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                     PROGRAM DIRECTIVES

DIRECTIVE 15P-1                                                          Issue date: July 2002

                                       NATURAL GAS SERVICE

1.      General:

        Where natural gas usage is planned at a SUNY campus, the consultant shall
        investigate the natural gas availability, it’s location, quantity required and available,
        service pressure, and any restrictions on the use of the natural gas. Interruptible
        and non-interruptible gas service are to be evaluated regarding program
        requirements. Ownership and maintenance of proposed gas service shall to be

2.      Codes and Standards:

        a.      NYSUFPBC
        b.      Local gas utility standards
        c.      Campus standards
        d.      NFPA

3.      Design and Performance Criteria:

        a.      Consultant shall review all projects in planning and under construction to
                reaffirm natural gas requirements. The Fund Project Coordinator and
                Campus should be consulted, as necessary.

        b.      The restrictions imposed on the use of natural gas are varied, and, in part,
                depend on quantities of gas to be consumed, purpose of usage, point of
                usage (domestic, commercial, industrial or institutional) date of application
                and available stand-by fuel systems.

        c.      Consultant shall advise the Fund Project Coordinator with regard to the
                additional gas demands, including quantity, service pressure.

        d.      Consultant shall submit an application, after review and approval by the Fund,
                to the appropriate utility company that will serve the finished project, to
                confirm acceptance of the additional gas demand.

        e.      A written approval, including “Load Letter”, by the utility company accepting
                this increased gas demand is to be secured and copies forwarded to the Fund
                and Campus.

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Natural Gas Service                                                                Directive 15P-1
                     PROGRAM DIRECTIVES

        f.      In the event the application is denied or accepted with conditional
                requirements, the consultant shall, upon receiving such notification,
                immediately furnish the Fund and College a copy thereof. Then, as directed
                by the Fund, the consultant shall prepare written analysis and
                recommendations for progressing the project, including but not limited to,
                options/alternatives, respective costs, scheduling requirements, permitting
                requirements, space needs, and operations and maintenance impacts.

        g.      Where natural gas service piping, meters, regulators, and other
                appurtenances are provided by the utility company, and the construction
                costs are assessed to the user (campus), the consultant shall obtain from the
                utility company a written scope of work, quote, contact person, and any
                scheduling requirements.

        h.      Include an “allowance” in the project equal to the assessed costs (quote) of
                the utility company as a separate item in design phase estimates.

        i.      Finished site work, such as concrete/asphalt paving, seeding, directly related
                to the natural gas line installation, or other miscellaneous work associated
                with the natural gas service installation may be determined and defined in the
                bidding documents as the responsibility of the contractor, rather than the
                utility company, being the most cost effective as determined by the
                consultant, and approved by the Fund.

        j.      Unless otherwise approved by the Fund, the Consultant shall include all costs
                associated with the installation of gas service (including materials, labor,
                procurement, scheduling, etc.) in the bid documents as the Contractor’s
                responsibility, both during bidding and construction.


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Natural Gas Service                                                              Directive 15P-1

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