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									            Algebra – Mrs. Matson
     2012– 2013 Course Syllabus & Homework

Welcome to Algebra! The attached information
will be helpful to ensure your success in
this class. Please read this with your
family and keep it in your math notebook all
year so that you may refer to it when

   Topics covered each Trimester

   First Trimester: Unit 1: Number Sense
   (Chapter 1) & Unit 2: Linear Equations
   and Inequalities (Chapter 2 & 3)
   Second Trimester: Unit 3: Graphing &
   Functions (Chapter 4, 5 and 6) & Unit 4:
   Polynomial Expressions and their
   Operations (Chapter 7 & 8)
   Third Trimester: Unit 5: Quadratics
   (Chapters 8 & 9) & Unit 6: Rational
   Expressions (Chapter 11) & EXTRA UNIT:
   CST Review & Unit 7: Radicals & Their
   Operations (Chapter 10)

   Supplies recommended for each class
           Pencils                                                   ECMS Planner
            (Mechanical are                                           Composition
            best)                                                      Books for notes
           Hand held pencil                                           & homework (3)
            sharpener for                                             Math folder or
            non mechanical                                             binder
            pencils &                                                 Graph and lined
            colored pencils                                            paper
           Correction pen
            and highlighter

Grading Scale
55%   Assessments (Tests, Quizzes…)
   90% - 100%     = A
45%   Homework/Classwork               80% -
89.9%    = B
                           70% - 79.9%    =
                           60% - 69.9%    =
                           59.9% & Below =
  In order to maintain a positive and productive learning environment, the following are a list of classroom
                                procedures, which will be utilized in our class:

Classroom Rules
Be on time & come to class each day with ALL materials, supplies and homework completed and corrected.
phones MUST be OFF and put away. If cell phones are used in class they will be confiscated and turned into the office
at the teacher’s earliest convenience for a parent/guardian to pick-up.

Completion of all homework is your key to mastering the Algebra Standards and crucial to your success. Assignments
will be given each day and will be checked and reviewed in the next class meeting. All homework should be completed
 on time – no late work accepted from a student except for EXCUSED absences. All homework is to be completed in
 your composition notebook, in pencil, with all work shown neatly. Odd problems assigned from the book MUST be
 checked by the student. Even problems must be corrected in class.


 Agendas: Each Monday/Tuesday, a weekly agenda will be passed out to each student. This agenda will describe the
 lessons, State Standards and lists the homework that will be assigned for the week. A parent signature confirming
 completion of homework will be required on these agendas. Each week, on Wednesdays, agendas with a Parent
 Signature are collected for the previous weeks’ lessons.

 Progress Reports: Every three weeks, an intervention letter with your child’s grades at a glance, are sent home
 through the 5th period class. Parents are to sign and students are to return the letter to their 5th period teacher.

 ECMS Planner: Each student will be given a planner to record assignments for all classes. Please read their planner
 daily for notes left by the teachers. Students should be checking off their homework as they complete it and parents
 should be checking it each evening.

 Websites: CNUSD offers Parent Connect, a web based portal to your child’s assignments and grades. Please log on as
 often as possible to check your child’s grades and progress in school. ECMS offers teacher links on our school website.
 Here you will find my agendas and homework listed in case there are any questions as to what homework has been
 assigned. My class calendar will post assignments as well as important dates such as projects and assessments.

 Extra Assistance
 Additional tutoring opportunities are available every Mon/Tues and Thurs/Fri during lunch. Each assignment in our
 book has an online tutorial available on the textbook website. My weekly agendas will provide the website and code
 for each lesson from the book. Please encourage your child to use these codes if they need additional help on their

 If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, you can reach me at
 Thank you for your support. I look forward to having a wonderful year!

 Mrs. Matson ECMS
 Algebra Room G-5

Please discuss, sign and return the following Teacher – Student - Guardian Homework Contract for Mrs.
Matson’s Algebra Class

Teacher Commitments --- As a Homework Contract Provider, I agree to:

    Provide meaningful, stimulating and challenging lessons that support the CA State Standards.
    Provide a safe, encouraging and cooperative learning environment.
    Be available for tutoring/questions on a regular basis. (See tutoring schedule on class page.)
    Provide varying communication and feedback to both students and parents.

Student Commitments --- As a Homework Contract Learner, I agree to:

      Come to class each day with homework completed.
      Bring all supplies/notebooks needed to participate in class.
      Be an active participant in my learning while not disrupting others from their learning.
      Try my best to understand the homework assignment, while at school.
      Attend lunchtime tutorials and/or seek assistance when I need it.
      Get my Weekly Agenda signed by my Parent/Guardian.
      Use my School Planner as directed by my teachers.

_______________________________          _________________________________                 ___________
Student Name (Print)                      Student Signature                            Period #

Parent/Guardian’s Commitments --- As a Homework Contract Partner, I agree to:

      Verify all homework is finished each night.
      Check my child’s ECMS planner for teacher communications.
      Encourage my child to use the online and school tutoring resources if they have questions.
      Log on to the Parent Connect Portal frequently to monitor my child’s homework progress and grades.
      Encourage my child to do their best.
      Review and sign my child’s Weekly Math Agendas and School Planner.

___________________________________________                  _____________________________________
  Parent Name (Print)                                          Parent Signature

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