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					Body of Persons licence
The Children & Young Persons Act 1963 gives a local authority under Section
37(3)(b) the power to issue a licence to a Body of Persons e.g. a group of
responsible adults -youth organisations, amateur drama societies, church
groups, etc. to enable them to engage children in amateur performances
(normally non broadcast productions) without the need to apply for separate
licences for each child for each production.

NB Approval can be granted on a per performance basis or for a longer
period e.g. 6 months or one year.

A copy of the DfE Guidance can be found at:

Approval can be granted to AMATEUR Groups only
      Neither the child performers nor any other person on their behalf,
       receive any payment other than expenses;
      The performances all take place within a single local authority area
       (whichever local authority is granting the body of persons licence)
      The children will not be missing any school in order to perform or
       rehearse. (If any children will be absent from school to perform or
       rehearse the organisation will need to apply for individual performance
       licences for them, in the normal way).
      The ‘Body of Persons’ can demonstrate to the local authority that they
       are a suitable organisation and will ensure all the children involved in
       their performances will be well looked after with due regard to
       safeguarding best practise.

What information may be checked by the LA before
granting approval?
      The performance is for a non-broadcast production
      The child performers are to be supervised by licensed chaperones;
      The organisation will comply with the regulations on days and permitted
       hours of performance contained in the Children (Performance)
       Regulations 1968
      The rehearsal/performance venue(s) are suitable places for children to
      The organiser / Body of Persons have ensured appropriate
       arrangements are in place to transport child performers to and from the
       venue and released into the care of an appropriate person
      The organiser / Body of Person will not use the children in
       performances that may be dangerous
      The organiser can demonstrate that it can meet any health, safety and
       welfare conditions set by the local authority
      The organiser has or will obtain from each child’s parent a medical
       consent form saying the child is fit to take part in the performance
      The Body of Persons has a Child Protection Policy in place and has
       supplied a copy to the Local Authority
      The Organiser / Body of Persons will allow an authorised officer of the
       local authority to have unrestricted access whilst any rehearsal or
       performance is taking place

The Organisation/Body of Persons, must ensure that they keep records
of each young person's performance as required by Schedule 3 Children
and Young Persons, The Children (Performances) Regulations 1968.

The Applicant
The chairperson and/or secretary of each society is normally the person who
applies for the Body of Persons Licence and must complete an appropriate
application form. The LA may ask for 2 members of the organisation to apply.
These may include the chairperson, the secretary, the child protection officer
and/or the child co-ordinator.

The Application
      The application can be made for just one production or to cover all
       productions of the organisation within a given period e.g. 6 months or a year.
      The application form should ask for the names and addresses of the
       members of the organisation that are applying for the licence, the details of
       the society that is running the production together with details of the
       performance dates, times and venue. A copy of the organisation’s Child
       Protection Policy should also be provided. The details of the performances
       can, by arrangement, be provided at least 21 days before each performance.
      The applicant must provide a list of the names and addresses of the children
       taking part in the performance. Where the ‘Body of Persons’ licence is
       granted for a period of e.g. one year, the names of the names and addresses
       of the children would, by arrangement, be provided at least 21 days before
       the first performance.
      Medicals are not required for each child, but the licence applicant should
       ensure that each child/parent has signed a form declaring that the child is fit
       and healthy and that participation in the performance will not impact on his
      The applicant must also provide the names of the Licensed Chaperones who
       will be looking after the children during the production, together with the Local
       Authority with whom they are registered. In the case of an application for a
       specific period, e.g. one year, these details would be provided at the same
       time as the children’s details (at least 21 days before the first performance)
      The local authority may make arrangements to meet with representatives of
       the organisation applying for the Body of Persons Approval to discuss the
       measures in place to safeguard the children, inspect the venue that is
       normally/going to be used and to provide guidance on any aspects of the
       regulations that the organisation may not fully comprehend.
      Once the Body of Persons Approval has been granted, in the case of an
       approval for a given time period eg 6 months or a year, the Body of Persons
       must then provide the Local Authority with the following information at least
       21 days in advance of each performance;
        The names, addresses and dates of birth of all the young people who will
          be performing; (NB, the Local Authority for each child would also be
        The venue and dates of performances;
        The names and addresses of the chaperones looking after the children.

Summary of suggested process:

   1. 'Body of Persons' completes Application Form and Contract of Agreement,
      sends them to LA with copy of Child Protection Policy
   2. LA checks organisation is reputable, possibly meeting with & talking to, the
      'Body of Persons' to agree appropriate care of children
   3. If request for Body of Persons licence Is for one production, Body of Persons
      provides details of performance, children and chaperones
   4. If LA Is satisfied, LA Issue Certificate of Exemption and return a copy of the
      contract of agreement, together with guidance Information (see below or LA's
      own guidance booklet)
   5. If request for Body of Person's Licence Is for a given period, Body of Persons
      must provide details of the performances, children and chaperones at least 21
      days before the performance starts.

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