before the month is over then you save on all the
interest and other fees so a cash back credit card would be to your advantage.

 You should check out the interest rate and see if you are paying out more in interest than the reward
that you will be receiving that is if you carry a balance. One of the most important things is to make
sure that you are getting the most for your money. You like to use your card for online shopping then
you need to make sure that you are on a secure website. Identity theft is one of the major problems
faced by many people and it is a really a scary thought that someone out there could be using your
credit to make purchases. You need to make sure when you are using your credit card that it is being
used safely as well as wisely.

 Cash back rewards can be earned when you shop online as well as shopping in your own home town
shopping malls. There really is no limit to how much you can earn depending on your budget and how
much you plan on spending. You just need to make sure that you do not over spend because you do
need to be able to pay back what you spend.

 Reward credit cards are great to use if you know how to use them right. As long as you use them right,
you’re really going to take advantage of all the perks. I look at this way when I’m using my card – it’s
almost like the card company is giving me perks just for using my card. As long as you don’t fall into
the debt trap, you’ll be okay.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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